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After Kate Bush, here comes the 2nd most popular icon of England during the Eighties namely Kimberley Smith.

Daughter of a rocker (Marty Wilde) and a Singer (Joyce Baker, member of the Vernons Girls) she began her career with a fanfare in 1981 by offering the public the now famous 'Kids In America' which became a planetary hit as soon as it was released. The platinum blonde with a feline look will chain the tubes at the speed of sound for almost 10 years (Cambodia, View from a bridge, The second time, You keep me hanging on, You came, Four letter sword, among others ... ). To quickly become one of the most emblematic figures of the New Wave UK version. Still in activity today, she produces more or less regularly records (the last in 2013) and continues to tour regularly around the world to sing the hits that have raised her to the rank of cult singer, role she assumes with obvious pleasure. While leading a successful career as a horticulturist. Which allowed him to design many gardens and publish two books on gardening. Discography (among others ...) :

• Kids in America 1981

• Chequered love 1981

• Cambodia 1981

• View from a bridge 1982

• Take me tonight 1982

• Child come away 1982

• Love blonde 1983

• Dancing in the dark 1983

• House of Salomé 1984

• The second time 1984

• The touch 1984

• Rage to love 1985

• You keep me hanging on 1986

• Another step (Closer to you) 1987

• Hey Mister Heartache 1988

• You came 1988

• Never trust a stranger 1988

• Four letter word 1988

• Love is the natural way 1989

• It's here 1990

• Time 1990

• Can't get enough (Of your love) 1990

• I can't say goodbye 1990

• World in perfect harmony 1991

• Love is holy 1992

• Heart over mind 1992

• Who do you think you are ? 1992

• If I can't have you 1993

• In my life 1993

• Breakin' away 1995

• This I swear 1996

• Loved 2001

• Born to be wild 2002

• Anyplace, anywhere, anytime 2003

• Perfect girl 2006

• Together we belong 2007

• Run to you 2009

• Lights down low 2010

• It's alright 2011

• Winter wonderland 2013

• One 2013

• Pop don't stop 2018

• Kandy krush 2018

• Birthday 2018


Clips :

1981 ... the shocking arrival of Kim the Amazon. No one can yet imagine at this stage the incredible career that awaits her. Not even her ...

1981 ... in just 2 titles, 'Golden Helmet' already demonstrates the full extent of its talents. And talent, she has everything, it's clear !

1981 ... then comes THIS title ! Here she signs one of her most emblematic titles and at the same time offers herself a new intergalactic hit which will raise her to the speed of light to the rank of planetary star. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... the tube machine is now launched at full power and nothing and no one can stop it. The beauty has become in just 2 years one of the biggest planetary phenomena and she surely does not intend to stop there !

1982 ... a title which will pass completely under the radars. Normal, it will only be released in Japan. Too bad because it was not without quality, far from it ...

1982 ... between two waters. A somewhat disconcerting piece that sees the singer return to the level of ordinary people. Can and must do better !

1983 ... little rockabillo-jazzy delirium. She will have tried everything, not even afraid. After the result side in the Charts, it's another story ...

1983 ... well, no more antics and back to Dance. We suspected that it could not last. Unfortunately, the delay in competition with the previous title will be difficult to make up for, it's clear ...

1984 ... after a smashing start to the decade, the middle of the decade turns out to be more complicated to manage than expected. Another title that will pass somewhat ...

1984 ... business resumes, inspiration is back, to say the least. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events ...

1984 ... this one is not bad either. The hits follow one another at an impressive speed and reposition the beautiful on the front of the stage. Phew, we avoided the worst ...

1985 ... a frenzied rhythm for this pure Rockabilly delirium. As a mighty aftertaste of Straycats, it is clear. Unfortunately, as soon as she leaves the marked paths, the sanction in the Charts is immediate ...

1986 ... full maturity. She signs here a new mega hit which will surely remain as one of her best titles and finally finds a dominant position that she should never have left. And it's not over !

1987 ... when 2 huge stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to par. Unfortunately, this title will not really meet the expected success ...

