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What did I do to you...?

Lisa Stansfield is an English singer-songwriter who can boast that she has sold over 20 million albums worldwide to date and garnered an impressive number of awards throughout her career. Mighty success for a little singer who began her artistic career in 1980 by winning the Search for a star TV hook.

After a few unsuccessful solo attempts at the start of the decade, she formed with Ian Devaney and Andy Morris the group Blue Zone in 1984. An adventure that will last 5 years and produce some major hits. But nothing more.

It was from 1989 that the singer decided to take her career back in hand. She co-wrote and recorded at the beginning of the year with the group Coldcut the title "People hold on". The title will tour the world and launch the singer's solo career in a sensational way.

But it is especially the end of the year that will see his notoriety explode with the release of his first album "Affection". Album she co-wrote with her former Blue Zone companions. A huge, critically-acclaimed album that went on to sell more than 5 million copies and pranced at the top of most of the World Charts.

Album from which a first noticed single will be extracted, "This is the right time". But also and above all the single "All around the word", a flagship single which will hit the world and which will remain as the biggest success of all her discography, just that. Over a million copies will be sold in the United States alone !

The album continued to produce new tracks the following year with the release of two new mega hits in 1990, "Live together" and "What did I do to you ?".

With a success that exceeded all expectations, she did it again a year later in 1991 by releasing the album "Real love". The album also achieved particularly impressive sales scores but could not compete with its predecessor. Album which nevertheless produces two very large caliber titles that are "Change" and "All woman" which, too, have made a remarkable journey in the Charts.

We started again on more or less the same bases of success in 1992 with the singles “Time to make you mine” and “Set your loving free” still taken from the same album. A beautiful year 1992 when she also delivered the title "Someday (I'm coming back)" for the soundtrack of the now cult film 'The Bodyguard'. A decidedly exceptional soundtrack due to the success of some of its titles including this one and others such as the sublime "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston.

The soundtracks bring her rather luck, the proof with the title "In all the right places" which she wrote in 1993 for the soundtrack of another cult film namely 'Indecent Proposal' with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. First title included in his new album "So natural" which comes out the same year.

An album which sees the sales start to settle concerning her but which remain in levels well above the average of the competition. Either way, the beginning of a slump that would last until 1997, when the album "Lisa Stanfield" was released. The singer then regained a level of success comparable to that she enjoyed at the start of the decade.

In particular with 2 flagship titles that are “The real thing” and “Never, never gonna give you up” which come out the same year. Return of ephemeral success because these 2 titles will be his last notable successes. The singer will never again find the same level of excellence and inspiration that she has enjoyed in the past.

This will not prevent her from coming back later and producing several albums of more than certain quality...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Your alibis 1981

  • The only way 1982

  • Listen to your heart 1983

  • People hold on 1989

  • My telephone 1989

  • This is the right time 1989

  • All around the world 1989

  • Live together 1990

  • What did I do to you ? 1990

  • You can’t deny it 1990

  • Change 1991

  • All woman 1991

  • Time to make you mine 1992

  • Set your loving free 1992

  • A little more love 1992

  • Someday (I’m coming back) 1992

  • In all the right places 1993

  • So natural 1993

  • Little bit of heaven 1993

  • Make it right 1994

  • Dream away 1994

  • The real thing 1997

  • Never, never gonna give you up 1997

  • The line 1997

  • Never gonna fall 1997

  • I'm leavin' 1998

  • The longer we make love 1999

  • Let's just call it love 2001

  • Wish on me 2001

  • 8-3-1 2001

  • Too hot 2004

  • Easier 2004

  • Lay your hands on me 2004

  • Treat me like a woman 2005

  • If I hadn't got you 2005

  • He touches me 2005

  • Can't dance 2013

  • Carry on 2014

  • So be it 2014

  • There goes my heart 2014

  • Billionaire 2018

  • Never ever 2018


Clips :

1981 ... a first quality title but which does not allow to locate the real talent of the singer. We will have to wait a little longer ...

1982 ... radical change of style and sound a year later. The Dance style, however welcome, will not make it possible to change the situation. Still failed test ...

1983 ... she hangs on, she hangs on. And try all styles. What is clear is that she has not yet found the right one ...

1989 ... small air gap of 5 years during which she opens the Blue Zone parenthesis. A parenthesis that allows her to learn and come back in dazzling form at the end of the decade. Result of the races : first global mega hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989...a sequel that won't be able to compete with the enormous previous title but which will at least allow the young singer to show that we will have to count on her in the years to come, that's for sure...

1989 ... an incredible metamorphosis that allows her to approach a second part of his solo career in the best possible way. From now on, each title released becomes almost immediately a top hit. A talent that only asked to explode, the proof with this new title !

