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Fischer-Z is an English group formed in 1976 by John Watts and Steve Skolnik. David Graham and Steve Liddle will be added some time later.

Their first hit "The worker", taken from the album "Word salad", was released in 1979.

But it is above all the astonishing single "Crazy girl", released in 1980, with the yet psychadelo-danso-distressing sound that will reveal them to the general public. Title extracted from the album "Going deaf for a living" which will also extract another hit called "So long".

The success is confirmed especially in Europe and Australia but little in England, as paradoxical as it may seem.

In 1981, the album "Red skies over paradise" was released, which had an honest commercial journey, in part due to the title "Berlin".

It will be the last album of Fischer-Z first version because Watts decides to dissolve the group.

A group that was reborn in 1988, still under the leadership of Watts but with a completely overhauled team.

The album "Reveal" was released the same year.

Album from which the excellent "Perfect day" will be extracted.

Later albums will be released but with very relative interest.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Wax dolls 1978

• The worker 1979

• So long 1980

• Crazy girl 1980

• Room service 1980

• Marliese 1981

• Berlin 1981

• The perfect day 1988

• Big drum 1988

• Masquerade 1989

• Sausages & tears 1990

• Destination paradise 1992

• Will you be there ? 1993

• Human beings 1994

• You'll never cross the same river twice 1994


Clips :

1978 ... very psychedelic beginnings and totally wacky. The trend is given, they will do nothing like the others ...

1979 ... a wacky debut but a debut all the same noticed since they obtained their first classified title here. Rather encouraging for the rest of the events ...

1980 ... the rise. The style asserts itself, a style so particular that will forever remain their trademark. A style that pays in any case since they get here the biggest success of their entire career !

1980 ... the title which should normally have ensured them a direct ticket for posterity. A unique sound and voice that produces one of the most explosive songs of this decade. A title that will however go completely under the radars. Incredible but true...

1980 ... paradoxically, this title, there, will know a semblance of success while its melodic quality leaves something to be desired. Go figure ...

1981 ... they really alternate the good and the clearly less good. Fortunately, this will be part of the 1st category. Phew ...

1981 ... rocko-germanic delirium, in the purest musical style of this early 80's. The problem is that too much delirium kills delirium. And the success that goes with it ...

1988 ... 7 years of reflection before this comeback and above all, this winning return. Surely one of their best titles. Like what, it was enough that they land a little and everything is fine !

1988 ... a salutary rebirth which they combine with an obvious change of style. All good little guys even if success is not necessarily there. The main thing is the intention as they say !

1989 ... what is certain is that something has not changed since their beginnings : they are still as wacky ! Unfortunately, too much eccentricity kills eccentricity, hence the fact of having had a mixed career ...

1990 ... new decade change. Which is done more smoothly than the previous one, it's clear ...

1992 ... in folk mode, a radical change of sound. Not necessarily their business but why not ...

1993 ... the last hit of the group and again, a very small one. The adventure will continue but we really wonder after which runs the group given the lack of success garnered for several years ...

1994 ... we are slowly but surely getting closer to the end. But what an adventure. Admittedly, fragmented in two but which nevertheless produced several very large pieces ...

1994 ... come on, a little last for the road. The opposite of their original sound. An impressive and extremely rare gap in the musical history of the 80s. But it is also what made their charm !


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