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When your Ex wants you back...

Surface is an American group formed in 1983 and composed of Bernard Jackson, David Conley and David Townsend.

The group begins by writing some compositions for groups like New Edition and other Sister Sledge but that does not prevent them from releasing a first single “Falling in love” also in 1983. And for a first try, it is rather successful.

Success confirmed a year later in 1984 with the release of the single "When your Ex wants you back".

They released a first eponymous album in 1986, an album which also enjoyed significant success and from which their first global top hit was extracted in 1987, namely "Happy".

New album "2nd wave" in 1988, album which remains to this day their biggest commercial success with titles like "Closer than friends", "Shower me with your love" and "You are my everything". The group is then at the height of its art and especially its popularity.

The final consecration arrives with the title "The first time" in 1990, a title which will make a huge planetary success and offer them a direct ticket for posterity. A flagship single from the album "3 deep" which was released the same year.

A great adventure which will end in the years to follow because the group will never find the same level of excellence as before.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Falling in love 1983

  • When your Ex wants you back 1984

  • Let’s try again 1986

  • Happy 1987

  • Lately 1987

  • I missed 1988

  • Closer than just friends 1989

  • Shower me with your love 1989

  • You are my everything 1989

  • Can we spend some time 1990

  • The first time 1990

  • All I want is you 1991

  • Never gonna let you down 1991

  • You're the one 1991

  • A nice time for lovin 1992


Clips :

1983 ... first title and already first success. The group could not have dreamed of a better start to their career. A very good start for the rest of the events, to say the least ...

1984 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, the group will have a very low productivity of titles. One title per year on average, and more. But as they say, quality is better than quantity !

1986 ... after a year 1985 empty, we find them in Intimist mode in this new year. And the least we can say is that they are just as good in Intimist as in Dance !

1987 ... then THIS title comes ! The title of planetary consecration which offers the group its direct ticket to posterity and at the same time offers him its biggest record success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... even if the sequel is of quality, it is almost impossible for her to compete with the previous gem. We will largely be satisfied with it all the same ...

1988 ... only one title for the year 1988 and of average quality. When we see the level reached during 1987, the comparison necessarily hurts ...

1989 ... BIG year 1989 with a plethora of titles starting with this one. The group really excels in the Intimist and will obtain their biggest hits there. No wonder you will tell me ...

1989 ... a year 1989 definitely placed under the sign of the register 'With emotions'. A niche that is particularly successful for the group and which it would be really wrong to deprive himself of, it is clear

1989 ... a triplet of titles in only one year, one will underline the exploit concerning them. And then, quantity will rhyme with quality, what more could you ask for !

1990 ... a transition to the 90s which is done in the best conditions thanks to this new Intimist title of great caliber. One would have thought that the group would not produce anything more interesting in this new decade, the rest will show just the opposite !

1990 ... they will have had their mega hit during the 80s, here comes their mega hit for this 90s decade. Still in their favorite register but when a recipe works wonderfully, why change it !

1991 ... once again, difficult to compete when the quality of the previous title is so high. This title is not without interest, of course, but we will say that it is not their best ...

1991 ... this one, on the other hand, is already holding up a little better. And the result in the Charts will be felt with a nice success !

1991 ... after the year 1989, the year 1991 also brings us its triplet of titles. With a level of success a little notch below but that's still it as they say !

1992 ... a nice title full of finesse to end the adventure in style, what more could you ask for ? An adventure that will have lasted nearly 10 years and which will have produced two very, very large caliber titles, we can only salute the performance !


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