Touch by the hand of god...

New Order is an English group formed in 1980 in Manchester and composed of Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman.

Most of them from the group "Joy Division", an iconic and short-lived group whose story ended in drama when frontman Ian Curtis decided to end his life.

Their first single "Cerermony" was released in 1981 and was only relatively successful, too influenced by the sonic "leftovers" of Joy Division.

It was while visiting New York in 1981 that the group's destiny was suddenly turned upside down, especially when they heard the new musical trends Post-Disco and especially Italo Disco. Trends that they will perfectly integrate into their future compositions.

This is how the single "Temptation" was released which, although it did not become the hit of the year, shows an obvious change in tone on the part of the band. Much more "dancing" sound.

Everything accelerated in 1983 when the album "Power, Corruption & Lies" was released. But also and especially when a separate single comes out that will become one of the most important of the decade, namely the incredible "Blue Monday". A title of incredible inspiration and which we can consider, let's not be afraid of words, as THE founding track of the Techno movement, about fifteen years ahead of its time.

The title will be a real hit and to date remains the biggest sale across the Channel of a 12 "single. Single followed shortly by another flagship single that is "Confusion", single that will inspire many of musicians thereafter. The notoriety of the group exploded.

One year later, in 1984, there was a new turning point for a new evolution of sound, in particular with the single “Thieves like us”, a single which shines on the Old Continent.

In 1985 the album "Low-life" was released, but mainly the hugely popular "Perfect kiss" which marks once again the constant evolution towards a more and more dance sound. Followed in 1986 by the album "Brotherhood" which produced the single hit "Bizarre love triangle".

1987 saw the release of an important compilation "Substance" which included the new single "True faith". Single flagship that will loop on MTV and offer the group its first American Top40. And will remain as the group's biggest single success.

The consecration on the album side came in 1989 with the release of "Technique", an album which was to be certified Gold in England, United States, Canada and Brazil ! Of which will be extracted mainly the enormous "Fine time" and "Round and round". The group is then at the height of its popularity.

We had to wait 4 years and the year 1993 to see the release of the album "Republic", which was to be the group's last global success, notably thanks to the title "Regret". Single hit which will record the best sales score across the Atlantic, all singles combined.

Other albums will be released later, but mostly compilations. Lack of novelty partly due to the scattering of some members on other solo projects, thus putting an end to the epic of a legendary group, basic pillar of the New-Wave movement, precursor in many fields and which will have left anthology titles in history.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ceremony 1981

  • Procession 1981

  • Everything's gone green 1981

  • Temptation 1982

  • Blue Monday 1983

  • Confusion 1983

  • Thieves like us 1984

  • The perfect kiss 1985

  • Sub-culture 1985

  • Shellshock 1986

  • State of the nation 1986

  • Bizarre love triangle 1986

  • True faith 1987

  • Touch by the hand of god 1987

  • Fine time 1988

  • Round and round 1989

  • World in motion 1990

  • Regret 1993

  • World (The price of love) 1993

  • 1963 1995

  • Crystal 2001

  • Here to stay 2002

  • Krafty 2005

  • Jetstream 2005

  • Waiting for the siren's call 2005

  • Guilt is a useless emotion 2005

  • Sugarcane 2013

  • Californian grass 2013

  • Restless 2015

  • Singularity 2015

  • Tutti frutti 2015

  • Nothing but a fool 2015

  • Be a rebel 2020

Clips :

1981 ... a first single with an incredible sound, very innovative for the time. The official starting point for one of the most influential groups of the end of the 20th century ...

1981 ... an inspiration already out of the ordinary, which shows the incredible potential of the group. It promises !

1981 ... a third title which confirms what we had already noticed from the start. This group is dynamite !

1982 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. Only one single to put to their credit this year. No matter the quantity, the quality is there !

1983 ... surely one of the most incredible and striking titles of the decade. A hallucinating sound, hyper ahead of its time and which will make a date. They sign here their quasi Masterpiece. A-MA-ZING !

1983 ... it is now a flood of uninterrupted hits that will follow. And this for almost 12 years, just that. When I told you they were good !

1984 ... a sumptuous title to start this new year. Which will surely remain as one of their best titles. What talent !

1985 ... and what about that one ! A crazy inspiration that transcends a song with a unique sound !

1985 ... a group now at cruising speed and which demonstrates, title after title, a musical virtuosity rarely achieved during this period

1986 ... the years pass quietly without the group weakening of an Iota. Sure of their talents and their musical know-how !

1986 ... a very small drop in speed in the middle of the year which will prove to be of no consequence. Just a 'little' hit...which still holds up well

1986 ... and it resumes directly behind with this masterful hit which will remain as one of their most emblematic. HU-GE !

1987 ... you'd think the band would run out of steam over the years. Oh no ! He signs here one of his biggest hits. Total control !

1987 ... this title will not have the prestige and success of the previous one but it doesn't matter, the quality is still there

1988 ... still that incredible sound, so different from the masses. Of course, the quality of the melody sometimes varies but the musical inventiveness is really permanent

1989 ... the end of the decade on the hats of wheel with this new planetary hit. And it's not over !

1990 ... we start the new decade as we finished the previous one. By a new global hit. It surprises you ?

1993 ... a small 3 years air hole and a comeback with this title which will be their last global mega hit. 10 years at the top of the top, who says better ?

1993 ... and what about that one. Less prestigious of course, but which once again holds up well

1995 ... their last hit of the decade. So this time, is it really the end ? Oh no again. A new decade awaits them on the horizon !

2001 ... here they are again. A sound base that does not move, 20 years after their debut. A truly unique style that will stay with them forever !

2002 ... probably one of their best songs, unbelievable as it sounds after so long. A talent that nothing and nobody and even less time can hinder

2005 ... well, this time, it is indeed the last notorious hit. Are we really sure, go find out what they still have in store for us ?

2005 ... come on, it was not quite the last because here comes this title. The beginning of the 2000s saw them return to the highest level in an impressive way. Will the rest also be favorable to them, good question ...

2005 ... this one will not really know the same level of success despite a certain quality. It is clear that at the level of success in the Charts, the best is now behind ...

2005 ... a title which will not be released as a single but which would have really deserved to know this privilege. After that, this does not detract from its quality itself ...

2013 ... they will disappear from the radar for almost 8 years before returning to a certain shape again in 2013. They take time to regenerate but when you see the result, it's worth the wait ...

2013 ... even if no single will be taken from this opus, the album, him, will have a nice run in the Charts. A success which can only reassure the group about the follow-up to be given to the adventure ...

2015 ... each time we tell ourselves that this will be the last title and that the group will necessarily throw in the towel at some point. It is very bad to know them, the proof !

2015 ... not only do they not intend to stop there, but in addition they continue to deliver titles that largely hold up. We must nevertheless remember that they started in 1981. What talent !