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Celebrate the Nun is a German group formed in 1987 in Hanover by H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, Britt Maxime and Slin Tompson.

Their first single "Ordinary town" was released in 1988 and enjoyed very relative success despite an obvious quality. Single from the album "Meanwhile" which was released in 1989

The same album will produce in 1989 the excellent singles "She’s a secretary", "My jealousy" and "Will you be there", the latter remaining to this day their title best classified and best sold.

In 1991, the album "Continuous" was released from which another excellent single, "A kind of tragedy", was extracted.

The group will split the same year.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ordinary town 1988

  • My jealousy 1989

  • Will you be there 1989

  • Stay away 1989

  • Cry no more 1989

  • She’s a secretary 1990

  • A kind of tragedy 1991

  • Patience 1991

  • You make me wonder 1991

  • Distance 1991

  • Falling rain 1991


Clips :

1988 ... yet another excellent Made in Germany group which will slowly but surely reveal its full potential. Starting with this title ...

1989 ... a new title with certain quality. Inspirational melody, trendy sound, everything to please. And yet this group will not remain as the best known on the German side ...

1989 ... in the same vein. A group that really deserved recognition much higher than she was ...

1989 ... a short-lived, but in some cases quality is better than quantity. And in this case, it is !

1989 ... a sweet interlude which shows that they also know how to do this in this area. A great versatility which shows once again that they had everything they needed to do great things ...

1990 ... the years go by and the quality does not drop by an iota. What will surely remain as one of their best titles

1991 ... a passage to the decade 90 perfectly mastered. Undeniably high level which only asked to explode. Unfortunately, fate will have decided otherwise ...

1991 ... two years of existence and then goes away. An adventure that only lasted for a beat of a wing but that left several titles with more than certain quality

1991 ... a third and last title to end the year in style. And to finish the whole adventure. An adventure that is almost coming to an end ...

1991 ... new sweet parenthesis in the middle of a multitude of Dance titles. A parenthesis that feels good, quite simply ...

1991 ... this time, it is indeed the end. Anyway, the group can always boast of having left in the musical history of the 80s several titles of very high caliber !


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