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Wanda’s loving boy...

Little interesting information about Marquis De Sade, given the brevity of existence of the group, except the fact that it is a French group formed in Rennes in 1977 and composed originally of Philippe Pascal, Franck Darcel, Pierre Thomas and Christian Dargelos.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber Single "Wanda's loving boy" which will be released in 1981.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Air tight cell 1978

  • Henry 1979

  • Japanese spy 1979

  • Conrad veidt 1979

  • Boys boys 1979

  • Rythmiques 1980

  • Wanda’s loving boy 1981

  • S.A.I.D 1981

  • Silent world 1981

  • Iwo Jima song 1981


Clips :

1978...the first steps of a group that sings in English but is 100 % Made In France. Will singing in English allow him to break through internationally, the future will tell us...

1979...for the moment, the group should already be able to break through on its native soil. The beginnings are certainly promising but not enough to project the group on the front of the stage...

1979... the rise in power is slow but certain. Title after title the group begins to move the lines with a beginning of recognition which is more and more certain... a few titles the group will have managed to make people talk about him a little bit and will above all have managed to stand out from the crowd, something that was not won in advance...

1979...a first album to make people talk about themselves and hope for rapid recognition. It will more or less be the case but recognition, the real one, is not yet on the agenda...

1980...we will have to wait for the passage to the following decade to finally see the group pass the level on which he has stumbled since its beginnings. It is now done...'s THIS title that will bring them a semblance of consecration and finally come to reward their efforts in a consistent way. HU-GE !

1981...a second opus which shows that this group really has talent and that he can hope to eventually become one of the leaders of the French music scene...

1981...unfortunately the adventure did not go quite as planned. While the group was promised a bright future, fate will decide to put an abrupt end to all this...

1981... the adventure will not go any further and this in an incomprehensible way to say the least. A group which had everything to do great things but which will have passed like a shooting star in the French musical landscape of this end of the 20th century...


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