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Lisette Melendez is an American singer who began her artistic career in 1988 by playing backing vocals for producer Carlos Berrios, a producer who notably worked with the group Sweet Sensation and singer Samantha Fox.

She also released a first single "Make noise", still in 1988. Single that will go completely unnoticed.

But it was especially from 1990 that his solo career gained momentum with the release of the single "Together forever", a track taken from his first album "Together forever". Album which will be released a year later in 1991. Two other top hits will be extracted in 1991 : "Never say never" but also and above all "A day in my life (Without you)" which will remain as the best ranked single of the last.

Three years later, in 1994, the album "True to life" was released, an album that was extremely successful, particularly in Japan, from which two new hits, "Goody goody" and "Will you ever save me", were extracted.

The two albums which followed, “Imagination” in 1997 and “Un poco de mi” in 1998 (salsa album sung in Spanish) will experience much lesser success. Albums that will be his last.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Make noise 1988

  • If you truly love me 1990

  • Together forever 1990

  • A day in my life (Without you) 1991

  • Never say never 1991

  • Goody goody 1993

  • Will you ever save me 1994

  • Time passes by 1996

  • Algo de mi 1998

  • Make the way 1998

Clips :

1988 ... beginnings which are combined with several. A partnership with the group Only in the Dark which allows the singer to take her first steps. To be continued ...

1990 ... we take the same ones and start over. Difficult for the moment to gauge the real level and especially the quality of the talent of the singer. We will have to be patient to see her evolve solo ...

1990 ... finished supporting roles, here she is finally on the front of the stage. Real solo debuts that show obvious potential. All you have to do is let her ripen ...

1991 ... progress is visible and maturity is growing year after year. A 100 % Dance orientation that suits her quite well and in which she feels particularly comfortable

1991 ... the least we can say is that she has energy to spare ! The ardor of her youth literally transcends her and makes her a real electric battery. Beware of overvoltage ...

1993 ... a message that she understood at first sight because we find her literally metamorphosed two years later. Here she gives a new and particularly interesting facet ...

1994 ... an Intimist orientation which is confirmed a year later with this title full of finesse. And my faith, she was not bad in the Dance, she is not bad either in the register 'With emotions' ...

1996 ... we suspected that the Intimist page was not going to last for ages, chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. A return to dance of average quality ...

1998 ... a most astonishing 360°. Here she is back in Latino mode, right in the middle of this decade when everything goes at the speed of light. An extremely daring bet that risks serving her more than anything else ...

1998 ... luckily, the Latino episode was short lived. We find her in a register that sticks much more to the standards of the moment. Unfortunately, the dropout with the public is now over and the end of the adventure is near, very near ...

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