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This way is her way...

Anne Murray is a Canadian singer who can boast of having sold no less than 55 million records worldwide to date. But also to have been the first Canadian singer to finish No.1 on the American Charts and to have won no less than 4 Grammys and 3 American Music Awards.

Her artistic career really started in 1965 when she appeared on the New Brunswick University musical project "The Groove", where she performed 2 songs.

We find her 3 years later in 1968 this time solo with a first album "What about me", album which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed. This is not the case with the following one, "This way is my way", which came out a year later in 1969 and which was to offer the young singer her first mega hit, just that, with the title "Snowbird" !

A career launched in a sensational way and which will see her string together successful albums at an incredible speed, to say the least, with 10 albums between 1970 and 1977. And very large-caliber singles such as "Cotton Jenny" and "Danny's song" in 1972, "What about me" and "A love song" in 1973, "Uproar" in 1975 and "The call" in 1976.

And it is from the year 1978 that she will pass the last level of the supreme recognition thanks to the album "Let's keep it that way", album which gives her the biggest success of all her career on the single side with the enormous title “You needed me”.

The end of the 1970s saw her literally walk on water with the release of two huge albums "New kind of feeling" and "I'll always love you" in 1979. Album from which a new mega hit "Daydream believer" will be extracted.

But also at the very beginning of the 1980s with the album "Somebody's waiting", an album carried at arm's length by the single "Lucky me".

Successful albums will continue to follow one another throughout the decade with no less than 7 albums and a host of successful single, the most successful of which will be "Could I have this dance" in 1980, "Another sleepless night" in 1982, "A little good news" in 1983 and "Now and forever (You and me)" in 1986.

The 90s will see her retrograde somewhat in the Charts but without losing contact with the best. Five albums will be released during this decade, the most successful of which will be "Croonin" in 1993. Albums which will still struggle to produce a global class hit worthy of the name ...

She will continue the adventure during the 2000s, but the level of success achieved will no longer have anything to do with what she experienced during the 1980s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • What about me 1968

  • Thirsty boots 1969

  • Snowbird 1970

  • Sing high, sing low 1971

  • A stranger in my place 1971

  • Talk it over in the morning 1971

  • Cotton Jenny 1972

  • Danny's song 1972

  • Send a little love my way 1973

  • A love song 1973

  • You won't see me 1974

  • Uproar 1975

  • The Call 1976

  • Golden oldie 1976

  • Walk right back 1978

  • You needed me 1978

  • I just fall in love again 1979

  • Shadows in the moonlight 1979

  • Broken hearted me 1979

  • Daydream believer 1980

  • Lucky me 1980

  • Could I have this dance 1980

  • Blessed are the believers 1981

  • We don't have to hold out 1981

  • It's all I can do 1981

  • Another sleepless night 1982

  • Hey! Baby! 1982

  • Somebody's always saying goodbye 1982

  • A little goodnews 1983

  • That's not the way (It's S'posed to be) 1984

  • Just another woman in love 1984

  • Nobody loves me like you do 1984

  • Times don't run out on me 1985

  • I don't think I'm ready for you 1985

  • Now and forever (You and me) 1986

  • Who's leaving who 1986

  • My life's a dance 1986

  • On and on 1986

  • Are you still in love with me 1987

  • Flying on your own 1988

  • If I ever fall in love again 1989

  • Feed this fire 1990

  • Everyday 1991

  • Make love to me 1993

  • The wayward wind 1994

  • Over you 1994

  • What would it take 1996

  • That's what my love is for 1996

  • That's the way it goes 1997

  • Let there be love 1999


Clips :

1968 ... the very first steps. Who would imagine at this point the incredible career that awaits the young singer in the years to come. Sorry, in the decades to come ...

1969 ... the first classified title. This time, the singer's career is well and truly launched and it is set to last like that for almost 30 years, just that ...

1970 ... in just 2 years she will establish herself as one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment. Starting with this title which will bring her its first global mega hit and literally explode its notoriety internationally. HU-GE !

1971 ... the mega hits will now follow one another at an impressive speed to say the least. And this for almost 4 decades, a real feat !

1971 ... of course, she will shine mainly in the field of Country but the level of fame achieved will be downright stratospheric. No worries about her therefore for the rest of the events ...

1971 ... a mega hit and three top hits just for this year 1971 and only after 3 years of career. A list of achievements already more than flattering !

1972 ... the weather for success is once again bright thanks to this revisited version of Gordon Lighfoot's title from the previous year. Whether in pure creation or luxury cover, everything definitely smiles on her !

1972 ... decidedly, this year 1972 will be that of luxury covers. This time, she covers a title of Kenny Loggins dating from the previous year also and the copy is once again largely up to par !

1973 ... the great adventure continues in this year 1973 without the young singer too much forcing her talent. As long as it works, there is no reason to change strategy ...

1973 ... decidedly, she likes to revisit the titles of Kenny Loggins. The proof once again with this title, a copy that will remain much better known than the original

1974 ... in the series of luxury covers, here she is tackling a Beatles title dating from 1965, a daring bet to say the least. A daring bet but a gamble won hands down !

1975 ... a mid-1970s which saw her doing a little bit of stagnation. Difficult, even for the most talented, to chain the mega hits and the top hits indefinitely. There are bound to be some slack in a career, however brilliant it may be ...

1976 ... even if she does a little on the spot, she still manages to give us pretty ballads of which she has the secret. We take, we take !

