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Very special agents ...

Secret Service is a Swedish group that will stay in history mainly for 2 titles. The one who revealed them in 1979, namely "Oh Susie". But it is especially the now intergalactic tube "Flash in the night", single released in 1982, which will reveal them in the eyes of the public and will be one of the flagship single of that year. Tubes which, as surprising as it may seem, will not succeed in piercing in the Anglo-Saxon sphere ... To discover or rediscover because this group has produced other well-made singles. Discography (among others ...) :

• Oh Susie 1979

• Ten O’Clock Postman 1979

• Yes-si-Ca 1980

• L.A. Goodbye 1981

• Flash in the night 1981

• If I try 1982

• Cry softly 1982

• Jo-Anne, Jo-Anne 1983

• Do it 1983

• How I want you 1984

• Let us dance just a little bit more 1985

• When the night closes in 1985

• Agneta & Secret Service 1986

• Night city 1986

• I'm so, I'm so, I'm so (In love with you) 1987

• Say, say 1987

• Don't you know, don't you know 1988

• The dancer 2000

• Different 2009

• Satellites 2010

• Go on 2019

• Secret mission 2020

• Lit de parade 2021

• Jane 2022

• Mama tell me why 2022

• You stole my heart 2022


Clips :

1979 ... a shocking arrival thanks to this title which offers them their first hit. For a try, it's a master stroke !

1979 ... a very typical sympathetic suite at the end of the 70s. A rapid rise which will soon produce enormous results ...

1980 ... in a sound that will almost never be seen again ... A unique test, the opposite of their commercial sound ...

1981 ... the year of the mega hit. This one is not one but will serve as a launching pad for a suite that promises to be huge ...

1981 ... the intergalactic TUBE which makes them enter One Shot in the legend of the 80s. Surely one of the most HUGE Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a quality suite but which cannot compete with the previous gem as the bar is high

1982 ... a magnificent title, all smoothness and finesse. Time is like being suspended on this very very large Ultimate Slow. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1983 ... new vintage which starts with this nice title which does not eat bread as they say ...

1983 ... a year that will remain as one of their best vintage with 2 titles of certain quality

1984 ... on average, it's a BIG title per year. A group that will have remained relatively unknown and yet displays a discography more than substantial ... and of quality !

1985 ... still very good ! A group that frankly deserved recognition much higher than it was...

1985 ... their last notorious hit. Great achievements for this small group from the cold, which in a few years has become one of the largest of the decade...

1986 ... a duo of hell with the best of Sweden at that time. Collector Images !

1986 ... another title which will not remain like the hit of the year but which still holds water...

1987 ... in the same vein. Nothing exceptional but always good Dance titles that show the full extent of their talent...

1987 ... an adventure that ends quietly on a rounded title. The ideal ending no ...

1988 ... what a denial ! There are still 1 left ! And the heavyweight Dance title. Well, this time, it is indeed the end ...

2000...while we thought the case was definitely over at the end of the 80s, here they are coming back at the start of the 2000s. Who would have thought that posibble...?

2009...certainly, the return to the start of the decade will be fleeting to say the least. But here they are back again, like what with them everything is always possible...

2010...and here they are attacking a new decade, one more ! You still have to remember that they started their career in...1979 !

2019...they come back then they leave then they come back. We lose sight of them each time for several years but they come back again and again...

2020...a desire to believe in it again and again, which undoubtedly commands respect. Even if the best years are behind them, it is always a pleasure to find them anyway...

2021...especially since this new decade 2020 seems to inspire them at first sight. They have things to say or at least to sing at first sight...

2022... all the bands from the 80s who survived the transition to the new millennium are coming back in force in these decades 2010 and 2020. An irrepressible desire to come full circle before bowing out for good...

2022 ... it's the basic fans who are enjoying themselves anyway because the group has really come back in force for a few years. It must be said that talent is not lost, despite the weight of the years...

2022 ... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last, so there is a good chance that we will find them later. To be continued...


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