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Whenever you need someone...

O’Chi Brown is an English singer-songwriter who began her artistic career in 1983 when her album "Danger date" was released.

A year 1983 which saw her obtain her first success thanks to the luxury cover of the title "A whiter shade of pale".

A new album "Love for you" was released in 1985, but it was the album "O’Chi Brown", which was released a year later in 1986, that brought her to consecration.

Album from which most of his top hits will be extracted, namely “100% pure pain” and “Whenever you need somebody”. The latter being taken up some time later by Rick Astley with the success it is known to him.

A last album "Light the night" was released in 1987 but without producing any major hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Can’t say goodbye to you 1982

  • A whiter shade of pale 1983

  • Why can’t we be friends 1985

  • Whenever you need somebody 1985

  • 100 %pure pain 1986

  • Two hearts beating as one 1986

  • Fantasy 1986

  • Rock your baby 1987

  • I got a feeling 1987

  • Learning to live (Without your love) 1987

  • Groove me 1988


Clips :

1982 ... debuts in reggae mode, certainly nice, but it is far from enough to catch the stars. Still a little work in perspective...

1983 ... the version of 'Whiter shade of pale' by Procol Harum in reggae version, this one had to be tried ! A daring bet, but a winner in any case, because she obtains here its first classified title

1985 ... after several new luxury covers gone relatively unnoticed, she finally returns to success thanks to this title already clearly more in tune with the times. There is the best, that's clear !

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with a second hit in the wake. But paradoxically, this single will not benefit her the most. But to Rick Astley who takes it two years later and who will make a mega hit. Too bad for her ...

1986 ... we find her again in Dance mode the following year and my faith, it all works pretty well. Like what, it was enough simply to find the right niche !

1986 ... surely one of his most successful titles and which will not even be classified, go figure. Either way, an inspired title that lets her show the best of herself

1987 ... oh there, the tempo has accelerated considerably. A little too much besides on this luxury cover of the cult title of George McCrae dating from 1974. Difficult to make Hi-NRG on such a title ...

1987 ... very astonishing to see Rick Astley in Intimist mode and yet, it is the case on this duet with the beautiful O'Chi. A title full of finesse which allows us to see the 2 artists in a new light. And why not to end this adventure in style ...


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