Too much heaven...

Bee Gees is an Australian-English group, made up of the 3 Gibb brothers - Barry, Robin, Maurice - and who have sold no less than 220 million records to date around the world.

What will turn out to be a great story starts off rather badly in the late 1950s, with somewhat unruly siblings as children, forcing the family to leave England to settle in Australia. On the spot, concerning their future, the choice is simple for the siblings : it will be thugs or musicians !

Having wisely opted for the 2nd option, we see them first appearing in a group called "The Rattlesnakes", then in another called "Wee Wish Johnnie and the Bluecats". And it is in 1962 that they will take the name "The Bee Gees", the capital 'B' and 'G' could allude to the name of their mother (Barbara Gibb), to their siblings (Brothers Gibb - "Brothers Gibb”) in particular…

It was in 1967 that their fate was to change for the long haul when the album "Bee Gees’ 1St" was released, an album which enjoyed great esteem.

But it was the album "Horizontal", released the same year, that gave them their first and - huge - hit with the track "Massachusetts". Single flagship which is a hit around the world and explodes their notoriety.

Another colossal hit in 1968 with "I started a joke", from the album "Idea" which does almost as well as "Massachusetts".

Faced with this dazzling starization and because he considers himself underemployed, Robin decides to leave the group. A parenthesis that will last until 1970, when the group reformed by force of circumstances.

At the end of 1972, "The Bee Gees" becomes "Bee Gees". A name change that did not prevent the group from going through a first hole until the mid-1970s.

It was not until 1975 and the album "Main course" to see them come back - in the race - notably thanks to the flagship single "Jive talkin". Single announcer, sound side, of the wave that will follow.

A surge that arrives a year later in 1976 with the enormous "You should be dancing", which can be considered to this day as one of the founding songs of the Disco movement. A major musical movement that will reign supreme on the planet for the next four years.

The supreme dedication came a year later in 1977 when the band was asked to record 4 songs for the soundtrack of a film in production, a certain… Saturday Night Fever. In the end, 7 songs are provided. The soundtrack will sell more than 40 million copies ! It’s a planetary tidal wave, the 3 Gibb brothers are becoming the most adulated stars of the moment.

"How deep is your love", "Stayin 'alive" and "Night fever" are a real hit, especially the last two which literally ignite every dance floor on the planet.

New album in 1979 with "Spirits having flown" which remains to this day their biggest commercial success in terms of personal album. In particular thanks to flagship titles such as the magnificent "Too much heaven" and the enormous "Tragedy". And to a lesser extent “Love you inside out”.

By adding these three titles to the previous ones, the Gibb brothers will have achieved the feat of being No.1 on the Charts 6 times consecutively (only Whitney Houston will do better) !

Beginning of the Eighties, parenthesis for the brothers who start to write for the others, in particular for Barbra Streisand. Fruitful collaboration that produced one of the most beautiful romantic ballads of the decade, namely "Woman in love".

In 1981, second air hole with their album "Living eyes", with average success and which will produce 2 minor hits which are "He’s a liar" and "Living eyes".

Back in force in 1982 with the single "Heartbraker", written especially for Dionne Warwick and which made a real worldwide success.

For the next four years, no album in common, the 3 brothers go on separate tracks and produce solo. Without much success. We had to wait until 1985 to see them again in the spotlight with the album they composed for Diana Ross, which produced a new mega hit with "Chain Reaction".

The trio returned to center stage in 1987 with the album "E.S.P.", album carried in particular by the flagship title "You win again". Title which ranks N°1 across the Channel and which allows them to be the 1st group to have had a title classified N°1 over 3 distinct decades (60, 70 and 80) ! Paradoxical as it may seem, Across the Atlantic, the album is a semi-failure.

New album "One" in 1989, whose single of the same name will perform well in the Charts. Followed in 1991 by the album "High civilization" which produced only the hit "Secret love".

The 90s will be harder to negotiate for the trio, except in 1997 which saw the release of the album "Still waters", an album crowned with a success that exceeded expectations and offered them their best score in terms of sales since 1979. Album driven mainly by the huge hit "Alone".

