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Too young for promises...

Koo De Tah is an Australian-New Zealand group formed in the early 1980s in Sydney and composed of Tina Cross and Leon Berger.

Very little is known about them except that they will find success thanks to the excellent title "Too young for promises".

They will only release one album, which will be released in 1986. Which will produce other well-made singles that it would have been a shame to hide.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Too young for promises 1985

  • My eyes are shut 1985

  • Dancing (towards the stranger) 1985

  • Into the future 1985

  • Body talk 1985

  • Think of me 1986

  • Meant to be 1986

  • Love ‘Em never 1986

  • Missed you all along 1986

  • Too young (to know) 1988


Clips :

1985 ... the beginnings with fanfare of a small group without pretension but which will produce several pieces of more than certain quality. Starting with this one which will remain as the biggest hit of their discography

1985 ... a sequel that spins at the speed of light. A little quick on the tempo side for the general public all that, beware of leaving the road prematurely ...

1985 ... a meteoric career spanning barely 3 years. Which will not prevent them from playing in the big leagues. Especially in this part of the southern hemisphere ...

1985 ... a second major success which confirms the obvious talent of the group. A group that would have sincerely deserved greater recognition than it was ...

1986 ... already the last notable success. This is called the flash career ! Better quality than quantity as we say !

1986 ... which will surely remain as one of their best songs even if it was not their best ranked. Good, very good !

1986 ... come on, a little last for the road. To take advantage one last time of this very nice and oh so talented tandem


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