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Where are all the nice girls...

Any Trouble is an English band formed in 1975 and originally formed by Clive Gregson, Tom Jackson and Chris Parks. Three founding members who will soon be joined by Mel Harley and Phil Barnes.

Initially the group will be content to do covers including titles by Bob Dylan, The Band and American Rock'n'Roll titles.

It is from the year 1980 that the group will begin to write its own titles and this is how a first title "Yesterday love" was born that year.

A first title which will not go unnoticed and which will allow the group to sign with the label Stiff Records, a label which allows them to release their first album "Where are all the nice girls" still in 1980.

Album which will produce two new Singles which are “Second choice” and “Girls are always right”.

The following album "Wheels in motion" which was released a year later in 1981 did not really meet the same level of success unfortunately. With as a consequence a pure and simple eviction of the label during the year 1983.

Change of label in stride and arrival at EMI America which allows them to release the album "Any trouble". Album from which will be extracted mainly the Singles "Touch and go" and "I'll be your man".

New album "Wrong end of the race" the following year in 1984, which in turn produced two new Singles "baby now that I've found you" and "Open fire".

An album that should have been the last but the group will rise from its ashes in an unexpected way a little more than 20 years later with the release of the album "Life in reverse" in 2007.

And they will come back again 8 years later with the album "Present tense"...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Yesterday’s love 1980

  • Second choice 1980

  • Girls are always right 1981

  • Dimming of the day 1981

  • Another heartache 1981

  • Trouble with love 1981

  • Touch and go 1983

  • I’ll be your man 1983

  • Baby now that I’ve found you 1984

  • Open fire 1984

  • That sound 2007

  • What do I have to do ? 2007

  • Nothing new 2007

  • Learning how to lose 2015

  • It doesn't mean a thing 2015

  • Rocking horse 2015


Clips :

1980...a first title with a nice success of esteem and which will above all allow this young group to start to make talking about him. It's already that...

1980... it is clear that synths and drum machines are not likely to interest them more than that. Their fundamentals stick much more to the usual standards than to the latest innovations...

1981... after that, it will not prevent them from producing titles of more than certain quality. Their style will simply block them at one time or another in the ascent to the highest peaks...

1981... an obvious know-how in the Intimist which allows them to display a versatility of style of the most interesting. It remains to be seen what they will do with this versatility precisely...

1981...the art of going from one extreme to another, that's the least we can say. Not sure that this overspeed is the best way to attract the general public...

1981...then comes THIS title ! It took a short time to see them produce THE title that is going well and that will above all allow them to finally stand out from the crowd. HU-GE !

1983... a nice title once again which shows that this band really has talent in the 'emotional' register. We definitely want more !

1983... it is clear that this group will not remain as the most gifted of its generation but all that he has offered us until then is far from devoid of interest, that's clear...

1984...despite titles of not insignificant quality, the group began to seriously slow down in the mid-1980s. Beware, danger...

1984...a title that will be the last of the decade. It remains to be seen what they intend to offer next and especially if they intend to come back one day simply...

2007...we thought they would never come back and yet here they are again almost 20 years later. An unexpected return that it is good to appreciate at its true value say the basic fans...

2007...coming back is good, but it remains to be seen what new they intend to offer us. Because for the moment, on the sound side, they don't really stick to the latest musical developments of the moment...

2007...because coming back to come back doesn't do much except to please the basic fans. A little novelty does not harm quite the contrary... air hole of 8 years and here they are again in this new decade 2010. To do what, good question...

2015...because they still haven't decided to change anything in their style and sound. An immobility for the less against productive, it is the least that one can say...

2015... we know that with them everything is always possible. We therefore imagine that this title will surely not be the last...


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