Wanted dead or alive...

Bon Jovi is an American band formed in 1983 and originally composed of Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, Tico Torres, Richie Sambora and Alec John Such. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 100 million records to date around the world, just that !

The group released their self-titled debut album in 1984, a particularly successful album that sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide and propelled the group to the forefront in a shattering way to say the least. In particular thanks to a first single "Runaway" (title which actually dates from 1981 and which appears at the time on a compilation called "Power Station Demos"), single which will give the group its first global success.

New album "7800° Fahrenheit" a year later in 1985, album which confirms the status of sure value of the moment of the group but without allowing him to pass in the court of the very great. Album which will struggle to produce any single of planetary classified except the title "Only lonely".

The album "Slippery When Wet" which came out in 1986 not only will do significantly better than its predecessor but will above all raise the group to a level of fame that he never imagined. Album that will sell more than 28 million copies worldwide and become the biggest record success of the entire career of the group album side. Three enormous singles will be extracted including "You give love a bad name", "Wanted dead or alive" but also, and above all, "Livin 'on a prayer", single which will undoubtedly remain as one of the group's biggest hits.

Two years will pass before the release of the new album "New Jersey", an album with less success but with 18 million copies sold all the same ! Album which will produce on its own 2 mega hits and 3 top hits, a real feat. On the mega hit side, it will be “Bad medicine” in 1988 and “I'll be there for you” in 1989. And on the top hit side, it will be “Born to be my baby” in 1988 and “Lay your hands on me” as well than "Living in sin" in 1989.

The transition to the 90s will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected with a Jon Bon Jovi somewhat tired by the star system. Which will reset the counters to zero by purely and simply firing almost the entire team that is supposed to manage the group, namely manager, strategic advisers and agents in particular...

This did not prevent the group from releasing a new album "Keep the faith" in 1992, an album with 12 million copies sold, a number of copies sold more than enough to keep the group at the head of the planetary musical elite. An album which sees the group completely reorienting its style and its sound and which will produce no less than 5 top hits and 1 mega hit ! The mega hit will be the single of the name of the album which will also be released in 1992. When the 5 top hits, 4 will be released in 1993, namely "Bed of roses", "In these arms", "I'll sleep when I'm dead",“I believe”. A last "Dry county" will be released a year later in 1994.

1994 was an exceptional year in all respects since the group also obtained the biggest success of its entire career on the single side with the title “Always”. Title taken from the enormous compilation album "Cross road" which was also released in 1994 and which will sell more than 21 million copies worldwide ! Album which will also produce the top hit "Someday I’ll be Saturday night", title which will be released in 1995.

Also in 1995, their new album “These days” was released, an album that added another star to the group's particularly extensive rprize list. With three new mega hits produced : "Something for the pain", "Lie to me", but also and above all, "This ain’t a love song".

An incredible adventure that was not going to end as the group would come back in force at the very beginning of the 2000s and produce new titles with resounding success to say the least. But that's another story…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Runaway 1984

  • She don’y know me 1984

  • Only lonely 1985

  • In and out love 1985

  • The hard part is the night 1985

  • Silent night 1985

  • You give love a bad name 1986

  • Livin’ on a prayer 1986

  • Never say goodbye 1987

  • Wanted dead or alive 1987

  • Bad medicine 1988

  • Bord to be my baby 1988

  • I’ll be there for you 1989

  • Lay your hands on me 1989

  • Living in sin 1989

  • Keep the faith 1992

  • Bed of roses 1993

  • In these arms 1993

  • I'll sleep when I'm dead 1993

  • I believe 1993

  • Always 1994

  • Someday I'll be Saturday night 1995

  • This ain’t a love song 1995

  • Something for the pain 1995

  • Lie to me 1995

  • These days 1996

  • Hey God 1996

  • Real life 1999

Clips :

1984 ... a first title to break in and especially to make talk about yourself. On this point, we will say that it is rather successful with the key to a first classified title. All good little guys !

