Under the Jamaican sun...

The Goombay Dance Band is a German group whose name is a reference to a small bay on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, group formed in 1979 by Oliver Bendt.

The group released their first title "Ring ting ting" the same year, a title that unfortunately went completely unnoticed. This is not the case with the following "Sun of Jamaica" which will make a real worldwide hit and propel the group to the front of the stage in a shattering way.

The group’s debut album "Sun of Jamaica" was released a year later in 1980 and produced, in addition to the previous huge single, the single "Aloha-Oe, until we meet again". Single less successful than its predecessor but success all the same.

Cruel disillusionment with the release of the album "Land of Gold" which came out the same year and which will not know the level of success achieved by "Sun of Jamaica".

"The album 'Holiday in paradise' did slightly better a year later in 1981 and mostly produced the band's last top hit, 'Seven tears'.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ring ting ting 1979

  • Sun of Jamaica 1979

  • Aloha-Oe, Until we meet again 1980

  • Eldorado 1980

  • Rain 1980

  • Seven tears 1981

  • My Bonnie 1982

  • Robinson Crusoe 1982

  • Santorini goodbye 1982

  • Born to win 1982

  • If You Ever Fall In Love 1983

  • Don't You Cry, Caroline 1984

  • Marlena 1985

  • I love the melody 1995

  • In my dreams 2009

Clips :

1979 ... a first light and playful title but it will take a little more for the group to hope to win the cup ...

1979 ... from the 2nd title, the group wins the jackpot ! A performance which allows them to obtain the biggest success of all their discography and at the same time to offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

1980 ... their style is sympathetic, of course. But it is clear that it will be extremely hard for them to compete on an equal footing with the competition during this new decade ...

1980 ... there will be a plethora of titles during this year 1980 but success will be very uncertain. The group will therefore now have to be satisfied with the good favors of the public. Or not...

1980 ... anyway, the group managed to save the furniture at the start of the decade. Not sure that it lasts very long but everything is good to take ...

1981 ... we thought they were relegated to the depths and here they are back in a shattering way on the front of the stage. They obtain here a new planetary top hit which allows them to stay in contact with the best at the last minute. Everything is still possible...

1982 ... unfortunately, the miracle did not last long. The group landed here its last 'little' hit and is now preparing to do only some figuration. Hard law of the trade ...

1982 ... a nice sequel but which will not be enough to bring the group back into the race. The competition is now light years ahead and nothing, and no one, will be able to change anything ...

1982 ... anyway, the group believes in it and continues its adventure for whatever reason. It remains to be seen what can still motivate them ...

1982 ... just like the year 1980, the year 1982 produced an impressive number of titles. Unfortunately, between the 2 years, the level of success has nothing to do ...

1983 ... the production of titles will slow down considerably from this year 1983. It is clear that there is no longer any point in producing in order to produce. Better quality than quantity ...

1984 ... their style is so quirky now that not many people are interested in them. Only Germany pays them a minimum of attention and again ...

1985 ... an adventure which draws to an end. Anyway, the group will always be able to boast of having produced two very big caliber titles and just for that, it is clear that the contract is perfectly fulfilled !

1995 ... they will attempt a totally improbable comeback 10 years later, but what did not work 10 years earlier is unlikely to work again. All the more so during this decade of 90 ...

2009 ... and here they are again ! A until-endism to say the least surprising and which will bring nothing more than the previous times. Mass is said for good ...

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