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Together again...

Janet Jackson is an American singer, known not only for her undeniable artistic talents but also for the fact that she is the ninth and last child of the famous Jackson tribe.

His childhood dream was to become a jockey.

But her father, with a reputedly violent character, quickly redirected her on the same path as her brothers.

This is how she found herself on stage from the age of 7 alongside them.

She will spend a large part of her childhood and adolescence appearing either in comedies or in television series.

But once again, her father will systematically redirect her towards a musical career.

She got married at the age of 18. Marriage that will last only 6 months !

His first two musical experiences, "Janet Jackson" and "Dream street" were not very successful.

It wasn't until 1986 and the release of the album "Control" to see it take off in record sales with the singles "What have you done for me lately" and the iconic "Nasty".

She immediately stood out from other popular singers with her choreography and attention to detail.

But it was especially the year 1989 and the release of the album "Janet Jackson's rhythm nation 1814" which propelled her to the rank of star with no less than seven titles which reached the top 5 of the famous Billboard Hot 100 !

In 1990, she even became the biggest record seller of the year and the awards rained down.

In 1991, change of record label. She goes to Virgin.

In 1993, the album "Janet" was released, which in turn exploded sales and from which the flagship single "That’s the way love goes" would be taken.

It took four years to see the release of the next album "The Velvet rope". New success despite a controversy in the United States linked to her “bad girl” look.

Album from which the giant “Together again” will come.

Marking the culmination of a career that will decline somewhat thereafter. But the singer will have made a good place for herself in the sun and will remain in history as an extraordinary artist.

And this despite the omnipresent shadow of a brother with even more exceptional gifts ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Young love 1982

• Come give your love to me 1983

• Don't stand another chance 1984

• Two to the power of love 1984

• Start anew 1985

• What have you done for me lately 1986

• Nasty 1986

• When I think of you 1986

• Control 1986

• Let’s wait awhile 1987

• The pleasure principle 1987

• Diamonds 1987

Making love in the rain 1987

• Miss you much 1989

Rhythm nation 1989

• 2300 Jackson Street 1989

• Escapade 1990

• Alright 1990

• Come back to me 1990

• Black cat 1990

• Love will never do (Without you) 1990

State of the world 1991

• The best things in life are free 1992

• That’s the way love goes 1993

• If 1993

• Again 1993

• Because of love 1994

• Any time any place 1994

• You want this 1994

Throb 1994

• Whoops now 1995

Scream 1995

• Runaway 1995

• Twenty foreplay 1995

• Got 'til it's gone 1997

• Together again 1997

• I get so lonely 1998

• Go deep 1998

• Every time 1998

What's it gonna be ?! 1999

Girlfriend/Boyfriend 1999

Ask for more 1999

Doesn't really matter 2000

All for you 2001

Someone to call my lover 2001

Son of a gun (I betcha think this song is about you) 2001

Feel it boy 2002

Just a little while 2004

I want you 2004

All night (Don't stop) 2004

Don't worry 2005

Call on me 2006

So excited 2006

With U 2007

Feedback 2008

Rock with U 2008

Luv 2008

Make me 2009

• Nothing 2010

No sleep 2015

Burnitup! 2015

The great forever 2016

Made for now 2018


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Clips :

1982 ... the very promising beginnings of the 'little' Jackson. But not easy to compete with such gifted brothers ...

1983 ... in the same vein. What is certain is that she does not disassemble and that she believes in it. And the future will prove her right !

1984 ... after a rather encouraging start, the young singer still cannot move up a gear. A year 1984 that we will qualify as a year for nothing...or almost nothing

1984 ... unfortunately, this shocking but above all charming duo with Cliff Richard will not change the situation. It won't be for this year, it's clear

1985 ... the year 1985 will be even worse than the year 1984. A single title that year and not even classified. We will still have to wait for the big takeoff ...

1986 ... then THIS title arrives ! A HUGE Dance title that will finally reveal the young singer in the eyes of the amazed world. The world is in shock...and especially the charm. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... cruising speed, full tube ! A HUGE year where she will line up no less than 4 mega hits !

1986 ... his first single ranked N°1 in the US charts ! The supreme consecration which shows that she has everything of great now

1986 ... a last top hit to end the year in style. And that, for a great year, it's a hell of a great year !

1987 ... a magnificent sweet break which shows the full extent of his talent. A very versatile talent found in all Jackson !

1987 ... back to Dance ! A Dance style 'Jackson' which makes all the difference and which allows the young singer to maintain herself at the highest level with disconcerting ease !

1987 ... and it works in all cases, whether alone or with others. Everything smiles at her as if by magic and it's gone to last like that for a little while ...

1987 ... this one will not have quite the same level of success as its predecessor but it is clear that the association with Herb Alpert will have worked perfectly, that is clear ...

1989 ... full maturity with a new top hit. Top hit from an album that will sell 20 million copies, just that !

1989 ... an 80s decade which ended in the best possible way with a new top hit. The second part of the decade will have been exceptional to say the least...

1989 ... a unique title that brings together the entire Jackson family in an exceptional way. A rare document that has gained even more value over the years ...

1990 ... the same album which will ultimately produce 7 world class hits including this one ! Almost never seen !

1990 ... a title that will not necessarily remain as its best, but what may seem like a poor performance by others may appear to be a huge success for others ...

1990 ... a new WONDER of sweetness and tenderness. Definitely, she also excels in this area

1990 ... the little sister no longer has anything to envy the big brothers, that's for sure ! A truly incredible family that alone has recorded an incredible number of mega planetary hits !