1988 ... after 1981, here is another year with 4 mega hits. Starting with this title of very large caliber which will not remain as the best classified of the 4 but which holds the road undeniably

1988 ... which will surely remain one of his best titles if not the best. Here she reaches the ultimate consecration and definitely enters the musical legend of the 80s as one of the major singers of this blessed era. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... another grand title to end an absolutely exceptional decade for her. A decade which will have brought her everything, namely glory and fortune and which will have raised her to the rank of icon of the English scene 80's version

1988 ... a magnificent moment of sweetness and finesse. Yes, yes, she can do it too. A year 1988 exceptional in all respects and which will have seen her succeed all that she will have undertaken with disconcerting ease. Years like this !

1989 ... the years go by but they don't necessarily look alike. After the year of 4 hits, here comes the year of the unique hit ! So, Kim, what's going on, a slight drop in speed ?

1990 ... finished the evaporated blonde side. Kim returns to us under a new face that we did not know before. Who says new decade says new challenges ...

1990 ... finished the blonde side evaporated ... Uh, no, not really ... Chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. We will not do it again as we say ...

1990 ... a new year with 4 hits. Definitely, it is a mania at home. But the level of success achieved this year will have little to do with the golden years 1981 and 1988 unfortunately ...

1990 ... she will have been as good in Dance as in Intimist. A characteristic that is found only in the most gifted necessarily !

1991 ... surprisingly, this title will go completely under the radars. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand as they say ...

1992 ... a more marked rock orientation which corresponds well to this beginning of the decade. Kim adapts and finds a level of success at the height of his talent. We avoided the worst ...

1992 ... nice title but which will not remain as its best. The relapse is severe and sends the beauty back to the depths of the Charts. Can and must do better !

1992 ... a title that spins at 200 km/h! Not sure that this is the best way to find the summit of the Charts. Kim, watch out for the road ...

1993 ... his last notorious success. The last top hit of an absolutely incredible career and which will remain as one of the most prolific of the decade. What more to ask !

1993 ... she had to adapt to the rhythm of the moment. Well, it's nice but nothing more. With as an immediate sanction a severe tumble in the Charts ...

1995 ... she hadn't tried it yet, it was necessary for the first time ! Welcome Kim to the world of House !

1996 ... return to calm and sweetness. It happens to her from time to time ... and it feels good. Admittedly, this field will not have been frankly its bottom of trade but it will always have delivered soft titles to the quality more than certain !

2001 ... we thought we had lost her definitively and here she comes back to us in great shape. She is entering its 3rd decade with an obvious desire to continue the adventure, whatever it takes and above all to do well again !

2002 ... a stripped-down version of one of the cult titles of the 1960s. This revisited version of the Steppenwolf title dating from 1968 will not remain as its greatest success but deserves respect, that's obvious !

2003 ... when Nena takes over Nena and invites a good friend to make a little beef on this occasion. This revisited version of its flagship title 'Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann' dating from 1984 allows the 2 'bombs' to give the best of themself, it's clear !

2006 ... certainly, the level of success encountered during this decade has nothing to do with what she has known before but she is far from being ridiculous, it must be noted !

2007 ... the adventure continues all the more beautiful but the level of success will drop in a particularly brutal way. To the point of relegating the beauty almost to oblivion ...

2009 ... this decade will see her essentially in duo mode with more or less success. This title will not demerit, far from it, but will only know a level of success after all limited ...

2010 ... she continues to believe in it, whatever it is and decides to go solo again during this new decade. Rightly or wrongly, good question...

2011 ... she brings up to date the title of the East 17 from 1993. Its version will not bring much more than the original version but it holds the road anyway...

2013 ... in each decade its legendary duo. For the 2010 decade, this will be it. All on a track out of time and with the most charming old-fashioned charm ...

2013 ... a nice title that literally floats and once again shows that in the Intimist world, whatever the decades, she continues to provide !

2018 ... at some point, we tell ourselves that she will stop there once and for all. But it's very bad to know her. The proof !

2018 ... a year 2018 which sees her returned to its best form. Unfortunately, the beautiful may be struggling in all directions, the public has gone to look definitively elsewhere ...

2018 ... three titles just for this year 2018 and quality on all floors. Almost 40 years after its beginnings, Casque d'Or is still there and does not intend to stop there. Case to follow ...


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