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Francis Lalanne is a French singer-songwriter who spent part of his childhood in Uruguay and who began his artistic career by taking drama lessons at the Marseille Conservatory. At the same time he sings in universities, high schools and MJC around Marseille with his two brothers (Jean-Felix Lalanne and René Manzor) in a group called "Bibi Folk".

It was in 1979 that he released his first album "Rentre chez toi", an album which met with great esteem. But it was above all the single "La maison du bonheur" that exploded the artist's notoriety. That year he signed one of the most beautiful ballads of the year and of the decade.

He released a year later in 1980 an eponymous album. Followed in 1981 by the album "Toi mon vieux copain". Committed albums that deliberately scratch the flaws of a society that is a little too focused on itself. The singer is already starting to disturb and annoy.

And the sales of his albums are taking a hit. We had to wait for 1986 to see him find his way back to success thanks to the enormous soundtrack of the film Le Passage, a film directed by his brother René. The single is a real hit and definitely brings the singer into the pantheon of the greatest artists of the end of the twentieth century.

And he will have to wait again six years and the year 1992 to see him once again come back in force thanks to the album "Tendresses", which will sell more than 450,000 copies and from which will be extracted the flagship single "Reste avec moi".

But that will be his last notorious success this time around.

Still active, this singer with a colorful and particularly whimsical personality is not immune to astonishing us once again in the years to come ... matter to be continued.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • La maison du Bonheur 1979

  • Celle qui m’a fait si mal 1980

  • Des mains de chômeur 1981

  • Fais moi l’amour pas la guerre 1982

  • Coup de foudre 1985

  • Toujours à l’air libre 1985

  • A deux maintenant 1986

  • BO Le passage 1986

  • La hija de la luna 1987

  • Multicoque au vent 1989

  • Reste avec moi 1992

  • Aime moi 1995

  • Je t'appelle 1996


Clips :

1979 ... his Masterpiece. A first title with incredible lyricism, extraordinary inspiration and which will propel the artist into the highest spheres of success at the speed of light. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs of the decade and of the end of the 20th century on the French side. MA-GIC !

1980 ... an Intimist niche that he will fully exploit with varying degrees of success. This 2nd title would rather be part of the 'less' category ... Almost impossible to compete with the previous gem as the bar is high !

1981 ... the artist does not manage to capitalize on the enormous success of the first title and this despite an obvious talent. Because his 'offbeat' side is already more or less marginalizing him ...

1982 ... a title already more in tune with the times. The singer manages all the same from time to time to deliver titles much more in accordance with the expectations of the public

1985...we have to wait until 1985 to see him deliver again a title that sticks to his time. Admittedly, it won't reach the heights of the Top50 but it's a good job, undeniably !

1985 ... a new flash of genius which allows him to deliver a new WONDER. He constantly alternates the incredible with the all-comer. It all depends on the years. And for this year 1985, undoubtedly, it is GREAT !

1986 ... and what to say about it ! 1985 was an incredible year, 1986 is going to be an exceptionally exceptional year. Surely his best year. You just have to see the sublime sequel that is on the horizon ...

1986 ... he signs a Masterpiece per decade. For the 1980s, this will be it. An AMAZING title which will make him definitively return to the musical Pantheon of the 80s on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... a most confusing switch to South American fashion. No more Intimist Masterpieces, here it is in Dance mode. But not necessarily the one the public expects once again ...

1992 ... a rather laborious end of the 1980s. Followed by an early 90's which is no less so. Until this title. We find the Grand Lalanne, on a track once again highly inspired and which literally floats in the air

1995 ... a production of title which slows down more and more, even more and more empty years. The 1990s turned out to be particularly difficult to manage for the artist. This does not prevent him from continuing to deliver incredible titles like this from time to time !

1996 ... his last major title of the decade. Once again in the Intimist area, an area he loves so much and which has allowed him to give the best of himself !


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