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When it comes to wicked games in blue hotels ...

Chris Isaak, born Christopher Joseph Isaak, is an American singer who started his music career in 1984 by signing at Warner Bros Records for his first album "Silvertone".

Album from which the excellent "Dancin" will be extracted, as well as the titles "Gone ridin" and "Livin 'for your lover" which will serve as background music for David Lynch's now cult "Blue Velvet".

Released in 1987 the album "Chris Isaak" which contains the flamboyant "Blue Hotel". The artist is gaining fame.

The year 1989 will be the year of the consecration with the release of the album "Heart Shaped world" which contains in particular the magnificent "Wicked game", flagship title which not only will become a huge hit but which will also serve as music for background in advertisements, films and others…

Released in 1993 the album "San Francisco days" from which the excellent "Can’t do a thing" will be extracted.

1995 saw the release of the relatively successful album "Forever blue".

Since then…not much, the artist alternating small roles in second-rate films and a few rare musical productions.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Dancin’ 1985

• Gone ridin’ 1985

• Livin’ for your lover 1986

• You owe me some kind of love 1987

• Blue Hotel 1987

• Lie to me 1987

• Heart full of soul 1987

• Don't Make Me Dream About You 1989

90s Decade :

• Wicked game 1990

• Blue spanish sky 1991

• Can’t do a thing (To stop me) 1993

• San Francisco days 1993

• Two hearts 1993

• Dark moon 1993

• Somebody’s crying 1995

• Baby did a bad, bad thing 1995

• Go walking down there 1995

• Graduation day 1996

• Think of tomorrow 1996

• Flying 1998

• Please 1998

2000s Decade :

• Let me down easy 2002

• One day 2002

• Santa Claus is coming to town 2004

• King without a castle 2006

• I want you to want me 2006

• We let her down 2009

• You don't cry like I do 2009

• Breaking apart 2009

2010s Decade :

• Live it up 2011

• Please don't call 2015

2020s Decade :

• Pandemic blues : I can' take it 2021

• Everybody knows it's Christmas 2022

• Dogs love Christmas too 2022

• It's almost Christmas 2023


Tracks :

1985 ... flamboyant beginnings with a particularly inspired title. The tone is set from the start, this artist is full of talents ! was off to a good start, but the singer couldn't confirm all the good things we could think of him on this track. But nothing serious at this stage...

1986 ... all in a totally atypical style for the time but with formidable efficiency and which suits him especially like a glove

1987 ... the rise in power is linear and allows the artist to position himself as one of the big hopes of the moment. And the rest will prove it vividly !

1987 ... the HUGE hit which will reveal him to the eyes of the whole world and explode its notoriety. Surely one of the biggest hits of the 80's. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... all smoothness, all finesse. A first-rate folk ballad, in a unique style that will forever remain its trademark

1987...he revisits here a title of the Yardbirds dating from 1965 and the result holds up, it is clear. Unfortunately, it will not bring him more than that...

1989 ... the end of a decade that is fast approaching with an inspiration that is sought after and that can no longer produce an exceptional title. See you the next decade for the miracle ...

1990 ... the WONDER ! Surely what will remain as his most HUGE title. He signs here a new folk ballad with incredible lyricism, a title which offers him at the same time his direct ticket for posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1991 ... Olé ! But slowly ... A new ballad that literally floats in the air and shows his extreme talent in this very particular field. MA-GIC !

1993 ... the WONDER 2 ! We thought him short of inspiration. What a denial ! He comes out to us a new ballad for the least incredible of which he is the only one to have the secret. MAG-NI-FI-CENT ! And the word is weak...

1993 ... not necessarily his best title but the style is still as effective and the inspiration of setting, which saves the whole...

1993...a year 1993 that started off with a bang but ended in freewheeling. Too bad because there will have been the quantity but in the end a rather uneven quality...

1993 ... a nice country ballad in the purest American style of reference. Nothing exceptional but a nice title that can be listened to without problem...

1995 ... he signs here his 2nd biggest success of the decade, like what, with him, nothing is never finished even 10 years after an already particularly full career ...

1995 ... an indefinable title, bordering on the exercise of style. The singer loves to muddy the waters and take us on winding paths. On this one, it's won !

1995 ... certainly he will no longer reach the level of success he has known during the previous decade but what he continues to offer largely holds the road and that is already it !

1996...the quality is in order but his really atypical style for the time begins to show its limits. Beware danger as they say...

1996 ... the end of the 1990s which will prove somewhat complicated to manage. The inspiration is no longer at the top and the artist cannot reinvent himself. Pity...

1998 ... good will is not always enough unfortunately. The competition is already light years ahead and his style is no longer a recipe. The beginning of the end...

1998 ... this title will do little better. We can not say that what he offers now is devoid of quality. But it is especially the brilliant inspiration that he knew that is lacking now. Such is life...

2002 ... one would have thought that the case was over and that he would not return in this new decade of 2000. And he was right to believe it because he landed a beautiful hit here, to say the least unexpected ...

2002...the titles follow each other but are not necessarily alike. This title, on the other hand, will go somewhat unnoticed... astonishing duet on this special Christmas title. The bet is to say the least daring to come on this very particular ground but it is successful, it is clear...

2006...a second part of a decade that will see him disappear from the Charts despite an obvious desire to do well. Hard law of the trade... luxury cover this time of the Cheap Trick title dating from 1977. Good job as always but not enough to raise the bar...

2009...nothing interesting for 3 years and here he is back in this year 2009 in what we would call average form. But enough to land a 'little' hit, which is better than nothing as they say...

2009...another nice title with finesse as he knows how to do them so well. As much as it paid off in previous decades, it won't bring him more than that...

2009...a nice duo that literally floats in the air and that simply feels good. We would have liked the public to be interested in it at least...

2011...and here he is entering his 4th decade with the will to believe in it again and again. It's a good feeling, but he must be aware that it's going to be complicated... complicated that the air holes will succeed the air holes. He decided not to let go but the few titles produced during this decade are not going to help him, that's clear...

2021... which singer hasn't released at least 1 title during the COVID pandemic. It must be said that the artists will have had much more time than usual to compose...




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