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Yello is a Swiss group, composed of a duo, then a trio and which will end up again in duet. It was in its beginnings in 1970 composed of Boris Blank (specialist in synths and percussion) and Carlos Peron. It was only after Dieter Meier, son of a millionaire industrialist and addicted to games, joined the group as a singer. It was in 1980 that their first album "Solid pleasure" was released, which contained the single "Bostich" which was their first real success. The singles "Love you" and "Lost again" were released in 1983 and had an honest esteem success. Carlos Peron left the group the same year and began a solo career. 1985 will be the year to release the album "Stella", with the titles "Vicious game", "Oh yeah" and "Desire", probably the most accomplished and most revealing of the amazing musical abilities of this extraordinary duo. 1988 will see the release of the album "Flag" with 2 flagship titles, on the one hand "Of course I’m lying", with a very particular atmosphere and "The race", now cult title. Other albums will be released which will not experience the same craze, the inspiration no longer being the same. Yello will always remain as a group apart, as much by its mysterious side and the very particular voice of the singer as by the particularly innovative side of the sounds that they have been able to introduce into their songs. Some fans even managed to describe the sound of Yellow as "very visual", creating visions bordering on hallucinations in their minds. Besides, it suffices to see how Yellow's music has been repeated many times in television credits or in commercials. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Bostich 1979

• You gotta say to another excess 1982

• I love you 1983

• Lost again 1983

• Pumping velvet 1984

• Vicious games 1985

• Oh yeah 1985

• Desire 1985

• Goldrush 1986

• The Rhythm divine 1987

• Call it love 1987

• The Race 1988

• Tied up 1988

• Of course I’m lying 1989

• Blazzing saddles 1989

• Unbelievable 1990

• Rubberbandman 1991

• Jungle Bill 1992

• Do it 1994

• Tremendous pain 1995

• How how 1996

• Jingle bells 1996

• On track 1997

• To the sea 1997

Clips :

1979 ... the very late 70's beginnings with this electronic sound typical of the end of the decade. What is obvious is that we are dealing with originals. And they will prove it later !

1982 ... a change of decade which confirms the first impression : this group is really unlike any other. It promises !

1983 ... the first stage of the rocket has just taken off. The group obtains its first planetary hit and begins to make a name on the international scene. Better and better !

1983 ... the obvious rise in power with a group that very original mixes all the best musical influences of the moment. A truly unique sound and style !

1984 ... there are times when the group is so barred that we lose them. The experimental side sometimes takes power over the inspired side and this gives this kind of song ...

1985 ... the group reaches its full maturity and begins to deliver titles of very very large caliber. The proof with this title which will surely remain as one of their most emblematic. HU-GE !

1985 ... a completely unbridled inspiration for a group totally out of the ordinary. Rarely have groups pushed the delirium so far. But that's what makes their strength too !

1986 ... surprisingly, even years are often single title with them. Their inspiration would need to regenerate every other year. Who knows...

1985 ... an unclassifiable group with influences of incredible richness. The proof once again with this sumptuous title where their unbridled inspiration once again makes wonder

1987 ... an incredible duo that inevitably produces an incredible track. Shirley Bassey teaming up with the Yello, who could have imagined it. Nobody ! But when you see the result, it's a real caviar. MA-GIC !

1987 ... the years pass and the group continues its delusions, without any commercial pressure and without worrying at all about the world of competition

1988 ... then comes THIS title ! They simply sign here one of their biggest planetary hits, a title that makes them definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s. A well-deserved consecration. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1988 ... this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but what is certain is that it comes from the same factory. Completely crossed out !

1989 ... the WONDER ! What will surely remain as one of their most beautiful titles, if not the most beautiful. A mind-blowing title, with incredible lyricism and which shows that they may be crossed out, they are also capable of creating songs of a depth rarely reached during this decade. HU-GE !

1989 ... the end of the decade which sees them somewhat go back into the depths of the rankings. A second wind is essential. Let's wait to see what they will offer us the following decade ...

1990 ... well, for the moment, it's impossible to know what will happen next. At the crossroads, it's not always easy to choose the right path ...

1991 ... few titles to get your teeth into at the start of the decade. We feel that the group is a little deep in the wave and is looking for itself. Will he find himself, business to follow ...

1992 ... well, crossed out, nothing has changed, that's a constant that will remain until the end. The group finally finds colors in this decade 90. It was time !

1994 ... another even year, one title, it's really a fad with them. What is certain is that the incredible inspiration which carried them during the decade 80 is found very randomly during the decade 90. There is good and not so good ...

1995 ... their slashed side of the 80s which had made their strength marginalizes them more and more in this 90s decade. They always produce titles with certain quality but which unfortunately do not necessarily stick to the times...

1996 ... their last BIG year with 2 titles with definite success. By starting with this one which has the merit of swinging serious, it is clear !

1996 ... a remixed version of Jingle Bells which could only be crossed out taking into account the recurring habits of the group in terms of composition. A very original version ...

1997 ... the group finally tries to stick to the standards of the moment and makes us Dance that flies at the speed of light. But which spins so fast that no one has seen it pass. Pity...

1997 ... a title that looks nothing like Yello and yet they are the ones behind it. They will have scrambled the tracks to the end ...

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