1984 ... a year 1984 which will only see them explode across the Atlantic but that's already what they say. Let's wait until later to see what the group is really worth ...

1985 ... for the big takeoff, it will not be for this year yet. The group will therefore have to work again and again to hope to eventually reach the big leagues ...

1985 ... everything is there, however : the style that goes well, just like the sound. They really do not lack much to achieve a first major success ...

1985 ... everything is there however : the style which goes well, just like the 1985...a year 1985 bloated in terms of titles and which shows in a blatant way that the group is rising in quality title after title. The great fireworks are fast approaching ...

1985 ... the group opens a first Intimist parenthesis and the least we can say is that in this particular area, they are far from being ridiculous. Versatile the little guys !

1986 ... we suspected that at some point, all their efforts would pay off ! The proof with this first planetary mega hit which propels them in a shattering way on the front of the stage. HU-GE !

1986 ... but that's without counting on THIS title ! The fireworks title which will definitively consecrate them as one of the major groups of the moment. An expected and above all well deserved consecration. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... difficult for the group to match 1986 as it was exceptional in every way. The level remains particularly high but the success will unfortunately be less ...

1987 ... a new soft parenthesis which once again shows all the versatility of the group. Despite a certain quality of title, the success met will be only modest. Decidedly, the titles 'With emotions' do not bring them much ...

1988 ... business resumes in this year 1988. The slight loosening of the previous year is already forgotten and the group is moving forward. We came close to leaving the road...

1988 ... their base audience likes beating in order, it is clear. As soon as it beats up, as if by chance, success is essential !

1989 ... finally a major success in the Intimist. Like what, there is always reason to hope. This time, the group's panoply is complete and it now has a prize list worthy of the greatest !

1989 ... the end of the decade that saw the group at its best in all areas. No major successes but a nice series of very high caliber titles. What more !

1989 ... an 80s decade which saw them hatch and then literally explode on the international scene. It remains to be seen what the next decade has in store for them ...

1992 ... we will have to wait 3 years and the year 1992 to see them come back to the fore. But what a comeback ! A new decade that starts off with a bang, to say the least !

1993 ... their biggest Intimist hit to date. They finally manage to land the star of reference that they lacked in this area. A global prize list worthy of the greatest of the end of the 20th century !

1993 ... one would have thought they would not survive the next decade like many bands of their generation. But it was bad to know them !

1993 ... even if they haven't produced a major hit for a few years, their level of success is more than enough to keep them within the Elite. And given what is looming on the horizon, there could also be a great fireworks display concerning them during this decade 90 ...

1993 ... a year 1993 which rhymes as much with quantity as quality, all is well in the best of all possible worlds as they say. No reason to worry, especially when you see what is looming on the horizon ...

1994 ... they will have delivered one of the most beautiful titles of the 1980s, they do it again in this 1990s with THIS title ! An Ultimate consecration which allows them to figure definitively in the Pantheon of the greatest groups of all time, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1995 ... and the adventure continues unabated. Nothing, and no one, is able to stop this group which now has an impressive number of stars in his prize list to say the least !

1995 ... after more than 10 years of career, the group maintains himself at a level of excellence which is remarkable to say the least. Always so inspired, always so trendy. Bluffing !

1995 ... another BIG year, one more ! Plethora of title and quality at every level, what more could you ask for. Ah, if all groups had the same level of success, it would be heaven on earth ...

1995 ... a year 1995 which ends very smoothly and with finesse. The group will have known how to alternate with an obvious mastery punchy title and much softer title. A real joy !

1996 ... the year 1996 will not have the same level of success as the year 1995 but the group continues on a dynamic of success which only weakens very little. Nothing to worry about then ...

1996 ... nothing to worry about but the deceleration is more violent on this track. A title can be a little too punchy for the time. Attention danger...

1999 ... a new 3 years air gap and a return to certain shape at the very end of the decade. An obvious form that allows them to end this decade 90 in the best possible way. Will they return the following decade ? Oh yeah ! To be continued ...

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