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Françoise Hardy is a French singer-songwriter who thought, when she was young, that she would end up at the convent !

But the discovery of Rock’n’roll on the radio and the guitar she received as a reward for her baccalaureate in 1961 will change everything.

She enrolled at the Mireille's Petit Conservatoire where she spent two years there. Courses that will allow her to appear in the television program "En attendant leur carrosse" in February 1962 where she stood out.

His first single “Oh oh chéri” came out the same year and was a hit with young people.

But everything will suddenly speed up on the evening of October 28, 1962 as viewers await the results of the referendum on the election of the President of the Republic.

In one of the musical interludes, she appears there and sings "Tous les garçons et les filles". The success is phenomenal ! 500,000 copies will be sold in 2 months.

Carried by the "Yéyé" wave, she also impresses with her undeniable talent for writing and composition. Paris Match even consecrates it as the new song idol. And its success crosses borders.

The successes will then be linked, "Le temps de l'amour", "Le premier bonheur du jour", "Mon amie la rose" ... The tours also.

Then in 1967, it was the meeting with Jacques Dutronc that again changed his destiny.

She decides to devote more time to her private life and abandons touring.

In 1969, a certain Serge Gainsbourg composed "Comment te dire adieu ?".

It's a huge success which gives a boost to his losing career.

But the singer is tired of this life which escapes her and she decides to orient herself progressively towards very personal fields like Astrology and Psychology.

Four years pass during which she continues in parallel to record songs which do not gain the same success as the preceding ones.

Arrive 1973 and meet a certain ... Michel Berger. Meeting that will give birth to the album "Message personnel" which will allow her to return to success.

The years after will be again rather oriented towards Astrology and it is only in 1978 that she returns with the title "J'écoute de la musique saoule" which suddenly will attract to her a new audience, namely young people.

New three years pass and she returns in 1981 with the single "Tamalou" which confirms that the singer was able to perfectly negotiate the turn of the 80s and especially to adapt to the new sounds.

Followed by "Tirez pas sur l'ambulance in 1982, "Moi vouloir toi" in 1984 and "V.I.P." in 1986 which were sure to be successful.

While writing for others, especially for Diane Tell, Julien Clerc….

It was in 1988 that she decided to bow out from the world of music with the album "Décalages" from which the sublime "Partir quand même" will be extracted.

The following years will be mainly devoted to Astrology.

She released a last album "Le danger" in 1996 which, despite positive reviews, was only a resounding success.

Marking the definitive end of the musical adventure. Françoise Hardy is one of the very few French singers who was able to perfectly negotiate the transition from the 60s to the 70s and from the 70s to the 80s.

Talented, inspired, original, offbeat, she will leave in French musical history a very special imprint that is not about to fade.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Oh oh chéri 1962

• Tous les garçons et les filles 1962

• C'est à l'amour auquel je pense 1962

• Ton meilleur ami 1962

• Comme tant d'autres 1963

• L'amour s'en va 1963

• Qui aime t'il vraiment 1963

• Le sais-tu ? 1963

• Le premier bonheur du jour 1963

• On dit de lui 1963

• Catch a falling star 1964

• Pourtant tu m'aimes 1964

• Mon amie la rose 1964

• Son amour s'est endormi 1965

• Le temps des souvenirs 1965

• L'amitié 1965

• La maison où j'ai grandi 1966

• Voilà 1966

• Des ronds dans l'eau 1967

• Comment te dire adieu 1968

• Etonnez moi, Benoit 1968

• Avec des si 1968

• L'anamour 1968

• Des bottes rouges de Russie 1969

• Les doigts dans la porte 1969

• Soleil 1970

• Point 1970

• Message personnel 1973

• Que vas-tu faire 1975

• Femme parmi les femmes 1976

• Flashbacks 1977

• J’écoute de la musique saoule 1978

• Tamalou 1980

• Sentimentale 1981

• Tirez pas sur l’ambulance 1982

• Moi vouloir toi 1983

• VIP 1986

• Jamais synchrones 1986

• Partir quand même 1988

• Laisse moi rever 1988

• La sieste 1989

• En résumé...en conclusion 1989

• Je ne suis la pour personne 1989

• Je suis de trop ici 1991

• Revenge of the flowers 1994

• Un peu d'eau 1996

• Le large 2018


Clips :

1962 ... at the origin of the genesis of the beginning of an incredibly incredible career. The first steps of a young girl whose nobody imagines the fate or the future to come ...

1962 ... 1.79 m...18 years old...France is in shock. Or rather the charm ! The start of a career that will prove to be extraordinarily exceptional !

1962 ... a year which will prove to be truly exceptional for her with no less than 3 very large hits. We couldn't dream of a better start ...

1962 ... a title with a sound so typical of those years. A monument of its kind ...

1963 ... barely 19 years old and already on top ! You could say that the pretty Françoise will pass like a shooting star and disappear as quickly as she arrived. This is without counting on his immense talent ...

