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Unconditional fan of Chopin...

Gazebo, real name Paul Mazzolini, is an Italian singer who began his musical career learning the guitar at the age of 10 to impress a classmate.

As a teenager, he would move from group to group, be they jazzy, rock, or even punk oriented.

Everything will accelerate the day he meets producer Paul Micioni with whom he makes his first single "Masterpiece" in 1982. Relatively successful single.

It was a year later in 1983 that he was crowned with the release of the single "I like Chopin", a single that would hit the mark and sell 8 million copies worldwide !

Success confirmed a year later with the release in 1984 of the album "Lunatic" from which the single of the same name was extracted.

The singles that will be released subsequently will unfortunately not be able to compete with "I like Chopin", a major hit of the 80s which will remain as one of the flagship songs of the Italo Disco movement.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Masterpiece 1982

  • I like Chopin 1983

  • Lunatic 1983

  • Gimmick! 1983

  • Love in your eyes 1983

  • Telephone Mama 1984

  • First! 1984

  • For Anita 1985

  • Trotsky burger 1986

  • The sun goes down on Milky way 1986

  • Give me one day... 1987

  • Coincidence 1988

  • Dolce vita 1989

  • Fire 1991

  • The fourteenth of July 1991

  • Tears for Galileo 2006

  • Virtual love 2008

  • Ladies 2008

  • Queen of burlesque 2011

  • Blindness 2015

  • Reverie 2015

  • Wet wings 2015

  • La Divina 2018


Clips :

1982 ... everything is already there : the style, the voice, the unique sound that will make all the difference in the Dance Italo Disco universe, however so dense

1983 ... but it is THIS title that will raise him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. The young singer signs here quite simply one of the biggest hits of this year and of the decade itself. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a sequel of big caliber which confirms a certain talent. An exceptional year in all respects for the artist, who turns everything he touches into gold !

1983 ... the year with 4 titles ! A particularly prolific year which made him one of the indisputable and undisputed stars of Italo Disco

1983 ... a title that went almost unnoticed and which would have deserved a much higher recognition than it was ...

1984 ... difficult to compete with a previous year also provided with titles of more than certain quality. Anyway, quality is always essential and that's the main thing !

1984 ... even if the level this year is a notch below, it still remains well above most of the competitors ...

1985 ... my faith, nice but nothing more. After 2 exceptional years in all respects, the singer is losing ground on the competition, it is clear. We got used to the boy better ...

1986 ... in horny mode ! Frankly, we preferred him in Serial Lover mode. A disappointing mid-80s and which frankly sees him with difficulty ...

1986 ... ah, there, it's already a little better, there's no picture. Even if this title will meet only a modest success, we will largely be satisfied with it !

1987 ... we alternate between the good and the much worse. Inspiration fluctuates enormously and makes the singer's position very unstable. Attention danger...

1988 ... it is clear that he will never return to his level of mind-blowing success from the beginning of the decade. We will therefore have to be content with the strict minimum union ...

1989 ... he delivers here a revisited version of the enormous title of Ryan Paris dating from 1983. A title for which he had written the lyrics at the time. Hence the fact that he covers this title on his own a few years later ...

1991 ... that does not prevent him from attempting the passage to the following decade. And even if there is very little chance that he will stay in touch with the best, what he continues to offer is far from being ridiculous ...

1991 ... an astonishing title in homage to France. Despite an obvious goodwill, this will not make it possible to change the situation concerning him unfortunately ...

2006 ... the singer purely and simply disappears from the radar for more than 15 years. And here he is back in this new decade 2000 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Astonishing comeback ...

2008...a rebirth which makes the basic fans happy in any case. And which shows above all that in music nothing is ever finished !

2008...a return that coincides with the return of other former glories of the 80s. There is an air of 80s revival at the very end of the 2000s...

2011 ... he will even attempt the transition to the 2010 decade. A rage for life which commands respect but Mass has been said for a long time concerning him ...

2015 ... he is far from being ridiculous but hoping to fight with little youngsters who are 30 years younger is somewhat suicidal ...

2015 ... he hangs on and believes in it. But there is more than him to believe it. But who would blame him for hoping for an unlikely return to the race ...?

2015...we can only appreciate the fact that for him everything is always possible. Don't we die the day we stop dreaming ?

2018 ... here he is again. Are we going to find him again next decade ? With him, anything is possible. So to follow ...

Top Bonus : 2018...a little medley of the story of, as they say...


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