Unveiling the secret...

Not much info on Psyche other than the fact that it is a Canadian band formed in 1982 in Edmonton and originally composed of the Darrin brothers and Stephen Huss and Dwayne Goettel.

A group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the high-caliber single "Unveiling the secret" released in 1986.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Thundershowers 1985

  • Prisoner to desire 1986

  • Unveiling the secret 1986

  • Uncivilized 1987

  • Insatiable 1988

  • You're the only one 1988

  • Eternal 1988

  • The sundial 1989

  • If you believe 1991

  • Angel lies sleeping 1991

  • Destiny 1991

  • Love is a winter 1994

  • You ran away 1996

  • Tears 1996

  • Assassin 2000

  • Gods and monsters 2003

Clips :

1985 ... a trendy tone, just like the style. Rather a good omen for the rest of the events as they say ...

1986 ... a sequel which shows a more than obvious potential in this group. It remains to find THE title that will make all the difference ...

1986 ... and THE title that will make all the difference, here it is ! Certainly, it will not be weary of the planetary tidal wave but this title will at least have the merit of revealing the group on the international scene. HU-GE !

1987 ... they will never produce a major title but it is clear that they have largely the level to appear in the big league. We will therefore be largely satisfied ...

1988 ... the 1980s saw the emergence of a large number of Canadian groups, but few succeeded in winning the cup. We can only salute the performance ...

1988 ... the group continues its adventure quietly and above all surely. Nothing fancy but a good job, quite simply ...

1988 ... still one of their most iconic titles. A particularly inspired end of the decade for the group and it shows. Above all, we can hear it !

1989 ... a title full of finesse to end the 1980s in the best possible way. Let's just let the magic happen ...

1991 ... the 1980s saw them hatch and then reach the big leagues. The 1990s, for its part, will confirm their status as a sure bet on the international music scene ...

1991 ... even if the level of inspiration is somewhat lower, it is nevertheless still sufficient to keep them in the leading pack. Hope it lasts ...

1991 ... new moment of sweetness. The group knows how to play in all categories, a versatility that can only be found with the best ...

1994 ... and what to say about it. Admittedly, its particularly dark atmosphere could frighten more than one, but its level of lyricism is more than enough to counterbalance this slight dark side ...

1996 ... the group will produce a particularly large number of titles throughout its career. We will only remember the best ...

1996 ... which will undoubtedly remain their best song of the decade. An adventure that lasts and above all that continues to produce high caliber single. What more !

2000 ... they will have crossed the decade of the 80s, then the decade of the 90s and here they are, unabashedly attacking the decade of 2000. With a level of inspiration that hardly ever weakens. What talent !

2003 ... still as good as ever, still up to date, the little guys. Of course, never at the top of the bill but always well placed. And the adventure is not over, far from it ...

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