1963 ... as incredible as it may seem, she competes in Eurovision under the colors of Monaco. Amazing choice who will see her finish in 5th place...tied with a certain...Alain Barrière !

1963 ... we hardly recognize her as the voice is incredibly low ... Is it the same Françoise as on the previous title ...

1963 ... ah, there on the other hand, it is on, it is the same Françoise as on "Tous les garçons et les filles de mon âge". Phew, we were afraid ...

1963 ... 1962 was a great year for her. 1963 is very close to it. Especially with titles of this caliber !

1963 ... after a beautiful Ultimate Slow, return to the typical Yé-Yé sound. So 60's !

1964 ... a totally surreal title in this new year with a Francoise who, extremely rare, sings in English. Well, accent side, Françoise, will have to take some lessons ...

1964 ... the years go by and come together ... An uninterrupted series of hits which confirm, year after year, all the talent of the pretty Françoise ...

1964 ... but it is THIS title which will give a new big boost to his career. France now only sees through her

1965 ... each year its share of hits. For the year 1965, we start with this one, against a backdrop of Country ballad. Astonishing ...

1965 ... the time of the ramp-up. Things are structured, the sound as well as the style. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events ...

1965 ... she signs here one of her most beautiful ballads. A title with crazy lyricism and which literally floats in the air

1966 ... a new title against the backdrop of Folko-country rhythm. A pretty simple song just waiting to be heard ...

1966 ... new Ultimate Slow of great beauty. With a Françoise at the top of her beauty. What more !

1967 ... and what about that one ! Surely one of his most inspired and emblematic titles. MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1968 ... the song that definitely elevates her to the rank of undeniable and undisputed star. Gainsbourg has just written one of the most beautiful pages of French song. Thank you Serge !

1968 ... a totally delirious suite with cabaret music. The big, even the big gap with the previous title

1968 ... another magnificent title sublimated by a Françoise at her best, literally and figuratively

1968 ... another jewel shaped by Master Gainsbourg. Highly inspired, the title works wonderfully and allows Françoise to shine brightly

1969 ... an unpretentious, light and airy title. Why make it complicated when it can be simple...

1969 ... Françoise takes us out from time to time of kitsch wish titles that border on caricature ... We also love her for that !

1970 ... finished laughing, change of decade in sight ... And what better to start it than a sumptuous ballad to get in condition ...

1970 ... a decade 70 which starts on the hats of wheel ... And which however will prove to be much more difficult to negotiate than envisaged ...

1973 ... men undoubtedly bring her luck. She has a crazy talent for composition. But she also likes to let others do it and surrounds herself only with the most brilliant composers of this end of the 20th century. The result is therefore oufissime every time. This time, thank you Michel...Berger

1975 ... a new phase of change takes place in Françoise, very gently. The proof with this title. Magnificent !

1976 ... she signs here one of the titles of the soundtrack of the film by Lelouch 'Si c'était à refaire'. A new WONDER of lightness and finesse. One more !

1977 ... a Françoise still as efficient, a Françoise still as inspired. The years go by and the magic always works as much ...

1978 ... new phase of mutation with a style and a sound straddling 2 eras. The Françoise of the 80s is in the making ...

1980 ... the period of the big tubes, 80's versions begins. After an exceptional 60s decade, a slightly more complicated 70s, Françoise is about to be reborn ...

1981 ... the beginning of the decade with a hushed story just to get back into shape ... And why not ?

1982 ... change of vintage and come back in force with this HUGE hit which allows her to compete without any complex with "youngsters" 20 years younger than her. Not beautiful !

1983 ... we find her a year later with a new magnificent timeless ballad of which she alone has the secret. The Class, the real one !

1986 ... his best title of the decade. Totally inspired, totally Dance, totally 80s ! Totally Françoise !

1986 ... a title with more than certain quality and passed somewhat unnoticed ... What a shame !

1988 ... his new WONDER. Time literally stops the time of this sublime ode. A title that will undoubtedly remain one of the most beautiful of the decade. MA-GIC !

1988 ... more than 25 years after its debut, still there, not old-fashioned. Talent, the real one !

1989 ... we are slowly but surely approaching the end of the decade and my faith, it went rather well, even very well !

1989 ... a title originally written for Jean-Pierre Mader. Which will allow the latter to return to success. Thank you who, thank you Françoise !

1989 ... a title that spins at 200 km/h. Astonishing, not really his favorite style. But hey, why not after all ...

1991 ... almost 30 years of career. Who can say better ? Not many people, it's clear ...

1994 ... a new title in English ... A very surprising choice but the result is up to par. A new time !

1996 ... a decade 90 remained almost in the confidential domain despite numerous titles with more than certain quality. Regardless, the career was so beautiful. The career of a Grande Dame !

2018 ... with it, nothing is ever finished ! More than 50 years after its beginnings, she continues to amaze us. A truly unique model !


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