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Watching trees...

Few interesting info about Eleven Pond except the fact that it is an American group formed in 1986 and originally composed of Jeff Gallea, Garey Snider, James Tabbi and Tim Massik.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Watching trees" which will be released in 1986.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Tear and cinnamon 1986

  • Days hence 1986

  • Watching trees 1986

  • Moving nowhere 1986

  • Changing face 1986

  • Blood ruins film 1987

  • Green and gold 1987

  • Turn to silence 1987

  • Sitting on chairs 2013

  • Hey, you're creamy 2016

  • Wireform 2016

  • Just be happy 2017

  • Drive 2019

  • Tangerine 2019


Clips :

1986... the style, just like the sound, is trendy, which bodes well for the future. To be continued...

1986...for the moment nothing extraordinary but a good job all the same. It now remains to produce THE title that will finally set them apart from the crowd...

1986...and the title, there it is. Certainly, we are not going to talk about a planetary tidal wave in terms of success, but the group still obtains the biggest success of all its discography with this title. The main thing is done !

1986... the first part of the band's career will only last 2 short years. A season I for the less ephemeral but which will all the same have allowed them to make talking about them, that's already it...

1986 ... it must be said that the style is trendy but it is clear that it is not really what the general public is looking for. Afterwards, it also remains to be seen what they are aiming for as their core target...

1987... too bad they didn't manage to break through more because there was potential in this group. But they will never have been able to find the perfect sound that could have pleased the basic fans and the others... having trouble finding the right recipe will put a damper on their careers. At least the first part...

1987... the last title of the 80s period. At this stage, we say to ourselves that the adventure will not go any further and that they will simply disappear from the musical scene. But it's hard to know them...

2013... because here they are again ! And yes, 26 years later, the group is reborn from its ashes and returns more motivated than ever. Who would've believed that possible...?

2016...this totally unexpected return will not change much in terms of success in the Charts, but it will at least have the merit of delighting the basic fans. It's already that...'s amazing when you see the number of bands from the 80s that have purely and simply disappeared that will come back during this decade of 2010. With more or less success depending on the band... any case they want to believe in it until the end and to continue the adventure as long as they can. And who would really blame them...

2019...a 2010 decade that will have seen them reborn in a spectacular way, to say the least. Afterwards, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to return the following decade...

2019...last title or not ? Only them know the answer and who could answer this question, that's for sure. To be continued as they say...


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