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Very Slowly...

Bibie, whose real name is Béatrice Anyankor, is a Franco-Ghanaian singer and daughter of a diplomat. Special status which sees her travel a lot and which at the same time allows her to develop a very particular artistic sensibility over the years.

Reluctant to study for a long time, she quickly turned to music and so we find her in England in the early 1980s in a group called Bombaya. An ephemeral group with very modest success.

It was especially from the year 1984, the year that corresponds to his arrival in Paris, that his fate would radically change. In fact, she was lucky enough to meet Jean-Paul Dréau, the same one who had composed a few years earlier the enormous title "Le coup de soleil" for Richard Cocciante.

He then offered her a title called… "Tout doucement", a title that she recorded in the process and which was released a year later in 1985. The title was to make a real hit in France and literally explode the notoriety of the singer.

Success confirmed a year later in 1986 with the title "J'veux pas l'savoir", a title of lesser success but success nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the great adventure will come to an end in the years that will follow because what will come out later will have only very limited success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tout doucement 1985

  • Le cœur en larmes (j’me sens seule) 1986

  • J’veux pas l’savoir 1986

  • Trendress’ moi 1988

  • En souvenir de moi 1988

  • La p’tite black 1990


Clips :

1985 ... just a single title, THIS title, was enough to bring One Shot the singer into the musical legend of the 80s. As the first title, she signs here quite simply one of the most beautiful Ultimate Slow of the decade and the end of the twentieth century quite short on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... a sequel that will be unable to compete with the previous title as the bar has been set high. And yet, it is far from unworthy, it is clear ...

1986 ... this title will go less unnoticed than its predecessor but the singer will never manage to repeat the incredible feat achieved with her first title ...

1988 ... an Intimist niche which has become its trademark in an indisputable way. Despite a certain quality of title, this title will not do better than those which preceded it ...

1988 ... and changing the register will not change the situation unfortunately. She will forever be the interpreter of a One Shot. But what a One Shot !

1990 ... a last title to end an adventure that leaves a taste of unfinished business. The singer had everything to do great things but fate will have decided otherwise ...


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