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When the rain begins to what you do

Jermaine Jackson is an American singer-songwriter, best known for being a prominent member of the Jackson tribe. Originally, he was the frontman of the Jackson Brothers until 1966. When the group transformed into The Jackson Five, a group whose leadership would be taken over by its little brother. A certain Michael ...

At the heart of the Jackson Five, he still remains co-leader in terms of singer and will be omnipresent on songs like “I want you back”, “I'll be there”, “The love you save” and other “Dancing machine”. "...

In parallel with the Jackson Five adventure, he recorded solo from 1972 and enjoyed his first notable success with the luxury cover of the Shep and the Limelites title “Daddy's home” dating from 1961. To the point of selling over more than a million copies !

The Jackson Five considering not to be remunerated with the height of their talent, the group leaves the Motown label to join Epic Records in 1975. Everyone follows except… Jermaine. Who married a few years before the daughter of Berry Gordy who is only the founder of Motown, hence his supposed attachment to this label.

Free in his movements, the end of the decade saw him produce several albums and several major titles, but with mixed success. He will therefore have to wait until the 1980s to finally see his solo career take off.

A decade of 80 which rhymes with a dazzling return of success when the album "Let’s get serious" was released in 1980. The album was a hit in the USA. But also across the Channel, something that had never happened to him before. In particular thanks to the single "Let’s get serious" which will be used on the top of the Charts of many countries.

An ephemeral return of success because the years that followed will see him plunge back into the depths of the ranking. Neither the album "Germaine" released in 1980, nor the album "I like your style" in 1981 produced major hits. Ditto for the album "Let me tickie your fancy" which he released in 1982. 1983 will even be an empty year ...

Another dazzling comeback in 1984 with the album "Jermaine Jackson". Album which will be carried to triumph by 2 flagship titles also released in 1984. First "Dynamite" then the sumptuous "Do what you do".

The supreme consecration came a year later in 1985 when the single "When the rains begins to fall" was released, from the soundtrack of the film "Voyage of the rock aliens". Huge title Dance that he performs in a duet with one of the female stars of the moment, Pia Zadora. The title is a real worldwide hit and remains to this day the biggest success of all his discography.

He took part in a new soundtrack the following year, but the resulting track "(Closet thing) to perfect" did not meet the success of its predecessor.

A career definitely up and down with a temporary resumption of business in 1986 when the album "Precious moments" was released, the single "I think it’s love" of which made a good run in the Charts.

Which will be his last notorious hit this time around. The album "Dont take it personal" which was released three years later in 1989 produced only minor hits. And everything that comes out afterwards will remain fairly confidential.

In the Jackson family, it is clear that he will always have remained in the shadow of the giant Michael and little sister Janet. But he can still boast of having had a career well above the average artist of the time and for that alone he deserves as much respect as his brilliant brother and bubbly sister.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Daddy's home 1973

  • You're in good hands 1973

  • Let's be young tonight 1976

  • Castles of sand 1978

  • Let’s get serious 1980

  • Little girl don’t you worry 1980

  • You like me don't you 1980

  • I'm just too shy 1981

  • Let me tickle your fancy 1982

  • Sweetest sweetest 1984

  • Dynamite 1984

  • Do what you do 1984

  • When the rain begins to fall 1984

  • (Closest thing) To perfect 1985

  • I think it’s love 1986

  • Lonely won't leave me alone 1986

  • Do you remember me 1986

  • Words into action 1987

  • Don’t take it personal 1989

  • 2300 Jackson Street 1989

  • I'd like to get to know you 1990

  • Two ships (in the night) 1990

  • Word to the badd 1991

  • You said, you said 1991

  • I dream, I dream 1992

  • I've got the world on a string 2012

  • Autumn leaves 2015

  • Summer time feeling 2015


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Clips :

1973 ... an incredible first part of adventure and which is combined with 5. Certainly, the little Michael takes all the light but Jermaine already shows aptitudes too well above the average ...

