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When will they be famous...

Bros is an English group formed in 1986 and made up of brothers Matt and Luke Goss accompanied by Craig Logan. The name of the group would simply come from the abbreviation of the word "brothers".

Their first single "I owe you nothing", first release, was released in 1987 and was a more than honorable success.

But it is above all the second single "When will I be famous" released the same year, which will make a real worldwide hit and overnight them to the rank of planetary stars.

A year later in 1988 released the single "Drop the boy" which also will know its hour of glory, to a lesser extent anyway.

The album "Push" comes out in stride and confirms the current fund trend for them, it is a huge success. Shortly followed by a revamped version of "I owe you nothing" which this time reached the heights of the Charts.

In 1989, the less successful album "The Time" was released, but it still sold over 300,000 copies in England alone. Album from which the hit singles "Too much", "Chocolate box" and "Madly in love" will be extracted.

The group released their last album "Changing Faces" in 1991, but Brosmania fizzled out. The album will produce two singles which are "Are you mine" and "Try". But the singles, like the album, would only meet with relative success.

In the end, the group will have placed the trifle of 11 tracks in the Top40 singles and 3 albums in the Top20 albums, making them one of the most brilliant and prolific groups of the period 1988-1991. Just that !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • When will I be famous ? 1987

  • Drop the boy 1988

  • I owe you nothing 1988

  • I quit 1988

  • Cat among the pigeons 1988

  • Ten out of ten 1988

  • Too much 1989

  • Chocolate box 1989

  • Sister 1989

  • Madly in love 1990

  • Are you mine 1991

  • Try 1991


Clips :

1987 ... well, there, it's not complicated : a first title and it is already the planetary tidal wave. A title that propels them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars. The little guys couldn't have started better !

1988 ... nothing and no one will be able to stop them. At least for 4 years. Just that !

1988 ... the year of 4 mega hits. An exceptional year which undeniably confirms them as one of the biggest groups of the moment

1988 ... and always this incredible voice, half-woman, half-man, half-child, we do not know by force. Anyway, a voice definitely out of the ordinary !

1988 ... a large part of their discography will be essentially Dance. But they also happen to deliver wonderful moments of sweetness with titles like this. MA-GIC !

1988 ... in the same vein. Definitely, it's a festival. They are good in all areas and that's what makes the difference between an ordinary group and an exceptional group

1989 ... 1988 will remain as THE big year with 4 mega hits but 1989 will do almost as strong with 3 mega hits. It's an uninterrupted surge of world-class hits !

1989 ... it takes place quietly, without forcing too much. Thanks to their unique style, a style that has so far made the difference

1989 ... a perfectly oiled machine which will however end up seizing up. A late 1989 which rhymes with a gradual but irremediable deceleration...and this in spite of pieces of always premium quality

1990 ... a change of decade more difficult to negotiate than expected. The style of the group has evolved, that's clear. But that will not be enough to keep the group at the exceptional level he has experienced in previous years

1991 ... the last notorious hit. Once again in the Intimist area. An area in which they have always excelled. So why deny it ...

1991 ... well, this time, it's definitely the end. The end of an extraordinary adventure which will have consecrated them as one of the very best groups of the 1980s at the planetary level. The little guys can be proud of their career !


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