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Welcome to the cruise...

Judie Tzuke, real name Judie Myers, is an English singer who started her musical career at the age of 15 singing in clubs.

It was in 1975 that she released her first single "These are the laws", a single that she performed in duet with Mike Paxman and which was released with the band name "Tzuke & Paxo".

The two-man adventure ended in 1977 when she signed with Elton John's label, The Rocket Record Company. Her first solo single "For you" was released in 1978 but it was a year later, in 1979, that she reached the top of the charts with the release of "Stay with me till dawn", co-written with… Mike Paxman. It is a huge success in all Anglo-Saxon countries.

Single from his first album "Welcome to the cruise".

A year later in 1980 released the album "Sportscar" which did even better in terms of ranking in the charts than the previous one. But whose only single "Living on the coast" will not meet the same fervor as "Stay with me till dawn".

In 1981 the album "I am the Phoenix" was released, which had an honorable career, but nothing more. No better in 1982 with the album "Shoot the moon", the 3 singles of which did not do much better.

It was not until 1983 that she returned to more or less success thanks to the single "Jeannie N°", taken from the album "Ritmo".

The year 1984 saw the release of the single "You", followed in 1985 by "I'll be the one", "Love like fire" and "This side of heaven", extracts from the album "The cat is out" . All relative successes.

All the other albums that will come out later will not do much better. Until 2004, when the singer will rise from her ashes with the magnificent and bewitching "Like the sun".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • For you 1978

  • Stay with me till dawn 1979

  • Welcome to the cruise 1979

  • Ladies night 1980

  • Understanding 1980

  • Higher and higher 1981

  • I’m not a loser 1982

  • Love on the border 1982

  • Jeannie No 1983

  • How do I feel 1983

  • How sweet it is 1985

  • Love like fire 1985

  • I’ll be the one 1985

  • This side of heaven 1985

  • We’ll go dreaming 1989

  • Don't go 1989

  • God only knows 1990

  • Wonderland 1992

  • Fly 1992

  • Under the angels 1996

  • Joan of Arc 1996

  • Secret agent 1998

  • Bully 1998

  • Don't look behind you 2001

  • One minute 2001

  • Like the sun 2004


Clips :

1978 ... a smooth start that set the tone for what will follow in the years to come ...

1979 ... an extraordinary voice, which literally floats in the air and which gives this song a lyricism of incredible depth. MA-GIC !

1979 ... an atypical style but which works perfectly and which ideally positions the singer for the rest of the events. It promises...

1980 ... we change the decade but the style remains the same. Namely out of time and current fashions ...

1980 ... a year 1980 which rhymes with sweetness and finesse. A niche in which the singer will really excel, whatever the years or decades ...

1981 ... and the years go by, and everything is stable. Maybe a little too stable by the way. Be careful not to fall asleep on your laurels ...

1982 ... the tempo finally accelerates. Like an aftertaste of Fleetwood Mac ... We are already more in tune with the times

1982 ... a totally supercharged 1982 year. After a totally Intimist year 1980, this year 1982 will be its exact opposite. The singer has at least the merit of offering us another facet of her talent ...

1983 ... everything has evolved in an impressive way ... The sound, the style, the look. Total mutation ! And it works pretty well !

1983 ... ahhh, this couldn't last. The tempo slows down again ... This time, it's a gentle force ... Or rather a gentle force that she puts forward ...

1985 ... there, on the other hand, it's something else ! An inspiration at the top for a rhythmic song at will. Surely one of his best titles if not the best. HU-GE !

1985 ... an inspiration at the rendezvous, a style that goes well, in short, everything goes perfectly in this year 1985. And it is far from over !

1985 ... softness, once again but this time much more worked. And that, I buy !

1985 ... a year that will truly go down as his best. Quality, inspiration, rhythm, the perfect cocktail !

1989 .. a beautiful end to the decade. Much more in line with what is being done at that time !

1989 ... yet another title with more than certain inspiration and which once again shows all of the singer's know-how in the 'emotional' register. All good !

1990 ... another change of decade which rhymes with luxury cover. On one of the Beach Boys' legendary titles from 1966. And my faith, it works pretty well !

1992 ... a decade of 90 which will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected. Even if the singer is far from demerit, it is clear that the competition is now light years ahead ...

1992 ... she returns regularly to the Intimist, a favorite area which serves as a refuge in the event of a hard blow. Unfortunately, this title will not reverse the trend despite an obvious quality ...

1996 ... the adventure continues for good but it is clear that the singer does more in the figuration than anything else. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... a tribute to the French heroine, a heroine who has often been honored during the end of the twentieth century in several titles by Anglo-Saxon artists ...

1998 ... even if the singer is no longer really part of the leading pack, the main thing is that she still believes in it. And us with !

1998 ... she tries to adapt to the latest trends of the moment. It starts from a good feeling but the result leaves something to be desired ...

2001 ... she will attempt the transition to the 2000s but what did not work during the 1990s will not work either at the beginning of the decade ...

2001 ... another nice title of which she has the secret. Her desire to move forward at all costs forces respect especially when you see what she is still capable of producing ...

2004 ... almost 25 years after her debut, she signs here one of her most beautiful pieces. A WONDER that literally floats in the air and that suspends time as if by magic. Like what, nothing is ever finished ...


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