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Vic can't thank them enough !

Cook Da Books is an English group formed in 1980 in Liverpool and composed of Kevin Kunky Kelly, Peter Deary, Owen Moran, Tony Prescott and John Legget.

It all really started in 1982 when their first single "Piggie in the middle 8" was released, with provocative lyrics that made the buzz.

Song noticed by a certain Vladimir Costa who will ask them for three titles. Titles that he will include in the soundtrack of a film that has become legendary in France, namely "La boum 2" with Sophie Marceau.

The song "Your eyes", the most emblematic of the 3, will be a real hit, especially in Europe and will sell more than 900,000 copies ! Their notoriety will explode except across the Channel and in the USA….

Other well-made titles will be released later but the group will not be able to repeat such a feat.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Piggie in the middle eight 1982

  • Your eyes 1983

  • Low profile 1983

  • I Wouldn't Want To Knock It 1983

  • Carress me like a flower 1984

  • Golden age 1984

  • You hurt me deep inside 1985

  • Living for the city 1986


Clips :

1982 ... a quiet start. How to imagine at this stage the incredible sequel that awaits them ...

1983 ... the flagship title of a generation ! A title that will forever remain in the hearts of many French people as one of the most striking of the 1980s. A cult soundtrack for a thread that is no less so. Isn't it Vic !

1983 ... almost impossible to compete with the previous gem. The group leaves again in anonymity as quickly as he left it ...

1983 ... it's nice, of course. But where did the brilliant inspiration for 'Your eyes' go ...

1984 ... the change of vintage will not allow them to return to success. Pity...

1984 ... and this is not the one that will raise the bar despite a certain quality. Okay so guys, what's going on with you ...?

1985 ... ah, there on the other hand, it is much better. An inspired, successful title. We finally find them at the level they should never have left !

1986 ... an average end of adventure, nothing more. In the end, they will have managed to sign one of the biggest 'With emotions' hits of the decade, it's already not bad !


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