1976 ... in the same vein. Nothing exceptional in this year 1976 but some ballad of large caliber, which is more than enough to keep her in the leading pack ....

1978 ... after a year 1977 when not much interesting happened, surprising to say the least, here she is setting the record straight in this year 1978 thanks to this new top hit. The opposite would have been surprising...

1978 ... not only does she set the record straight, but she will quite simply land the mega jackpot with this enormous title, a title which offers her on a platter her direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... another luxury cover this time of a Carpenters title dating from 1977. And once again, the cover will surpass the original. What talent !

1979 ... an end of the 1970s on the hats of the wheel with a succession of very large-caliber titles which once again proves that she certainly does not intend to stop there. Good to hear, hi !

1979 ... a year 1979 which will undoubtedly remain as one of its best vintages. Everything smiles on her as if by magic and positions her in an ideal way at the door of an 80s decade which promises to be under the best auspices ...

1980 ... an 80s decade which starts off in the best possible way with this luxury cover of the Monkees' title dating from 1967. This time, the copy will not exceed the original in terms of success but will come close to it...

1980 ... as soon as she can return to her secret garden for big-caliber ballads, she is not shy. And given the success achieved by her title, she would have been wrong to embarrass herself !

1980 ... three top hits and a mega hit just for this year 1980. A remarkable year which allows the singer to stay ahead of the race with disconcerting ease to say the least !

1981 ... a year 1981 which starts again on more or less the same bases as the year 1980. The singer is already in her 3rd decade without the wear of time having in any way sent her back to oblivion ...

1981 ... an Intimist domain that she masters to perfection and which has given her many of her greatest successes. Who would complain ...

1981 ... decidedly, difficult to get her out of her chosen field. It must be said that with such a succession of top hits, she would be wrong not to come back ...

1982 ... it was a long time since she had played us revisited version and it is done with this cover of the flagship title of Bruce Channel dating from 1961. This time, the copy will not exceed the original...

1982 ... once again full of finesse and lightness. It will still be necessary to pay attention at a given moment to the last sound evolutions of the moment in order to avoid a stall which could be irremediable ...

1983 ... she does not intend to change anything but it will be necessary to evolve at one time or another and this willingly or by force. Everything changes during this incredible decade and she would be the only one not to notice it ...

1984 ... the lesson was learned at first sight and the sonic evolution is evident on this title. Like what, it was enough just to ask the right questions ...

1984 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. With her, it's one step forward and two steps back each time. She cannot bring herself to abandon her favorite register and here she is again in 'emotional' register mode. We will not remake her again as they say ...

1984 ... she rarely plays it in duo mode but it is clear that even in this register, she provides. With the key to a new star to add to a prize list that already counts so many !

1985 ... when the title starts, we tell ourselves that she will definitely never change. Then everything accelerates and there the hope of a title a little different from the others is reborn. Except that she will constantly alternate finesse and fast pace to make us dizzy ...

1985 ... we can't take away her extraordinary talent for the Intimist, but at one point, too much Intimist kills the Intimist. Too bad she did not understand it as such ...

1986 ... a year 1986 which finally saw her make real efforts to develop her style and her sound. And given the success achieved by this title, it was worth a try !

1986 ... and paradoxically, it is when she tries to make her style evolve in the right direction that the public does not follow as a result. She delivers here a real Dance title which will know only a very limited level of success and which will nevertheless know the consecration 2 years later thanks to Hazell Dean, which will make it a huge planetary hit. Go figure ...

1986 ... a huge year 1986 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. She continues to chart her course through the decades with a certain ease and it is far from over ...

1986 ... a year 1986 that never ends ! She will never have released as many singles as in this very special year and we are not going to shy away from our pleasure, that's clear...

1987 ... but how many Intimist titles will she have released throughout her career ? Dozens, that's for sure. Afterwards, with such talent, who would blame her ...

1988 ... 30 years of career and still there ! Not only still there and still so determined not to stop there. We therefore suspect that we will find her again the following decade ...

1989 ... when you bring together two of the best artists of their generation, the result is bound to measure up. And it is, it is clear !

1990 ... new luxury cover to start this new decade. She revisits here the title of Highway 101 dating from 1988 and my faith the result holds up once again, it's clear ...

1991 ... Intimist and Country will have represented 95 % of its activity during its 30 years of activity. And each time there will be almost guaranteed success. A real feat, there is no other word !

1993 ... a decade of the 90s which saw her return to her Country fundamentals and hardly ever come out. She revisits here the title of Jo Stafford dating from 1953 and gives us a version for the less sympathetic but which unfortunately takes her further and further away from the leading pack ...

1994 ... new luxury cover this time of Gogi Grant's title dating from 1956. Once again it's a good job but is this really what the younger generations are waiting for, not won all that ...

1994 ... she definitely moved away from the Dance register and only delivers songs that are the opposite of those delivered by the competition. A daring bet and above all a risky bet for the rest of the events ...

1996 ... singing with Bryan Adams is anything but unpleasant and could have put her back in the saddle somewhat. Unfortunately, this reinforcement of weight will not make it possible to reverse the underlying trend which is pushing the singer more and more towards the exit ...

1997 ... she is no longer classified in the Charts Country and still only in Canada. Decidedly, things are not really getting better as they say ...

1999 ... a magnificent adventure which comes to an end. She will have managed to spend 30 years at the top of the mountain with incredible ease, an ease that she owes only to one thing : her talent !


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