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Vulcan woman well in all respects...

T’Pau is an English group formed in 1986 in Shropshire and whose name would be a reference to one of the characters of Star Trek.

They know their first success in 1987 with the title "Heart and soul" but paradoxically, not in England but in the USA.

The success across the Channel arrives a few months later with the release of the single "China in your hand" which will make him a real hit in the land of Shakespeare. And this time knowing only a success relative to the USA ...

Their first album "Bridge of spies" came out in the wake and produced two other hits that are "Valentine" and "I will be with you".

A year later in 1988 the album "Rage" was released, which despite obvious success did not reach the level of success of the previous one. Album from which the flagship single "Secret garden" will be mainly extracted.

It was not until 3 years and the year 1991 that the album "The promise" was released, which produced a last single hit "Whenever you need me", shortly before the group broke up.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Heart and soul 1987

  • China in your hand 1987

  • Bridge of spies 1987

  • Valentine 1987

  • I will be with you 1988

  • Secret garden 1988

  • Road to our dream 1988

  • Only the lonely 1989

  • Whenever you need me 1991

  • Walk on air 1991

  • Soul destruction 1991

  • With a little luck 1998

  • Giving up the ghost 1999

  • Nowhere 2015

  • Last temptation 2015

  • Read my mind 2015

  • Run 2018

  • Be wonderful 2020

  • Guess who's sorry now 2021


Clips :

1987 ... "Mane of Fire" takes its first steps very gently and for the first steps, they are particularly successful ! First title and already the first global mega hit. A start to say the least shattering as they say. HU-GE !

1987 ... the title of the consecration. And yes, already ! They simply sign here the biggest success of all their discography and especially a mega planetary hit which offers them a direct ticket for posterity. PHE-NO-ME-NAL !

1987 ... incredible fact, this title will not even be classified. Between this title there and the previous title, the difference in classification in the Charts is amazing to say the least ...

1987 ... 5 titles in a single year including 2 mega hits and 1 top hit, who says better ? Here comes the last title of an absolutely exceptional year for the group, a title that once again perfectly combines strength and softness. All simply magnificent !

1988 ... and what about that one ! Surely one of their best titles and yet this title will pass somewhat under the radars. Go figure ...

1988 ... put away the handkerchiefs, we return to pure rock hard with this title to say the least boosted. The transition is fierce as they say ...

1988 ... well, all things considered, bring them out. Return of the gentle force. And my faith, it is in this area that they are the best. So let's not sulk our pleasure !

1989 ... an incredible talent that finds its fulfillment in his ballads of very large caliber. Sumptuous !

1991 ... a change of decade perfectly mastered thanks to a melodic inspiration that never falters. Hope it lasts ...

1991 ... "Mane of Fire" at its best. Unfortunately, the rest will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. With words to a complete disappearance ...

1991 ... this title will not even be classified. The decline is now underway and nothing and no one will be able to stop it. Tough law of the trade ...

1998 ... this title is more anecdote than anything else. The group has completely disappeared from radars and is trying to make a totally improbable comeback. Bet lost unfortunately ...

1999... bet lost but that does not prevent the group from continuing the adventure. Afterwards, it could be that this title is indeed the last anyway...

2015... when we thought the case was definitely over, here they are back 16 years later. A totally unexpected return that will inevitably delight the basic fans...

2015...not only is the group back, but the quality is also there. Not many people would have thought that possible...

2015... the group delivers here a new opus of great quality and which will nevertheless go unnoticed to say the least. Frankly a pity because the group would have frankly deserved to return to the front of the stage in this decade 2010...

2018...what a pity that the group disappeared from the radar for so long because if they had returned earlier, the situation could have been very different for them...

2020... whatever it is, we really appreciate what they are offering today and we can only encourage them to continue the adventure a little further...

2021... will the 2020 decade be the decade of the real comeback, the one that the grassroots fans are desperately waiting for ? The future will tell us...


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Discography :

1999... bet lost but that does not prevent the group from continuing the adventure. Afterwards, it could be that this title is indeed the last anyway...

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