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Where the rose is sown...

Big Country is a Scottish band formed in Dunfermline in 1981 and originally comprised of Stuart Adamson, Bruce Watson, brothers Peter and Alan Wishart and Clive Parker.

The group will experience its first success a year later in 1982 with the single "Harvest home". A modest success, of course, but at least enough to get the group talking.

The group released their first album "The crossing" the following year in 1983, an album which this time would reach a much higher level of success, selling over a million copies in Great Britain alone. A success partly due to the single "Fields of fire (400 miles)" but also, and above all, "In a big country". The flagship single of the album, which gave the group its first global top hit and literally exploded its notoriety as a result.

Success was confirmed the following year in 1984 when the first hit single "Wonderland" was released. Shortly followed by the album "Steeltown" which confirms the fact that the group has become one of the phenomena of the moment across the Channel but also in the USA. Album which will produce two flagship singles which are "East of Eden" and "Where the rose is sown".

But it was two years later in 1986 that the supreme consecration arrived with the album "The seer", an opus which remains to this day the biggest success of all their discography on the album side. Notorious success mainly due to the huge single "Look away" and to a lesser extent "The teacher" and "One great thing", three singles which will also be released in 1986.

New album "Peace in our time" in 1988, album with less success despite the presence of the title "King of emotion", single which allows the group to record a new - and last - global top hit.

A lesser album success which shows above all that the group is no longer able to renew himself, an absence of renewal which will increase in the years to follow and which will slowly, but surely, push the group towards the exit ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Harvest home 1982

  • Fields of fire 1983

  • In a big country 1983

  • Chance 1983

  • Wonderland 1984

  • East of Eden 1984

  • Where the rose is sown 1984

  • Steeltown 1984

  • Tall ships go 1984

  • Just a shadow 1985

  • Look away 1986

  • One great thing 1986

  • The teacher 1986

  • Hold the heart 1986

  • King of emotion 1988

  • Broken heart 1988

  • Peace in our time 1989

  • Save me 1990

  • Heart of the world 1990

  • Republican party reptile 1991

  • Alone 1993

  • The one I love 1993

  • I'm not ashamed 1995

  • Sail into nothing 1995

  • Fragile thing 1999

  • Driving to Damascus 1999

  • Hurt 2013

  • Another country 2013


Clips :

1982 ... a first year, and above all, a first title to break in and make a little about yourself. It's mission successful with this title !

1983 ... now that everything is in place, all that remains is to unroll. And to unroll, it will unroll ! Starting with this title which allows the group to obtain its first global top hit. We couldn't have asked for a better career start !

1983 ... an exceptional year 1983 for the group with this title which will remain as one of their most emblematic. And which will above all offer them one of their biggest global successes. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a style and a unique sound that allows the group to stand out from the crowd. And it pays !

1984 ... 1984 started again on almost the same bases as 1983. The talent of the group works wonders, title after title, just like their level of inspiration !

1984 ... despite an obvious quality, this title will only meet average success in the Charts. Regardless, the dynamic that carries the group does not weaken an iota and that's the main thing

1984 ... ditto for this one. A year 1984 which saw the group more or less stagnate despite a succession of titles of very high caliber. Go figure ...

1984 ... an extraordinary sound that makes this group a unique model in the English musical landscape. Their difference does not always pay off but what is certain is that each title released is a real success !

1984 ... of course, it beats hard, of course, it goes fast, sometimes too fast. But their level of inspiration is renewed at a truly astounding speed and does not leave us a moment of respite !

1985 ... surprisingly, this year 1985 will be single-title. A small drop in speed compensated by a title that does not fly at the speed of light for once, just to breathe a little ...

1986 ... business picks up strongly in this year 1986 with a first title which allows the group to once again win the cup. New global success, one more !

1986 ... this title will not have quite the same level of success as its predecessor but sees the group remain in the Elite without too much difficulty. The great adventure continues !

1986 ... as a rule, the group breaks the shack once a year and the other titles, them, must be content with a slightly lower success. This title will unfortunately not escape ...

1986 ... the soft titles succeed them only moderately surprisingly. And yet, quality is essential, as always !

1988 ... surprisingly nothing will happen during the year 1987. We find the group in this year 1988 in a certain form, form which allows him to obtain a new star on its prize list. It will unfortunately be the last of this scale ...

1988 ... the sound of the group evolves in a flagrant way and not necessarily in the good direction. What made all their originality is gone and the group suddenly finds himself at the level of the rest of the competition ...

1989 ... production of titles slows down year after year. Added to this is a drop in inspiration and a sound that are becoming commonplace, in short, the turn signals are turning red ...

1990 ... the group moves on to the next decade but the level of success has nothing to do with what the group experienced a few years ago. Hard law of the trade ...

1990 ... quality is still the order of the day, but inspiration has become commonplace. From now on, the group ensures the minimum union and it is set to last like this ...

1991 ... the era of planetary mega hits is over, the group will now have to be content with the English market to hope for a minimum of recognition ...

1993 ... new air gap in 1992 and return to average form in 1993. An average form which sums up the course of the group during this decade of 90. The genius is gone ...

1993 ... an extremely rare fact, this title will be exclusively classified in the USA. The only one of all titles released during this decade. Like what, the tastes of the 2 sides of the Atlantic are not necessarily the same ...

1995 ... after an empty year 1994, a strong comeback in 1995 with a particularly punchy title to say the least. A habit with them !

1999 ... this time, the adventure is indeed drawing to a close. After an exceptional decade of the 1980s, the group will have had much more difficulty understanding the 1990s. The court of the Great is often ruthless at this level ...


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