1989 ... a truly incredible year 1989 which saw her align an absolutely astonishing number of mega planetary hits. She signed here quite simply the biggest hit of her entire career, thanks to this title which ended up at the top of almost all the World Charts. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1990 ... a resurrection that will not be limited to the 1980s. The 1990s promises to be auspicious for the singer. The proof with this new title which in turn is a hit

1990 ... a sound perfectly in tune with the times and which makes the singer one of the big phenomena of the moment. A well-deserved recognition !

1990 ... of course, the year 1990 will not be able to compete in terms of success with the year 1989 but we will largely be satisfied with these three new top hits on the clock

1991 ... his second biggest hit. The singer is at the height of her possibilities and her art and everything becomes disconcertingly easy !

1991 ... here she is in Intimist mode, a domain which is not necessarily her favorite domain. Anyway, the result is once again up to the task !

1992 ... BIG year 1992 with a plethora of titles starting with this one. It will not necessarily be the singer's best vintage, but several titles will have a very good career in the Charts

1992 ... back to Dance mode. The inspiration is still present but it just lacks the little grain of genius that could make all the difference as in the past ...

1992...some titles will be less talked about than others despite a more than certain quality, the proof with this title. No need to worry about the rest of the events anyway...

1992 ... we end the year 1992 in style with this title which will remain as the best classified of all those released that year. The artist remains in the leading pack and does not intend to be left behind by the competition !

1993 ... we start the year 1993 on a dynamic which does not weaken of an Iota. Very gently, on a new Intimist title of all beauty, one more !

1993 ... the style turns more and more towards the Intimist, thus showing a new underlying trend in the singer. See if that will be enough to keep her at the top of the bill ...

1993 ... false trend of funds in truth because she is back in Dance mode. Chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop...

1994...a mid-1990s that sees her struggling somewhat. The level of success in the Charts is suddenly in sharp deceleration and is somewhat worrying...

1994 ... a shocking and above all charming duo in this year 1994. The whole on a sumptuous title all in finesse which will be in the soundtrack of the film "The Pagemaster"...

1997 ... small air gap of 3 years and come back in force in this year 1997 with this title which allows her to return to success. A success that escapes more and more the singer ...

1997...the last notorious hit. And again, thanks to this luxury cover of Barry White's 1973 title. Times are getting tougher and tougher for the singer, but the adventure is far, far from over...

1997...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind her. But what she will continue to offer is far from uninteresting, that's for sure...

1997...some titles will only find their salvation in the United States, including this one. But it's better that than nothing at all as they say... will be the case for this one too. An end of the decade that no longer sees her as a prophet in her country, at least on the Singles side because on the album side success remains constant for the moment...

1999...we could have imagined that bringing these 2 artists together would cause sparks, but that was not really the case. Too bad the mayonnaise didn't take... she begins her 3rd decade of career. A beginning of the 2000s which allowed her to find the way to success again, but only in England this time...

2001...a nice title which will not bring her more than that but which at least has the merit of simply doing good when you listen to it. Isn't that the main thing...?

2001... the production of titles remains high but the singer finds it increasingly difficult to exist at the highest level. Fortunately, the basic fans are still there to support her a little bit...

2004...after Barry White, here she is alongside other big names from the 80s. But as in the previous case, the result in the Charts will not really live up to expectations...

2004... a little over 20 years after starting her career, the singer continues to believe in it again and again despite the lack of success encountered. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect... long as there is success on the album side, there is reason to hope anyway. She just can't reach the younger generations, like most of the colleagues who are still there and who started at the same time as her...

2005...she is right to hope because she will succeed in achieving a small, unexpected success which will be limited to the Germanic sphere, of course, but which is indeed real...

2005...two hits in quick succession on the Singles side, it hadn't happened to her for a long time. Like what, in music, nothing is ever over, the proof...

2005...the third title of the year will pass 'through' but no matter. The main thing is that she manages to maintain a minimum in the big leagues and for the moment it is rather the case...

2013... except that we will lose sight of her for almost 8 years. A big air hole that could have seen her disappear definitively but here she is again, the essential is therefore preserved once again...

2014...the 8-year absence did not disturb the basic fans because they are indeed there, it is clear when you see the success achieved in the Charts by this new opus...

2014...a successful return which can only encourage the singer to continue the adventure as far as possible. Especially since artists are becoming more and more trendy again in this decade of 2010 and she must therefore take advantage of it...

2014...the only negative point of the affair is that it may have remained a little too much in its comfort zone and that she did not try enough to stick to the latest musical trends of the moment. But it's never too late to do the right thing...

2018...she won't let go until the end, it is clear. Especially when you see what she continues to offer, she would be wrong not to continue to believe in it...

2018... so we imagine that this title will not be the last. Because with her, we now know, nothing is ever over..


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