These will be their last major successes and the 2000s will see two of the brothers disappear. First Maurice in 2003, then Robin in 2012. Joining their brother Andy, who died prematurely in 1988 at the age of 30.

The Gibb brothers will always have a special place in the musical history of the 80s, a place of honor, among the best. Incredibly talented, both for themselves and for others, they will have written an impressive number of hits. Hits that every Saturday night continue to ignite many Dance floors all over the planet ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The battle of the blue and the gray 1963

  • Turn around, look at me 1964

  • Wine and woman 1965

  • New York mining disaster 1941 1967

  • To love somebody 1967

  • Massachussets 1967

  • World 1967

  • Words 1968

  • Jumbo 1968

  • I've gotta get a message to you 1968

  • I started a joke 1968

  • First of May 1969

  • Tomorrow tomorrow 1969

  • Don't forget to remember 1969

  • I.O.I.O 1970

  • Lonely days 1970

  • How can you mend a broken heart 1971

  • My world 1972

  • Run to me 1972

  • Alive 1972

  • Mr natural 1974

  • Jive talking 1975

  • Nights on Broadway 1975

  • Fanny (Be tender with my love) 1976

  • You should be dancing 1976

  • Love so right 1976

  • How deep is your love 1977

  • More than a woman 1977

  • Staying alive 1977

  • Night fever 1978

  • Too much heaven 1978

  • Tragedy 1979

  • Love you inside out 1979

  • Spirits (Having flow) 1979

  • He’s a liar 1981

  • Living eyes 1981

  • The woman in you 1983

  • You win again 1987

  • E.S.P. 1987

  • Ordinary lives 1989

  • One 1989

  • Secret love 1991

  • Paying the price of love 1993

  • For whom the bell tolls 1993

  • Alone 1997

  • Still waters run deep 1997

  • Immortality 1998

Clips :

1963 ... take a good look at these incredible images ! No, no, you're not dreaming, those who will become one of the major groups of the twentieth century make their debut on this country hit ... Impossible to imagine at this time the incredible fate that awaits them !

1964 ... finished the Country, we find them a year later in Intimist mode. And it is obvious that they are particularly gifted in this area ...

1965 ... their success is limited for the moment to Australia but it will not last very long ...

1967 ... and here it is, the 1st global top hit. The Bee Gees style, so typical, is asserting itself more and more, it's obvious ...

1967 ... the year of the revelation and the explosion of notoriety. They follow directly on a new mega planetary hit. The tube machine will now run at full speed ...

1967 ... their 1st Masterpiece. It is THIS title that propels them for good to the front of the stage and makes them indisputable and undisputed stars of the time

1967 ... 4th mega hit of the year. A decidedly exceptional year in 1967 which confirms an increasingly exceptional talent !

1968 ... will 1968 live up to the previous one, good question ... And the answer is : all the same. It is enormous !

1968 ... the band is best known for their incredible 70s period. But who really knew the amazing things they accomplished in the previous decade...?

1968 ... will this track be the mega hit of the year...? May be yes, May be be continued !

1968 ... and no, despite the obvious quality of the previous track, it is THIS title, their 2nd Masterpiece, which will shatter everything. By itself reinforcing the legend that they are writing title after title ...

1969 ... any shortness of breath at the end of the 1960s...? Oh no, on the contrary. It's in full form, once again, on an Intimist high class track

1969 ... a title that will surely not remain as their most inspired but whatever happens, the dynamic that drives them is such that each title turns into gold ...

1969 ... a decade of 60 which ends in apotheosis with a new sumptuous title, all on absolutely hallucinating and so kitsch images !

1970 ... after a decade of the 60s which put them in orbit, we find them at the beginning of the 70s in shifted mode, on a somewhat tribal-inspired title. Astonishing ...

1970 ... a year that is decidedly unlike the others. Intimist mixed with Beatles-style sound. Hmm, hmm, we get lost ... And yet, it's still a hit !

1971 ... the group finally finds the foundations that have made its success until then. On an absolutely sumptuous ballad. Phew, we were scared ...