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We all have to learn sooner or later ...

The Korgis is an English group born in the late 70s, originaly composed of James Warren on vocals, Andy Davis on drums, Stuart Gordon on guitar and Phil Harrison on keyboards. It all starts when Warren and Davis meet for the first time in the Stackridge group. Unfortunately small group which sees the two accomplices leave the group quickly. And it was only 4 years later, in 1979, that they had the brilliant idea of ​​forming "The Korgis", in reference to the dogs that the Queen loves. They released several singles that year including "If I had you" and the title immediately hit the headlines. But it is a year later that the 2nd abum will be released which contains the interstellar title "Everybody's got to learn sometime", single which will not only be their biggest success, but which can be considered today as one of the 20 most significant singles of the 1980s. The following album "Sticky George" will unfortunately not have the same success, which will cause tensions with the record company and their dismissal in the end. This will sound the death knell for this legendary group with a little known repertoire but of very good quality if we refer to what was done in those years. Warren will leave alone in the musical adventure without big success. Discography (among others ...) :

• Young 'n' Russian 1979

• Boots and shoes 1979

• Dirty postcards 1979

• If I had you 1979

• I just can't help it 1980

• Every body’s got to learn sometime 1980

• If it’s allright with you baby 1980

• Dumb waiters 1980

• Rovers return 1980

• That was my big mistake 1981

• All the love in the world 1981

Don't say it's over 1981

• Don’t look back 1982

• True life confessions 1985

• Burning questions 1985

• They don't believe in magic 1985

• It won't be the same old place 1986

• Hold on 1992

• Work together 1992

• Who are these tears for anyway 1992

No love in the world 1992

• Space 2021

• Back in the 80s 2021

• Broken 2021

The ghost of you 2021

Bring back the spirit of love 2021


Clips :

1979 ... promising beginnings that show, from the outset, the extraordinary side of the group. We immediately see the enormous potential that will reveal itself in a dazzling fashion in the years that follow ...

1979...the group displays a style that really does not resemble any other. This is also the magic of the beginning of the 80s, an incredible flourishing of new styles and new sounds...

1979...not to mention a singer with a unique voice. Everything is there to make this group a model that is really out of the ordinary...

1979... the rise will have been rapid and the group will win its first success with this title. A first success which comes to reward a talent which only asks to express itself !

1980 ... and that potential, to have it, there is ! A sound and a pop-marshmallow style that do wonders, as well as the voice of Warren completely atypical with the signature so particular

1980...then comes the WONDER ! A title of an incredible lyrical inspiration and which will remain as one of the most beautiful Ultimate Slow of this end of the 20th century. Their masterpiece ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... decidedly, they really don't resemble any other group of their generation and that is all their strength !

1980 ... wow, a track that spins at 200 km/h. But what is wrong with them ? Like a desire to let off steam ...

1980 ... a little unpretentious instrumental delirium against Korgis' barking funds. And why not tell me ... let's let their unbridled inspiration go

1981 ... back to serious business ! Always this incredible voice to sublimate this magnificent ballad that literally floats in the air

1981 ... another ballad of which they have the secret. Time is once again suspended ... What talent !

1981...they produced few fast-tempo titles. So you have to take advantage of them when they arrive because there won't be many, that's for sure...

1982 ... only one title that year but what a title ! Surely one of their most beautiful, once again very gently ...

1985 ... we find them a few years later ... Is it the same group ...? The metamorphosis is incredible ...

1985 ... metamorphosis confirmed with a new title at a certain pace ... No more pretty ballads of yesteryear ... welcome to the world of Dance, an area that has never been their business. Despite this, they are not ridiculous, far from it ! An amazing ending ...

1985...there are undeniably the Korgis of the first part of the decade and the Korgis of the second. On the other hand, we can only rejoice to see them evolve with the times...

1986...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them but what they continue to offer largely holds up. We want more !

1992...we think they hung up the gloves for good and here they are again 6 years later in a certain form. Sufficient in any case to succeed in surprising us once again on the quality of the titles produced...

1992...and it's a real pleasure to find them again a few years later. A group of this level that comes back a few years later necessarily has interesting things to offer and above all to make people listen to...

1992... knowing them, we suspected that they were not going to come back for nothing. Unfortunately, the general public has long since left to see elsewhere and their return will go slightly unnoticed except by basic fans...

1992... now remains to be seen if the group's return is a one-shot as they say or if he intends to return for good. The future will tell us...

2021...this time we thought they would never come back but it was very bad to know them. They will have taken decades to decide but here they are again. Who would've believed that...?

2021... it's incredible to see the number of groups from the 80s who will be reborn at the end of the 2010 decade-beginning of the 2020 decade and this for our greatest happiness. It must be said that the average age of the singers of the time is advancing more and more...

2021...and as very often in these cases, the groups from the 80s that are reborn in this way have the extreme ability to mix old and new sounds. A real joy !

2021...will this title be the last, only they can answer ? In any case, we can only encourage them to continue the adventure because we want more, that's for sure !

2021... we feel the nostalgia of past decades in all their titles and who could blame them. Decades past when it was so good to live...


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