1973 ... when Jermaine plays the crooners, the result is sumptuous. And yet, he is far from having the required age to play in this category ...

1976 ... we bring in our handkerchiefs and go straight to the Dancefloor. And in this register, he displays real aptitudes as well. We suspect that the sequel will be huge with such potential !

1978 ... back in the Intimist field, a field that he particularly likes at first sight. And the result is up to par, as always !

1980 ... then comes THIS title. An enormous title which will literally set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and propel the singer to the highest heights of the Charts. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a BIG 1980 with a plethora of titles and above all a plethora of successes. Of course, this title will not win the bulk of the votes but will largely pull out of the game

1980 ... his second biggest success of the year thanks to this sumptuous title, all in finesse and which shows, once again, the full extent of his talent. But that, the talent, we knew it had to spare, it's the family that wants that !

1981 ... after one of the busiest years in 1980, the year 1981 seemed somewhat palote with only one title on the clock. But once again, quality is essential !

1982 ... so there, the association with the DEVO, had to dare ! And yet he did. An astonishing result, typical of the sound of DEVO but which pays in any case, because the title is a success

1984 ... a year 1984 which began on the hats of wheel and which will end in fireworks. Quite simply the best year of the artist, starting with this colorful title and which sets the pace for a sequel that promises to be super

1984 ... a second hit in the wake story of not to lose the rhythm. A year where the artist is at the height of his art, that's clear

1984 ... and here come the 2 titles which make him definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s. Starting with a first Intimist title of all beauty and which will remain as one of the Ultimate Slow among the most emblematic of the decade . MA-GIC !

1984 ... after the mega Intimist hit, here comes the mega Dance hit. Thanks to this hellish duo who will produce one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. The apotheosis of a first-rate career !

1985 ... new single-title year. The artist blows a little after an absolutely hallucinating year 1984 and which will have consecrated him as one of the best of the moment year hit. Admittedly, the artist will never find the level of success that he experienced during the year 1984 but a good number of artists would be largely satisfied with the level of success of this year 1986

1986 ... an ease in the Intimist field which undoubtedly places him as one of the best in this field. Each title in this special register is a real success !

1986 ... admittedly, Jermaine is not Michael but the talent is there, just like his younger brother. And he shows it vividly, piece by piece and year after year !

1987 ... new single-title year where the artist plays it quiet, in a register that he masters perfectly and which has always succeeded. Why make it complicated when it can be simple...

1989 ... small air gap in 1988, followed by a comeback the following year. A comeback that will be the last of the artist because he signs here his last notorious hit, almost 20 years after his solo debut

1989 ... a unique title that brings together the entire Jackson family in an exceptional way. A rare document that has gained even more value over the years ...

1990 ... he will have crossed the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s, and here he is in the 90s. A career worthy of the greatest. But that, in the Jackson family, there is no small talent ...

1990 ... a year definitely placed under the sign of the 'With emotions' register. We are not going to complain, far from it because he is one of the best in this field !

1991 ... even if struggling with the competition becomes difficult in this new decade, the artist keeps his head above water and occasionally records some great successes

1991 ... renewed energy in this year 1991. The artist plays everything for everything but unfortunately that will not be enough to relaunch him sustainably. The end of an incredible adventure which will have seen him, first with his brothers, then solo, accomplish a magnificent career which will have consecrated him as one of the very best of his generation

1992 ... his very last hit. Just 20 years after his solo debut, the circle is now complete ! But how beautiful the adventure was !

2012 ... we will still find him almost 20 years later in luxury cover mode. Starting with this title by Cab Calloway dating from 1932...

2012...then it's the turn of this ultra-known standard which he covers in duo mode. Yet another version of this title that won't add much more than the original...

2015...and here he is again 3 years later on a title full of finesse and lightness. We much prefer to find him in a register that suits him so much better...


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