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Waiting for another chance...

Endgames is a Scottish group formed in Glasgow and composed of David Rudden, Paul Wishart and David Murdoch, a group that first stood out at the very end of the 1970s when they opened for another group in the making namely Simple Minds.

But it was only three years later, in 1982, after signing with the Mercury label, that things suddenly accelerated when they released their first single "We feel good (Future's looking fine)", a single which was to experience a nice success of esteem. Followed by little "First last for everything" which will do even stronger than its predecessor and hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite these successes, Mercury thanked them outright and we found them in 1983 on Virgin Records, a new label that allowed them to release the album "Building beauty". Album which produced no less than 4 singles with to start "Waiting for another chance", single which will know its hour of glory in Germany and in Switzerland in particular. Then come out "Love cares", "Miracle in my heart" and finally "Desire" which, him, leaves in 1984. Three singles which will know various fortunes.

New album "Natural" in 1985. From which will be extracted mainly the single "Shounting out for love". The album and the single were to be modest successes, and the band would eventually go their separate ways.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • We feel good 1982

  • First last for everything 1982

  • Waiting for another chance 1983

  • Love cares 1983

  • Miracle in my heart 1983

  • Desire 1984

  • Shounting out for love 1985


Clips :

1982 ... a first title which already says a lot about the potential of the group. The sound, the style, everything is already in place. Rather a good omen for the future !

1982 ... and there is potential ! The proof with this title which gives them their first global hit. A well-deserved first hit that will surely not be the last !

1983 ... a group in the end which will not have been able to play in the court of the very great as they would have liked and which nevertheless will have produced titles of more than certain quality. Once again the proof with this excellent title which will surely remain as one of their most emblematic. HU-GE !

1983 ... an inspiration among the best of the moment and which shows title after title that this group really had talent. We want more !

1983 ... the BIG year for the group with a plethora of titles and quality across the board. This title will not be the best of the Vintage but largely holds up

1984 ... a single title year but once again big. What a pity that fate did not want this group to go further in the adventure ...

1985 ... a dazzling career to say the least but which will have shown that this group was really full of talents and that he came close to going to the stars. Pity...


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