Walking the ghost back home...

The Bible is an English group formed in 1985 in Cambridge and originally composed of the duo Boo Hewerdine and Tony Shepherd.

Duo which released a first album "Walking the ghost back home" a year later in 1986, album which will know a nice course in the independent Charts. Album from which their first big hit single will be extracted with the title "Graceland". And to a lesser extent “Mahalia”.

New album "Eureka" two years later in 1988, album with average success and which will struggle to produce major hits except for the titles "Crystal Palace" in 1988 and "Honey be good" in 1989, titles which will be the only ones to experience a semblance of success.

A relative failure which will precipitate the decline of the group and its inevitable separation. A group that would be reborn from its ashes a few years later but which would never come back to the race anyway ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Graceland 1986

  • Mahalia 1986

  • Crystal palace 1988

  • Honey be good 1988

  • Skywriting 1988

Clips :

1986 ... which will undoubtedly remain as their most emblematic title. A discography for the less light but of quality. We won't ask for more !

1986 ... a sequel which could not match the previous title but which holds up as they say. We will largely be satisfied ...

1988 ... despite an obvious potential, the group did not know how to find a place in the sun as he should. It must be said that given the competition in the face, only the best of the best will have succeeded ...

1988 ... the adventure lasted a little over 3 years. We would have really liked it to last a little longer but fate will have decided otherwise concerning them ...

1988 ... one last title before leaving for good. They really lacked not much to explode at the highest level, just a hint of luck and more ...

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