1990 ... the last top hit of the album. A song that grooves seriously and which shows above all that it will still be damn necessary to count on her during this new decade !

1991 ... it still happens with some titles to go 'through'. It is clear that this year 1991 will not remain as its best vintage in terms of success in the Charts ...

1992 ... new luxury association that we will find this time on the soundtrack of the film Mo 'Money. The title will work particularly well, the film much less ...

1993 ... the little girl has now become a woman and what a woman ! She gives us here a perfect copy with this HUGE interplanetary hit which will remain as her biggest success. The title of the consecration !

1993 ... an unbroken series of hits that really makes you dizzy ! And it's not over ! She is still there for a few years ...

1993 ... a new sweet break which once again hits home ! But for her, to hit the bull's eye has become so easy that she doesn't even pay attention ...

1994 ... well, it's more complicated now. It's a turn hit Ultimate Slow version, a turn hit Dance version. What do you think this one is ...

1994 ... after having danced so much on the previous track, it is normal for her to rest ... A hot, hot, hot boiling rest ....

1994 ... in Girl Power mode. It's going to mess up guys, I'm telling you ! Nothing and no one can resist her at this stage, it's clear !

1994 ... in an ocean of mega hits, this title will go somewhat unnoticed. It must be said that it would be frankly incredible if all the titles released ended up N°1 of the Charts ...

1995 ... sea, sex and sun ! It smells like hot sand all that ! And it grooves serious again !

1995 ... the legendary duo. When the gifted and the genius decide to sing the song together, the result is necessarily up to their respective talent. Unique moment that will inevitably stay in history !

1995 ... in Bollywood mode ! She hadn't made that one for us yet ! And why not, with her, everything is allowed especially when you have this level of success

1995 ... the Ultimate Slow of the year she is played Fatal Star. Each year his new character ...

1997 ... back to the roots for a militant title where she plays it Black Power. She will have offered us a multitude of faces and characters like rarely others before her ...

1997 ... his biggest hit of the decade, surely one of the biggest hits of the decade. In short, HUGE hit that will smash everything in its path. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1998 ... at some point, you would think that she would finally breathe and go on long term vacations. What a denial ! Not ready to stop the little one !

1998 ... and here she is more punchy than ever and at the top of its form ! A real alien ! Anyway, in the family, they are all like that ...!

1998 ... no more chachas, no frills, no darling. This time, she plays it in total stripped mode, 100 % Organic. What better way to end the decade in style ...

1999 ... an end of the 90s which will rhyme with luxury associations once again. And once again it will work perfectly !

1999 ... she changes partners on this title but that will not change much in terms of success in the Charts. Always on top !

1999 ... a title which will be used mainly for an advertising campaign for a soft drink. He would have deserved to come out in broad daylight and his fate would have been much more favorable ...

2000 ... the 1980s saw her blossom, the 1990s saw her reach the peaks, what does the 2000s have in store for her ? The final consecration, quite simply ...

2001 ... it is THIS title which will definitively make her return to the legend. A truly incredible Jackson family that will stay in history as one of the most significant of the twentieth century in terms of music, that's for sure !

2001 ... a year 2001 which saw her once again succeed in everything she undertook. Three decades at the height of success, a real performance, to say the least !

2001 ... and here she is again playing it as a collective performance. She will have made a hell of a lot of them like that and each time it will have worked godly !

2002 ... a decade of 2000 which will be mainly focused on diverse and varied collaborations. High-level collaborations with more than certain quality results every time !

2004 ... we will lose sight of her for two years and here she is back in this year 2004 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Sufficient in any case to get back to the leading pack...

2004 ... this one will do a little worse than its predecessors but no worries about her for the moment. Everything is under control...

2004 ... back on the front of the stage directly behind, showing that there was no reason to worry. Regarding her, the opposite would have been surprising ...

2005 ... return to participatory mode. She constantly alternates solo titles and multiple titles and it works quite well for her in view of the results in the Charts ...

2006 ... rarely an artist will have collaborated so much with others. A risky choice but one which will have been particularly successful for her. Like what, it was worth trying ...

2006 ... and it continues ! An obvious pleasure to share the poster with others, whatever the results. But as each time it will have worked, she would have been wrong to deny it...

2007 ... a nice title full of finesse which will nevertheless pass 'through'. But who would blame her when we see the incredible prize list that she has already managed to build year after year, decade after decade ...

2008 ... and here she is once again at the top of the bill and still determined to continue the adventure. We can therefore imagine that the next decade will also be her ...

2008 ... why this title there on the other hand will go completely under the radars ? A poor performance to say the least incomprehensible given the obvious quality of the title ...

2008 ... this one will do a little better but we are far from its usual level of success. Simple mishap or underlying trend ? It is the future that will tell us ...

2009 ... the end of the 2000s which saw her seriously losing ground on the competition. And yet she continues to put a more than obvious good will into it...

2010 ... will she succeed in recovering at the start of the new decade, that is the question. And given the result achieved by this title in the Charts, things start rather badly ...

2015 ... it will take her 5 years to succeed in coming back more or less to the race. Times are getting harder and harder, it is clear ...

2015 ... yet another title that will pass under the radar. The competition is now light years ahead and all her efforts to try to catch up with the leading pack are now in vain ...

2016 ... things are not getting better and she is doing now more some figuration than anything else. Hard law of the trade ...

2018 ... she succeeded in saving in extremis her end of the decade 2010 with this title but it will indeed be the last time she will manage to do so. An incredible adventure that seems to come to an end at first glance ...


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