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Tomorrow he'll be gone...

Troy Tate is an English musician and producer who began his artistic career in 1978 in a first group called 'Index', a group that released a single single that year.

We find him later in another group called 'Shake' some time later, a group with which he will participate in two singles.

The solo career as for it starts from the year 1981 with the release of the single "Thomas", single which finally allows him to exist in his own name.

He would release more singles, almost one a year, in the years that followed, including "Lifeline" in 1982, "Love is..." in 1983, "Thomas" in 1984, and "Sorrow" in 1985.

None will appear at the top of the Charts but they will at least have allowed him to know a nice success of esteem on the English music scene.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Thomas 1981

  • Lifeline 1982

  • Love is… 1983

  • Whip crack away (Factory girl) 1984

  • Sorrow 1985

  • Tomorrow I'll be gone 1985


Clips :

1981...a first solo title which shows de facto that this artist has everything to exist at the highest level without too many difficulties. It now remains to confirm all the good that we can think of him...

1982...the potential is there, of course, but he will still have to structure the titles in a slightly more standard way. Because on this one we are far from it...

1983... the message got across at first sight because he will deliver here what will remain as his finest achievement. In just two years he will have found the miracle recipe and we can only congratulate him for this performance. HU-GE !

1984 ... of course, he will never repeat the feat but the hardest part is done anyway. He will have given everything on a single title and that will have been enough to make all the difference...

1985... he will have really alternated the best and the all comers. This title will fortunately be part of the first category unlike its predecessor...

1985... he will not remain as the most famous artist of his generation but he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of his discography, far from it...


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