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This girl is completely gogo ....

Belinda Carlisle is an American singer who started her musical career as a drummer for a punk band called "The Germs".

Group that she left to found what would be one of the legendary groups of the 80s in the USA, namely the Go-Go’s, a group that is only 100 % female.

The group will release 3 albums between 1981 and 1984, one of which will be platinum and the other gold. Group which separated in 1985.

Beneficial separation for the singer who will admit certain excesses within Go-Go’s including sex, drugs ...

In 1986 she released her first solo album "Belinda" which met with some success especially in North America.

In particular thanks to the flagship title "Mad about you" which was the hit of the summer that year. But the reviews remain mixed.

The main criticism is an overly visible analogy between the album and what the Go-Go’s were doing.

Total change of look for the second album "Heaven on earth" which came out at the end of 1987 and from which is extracted "Heaven is a place on earth", flagship title which this time hits as much in the USA as in England.

"I get weak" and "Circle in the sand", from the same album will also have a significant success.

Two years later, the album "Runaway horses" was released, which worked well in England, as well as in Australia but not in the United States !

The popularity of the singer is clearly falling.

Other albums will be released later but without meeting the same level of success as the previous ones.

Failures that will put a very serious brake on the career of this artist who will have deeply marked the Anglo-Saxon musical landscape of the 80s.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Mad about you 1986

• I feel the magic 1986

• Band of gold 1986

• Heaven is a place on earth 1987

• I get weak 1988

• Circle in the sand 1988

• I feel free 1988

• World without you 1988

• Love never dies 1988

• Leave a light on 1989

• La luna 1989

90s Decade :

• Summer rain 1990

• Runaway horses 1990

• Vision of you 1990

• We want the same thing 1990

• Live your life be free 1991

• Do you feel like I feel ? 1991

• Half the world 1992

• Little black book 1992

• Big scary animal 1993

• Lay down your arms 1993

• In too deep 1996

• Always breaking my heart 1996

• Love in the key of C 1996

• California 1996

• All God's children 1999

2000s Decade :

• Avec le temps 2007

• La vie en rose 2007

2010s Decade :

• Sun 2013

• Goodbye just go 2014

• Have you ever seen the rain 2015

• Ek ong kar sat gur prasad 2017

• Light of my soul 2017

• Long time sun 2017

2020s Decade :

• Get together 2021

• Big big love 2023

• If U go 2023


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Tracks :

1986 ... a solo career launched in a smashing way thanks to a first title with certain quality and which allows her to obtain a first planetary top hit directly. It promises !

1986 ... a suite that spins at 200 km/h. Admittedly, the song is playful but one should not confuse speed and precipitation. Result of the races : unscrewing in the Charts ... unscrewing which is amplified with this title. Too bad because this story was off to a good start, but we suspect that the young Belinda will know how to find the resources to bounce back, that's clear...

1987 ... she is all great, that's clear. And this new title proves it vividly, so there was no need to worry. Winning return in this year 1987 with a first global mega hit on the counter and surely not the last. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a dynamic of success that never falters. She reoffends a year later with an equally huge title which confirms her status as a phenomenon of the moment

1988 ... the tops hits follow one another at an incredible speed. Impossible at this stage to stop the pretty Belinda in her tracks ...

1988...unfortunately not all titles released will experience such a favorable fate. Unlike the 2 previous ones, this one will go somewhat unnoticed...

1988 ... as much the beginning of the year was incredible, as much the end of the year, her, will prove somewhat disappointing with a level of success in free fall. Go figure ...

1988 ... even if the level of success is far below what it should be, the qualitative level remains high. It's essential !

1989 ... undeniably, the start of the year succeeded her much better than the end. New global mega hit and smashing return at the head of the pack. HU-GE !

1989 ... few titles in this year 1989 but Premium level on all floors. A decade 80 which ends could not be better and which ideally positions the singer for the continuation of the events !

1990 ... a transition to the 1990s which is therefore done in the best conditions. With the immediate result of a new world class success !

1990 ... an exceptional year where she will align no less than 3 tops hits and 1 mega planetary hit, just that. The singer literally walks on the water !

1990 ... no more olé olé titles, this time it's softness and finesse. Well, why not, especially when they have this quality !

1990 ... back to Dance ! We suspected that with her it could not last. Hunt the natural, it gallops !

1991 ... one would have thought that the decade of the 90s would see her stall gradually in the face of tough competition. In any case, it will not be for now !

1991 ... a beautiful year 1991 with 2 titles at the top of the Charts, beautiful feat once again. But with her, everything seems so simple ...

1992 ... another sweet break. Surely one of her Intimist titles among the most successful and which allows her to show the full extent of his talent in this area

1992 ... like an aftertaste of Go-Go's. Where the art of bringing up to date a recipe that had worked perfectly ten years earlier ...

1993 ... the adventure goes on and on, with a more than satisfactory level of success. Nothing exceptional but a good job !

1993...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind her. Certainly the adventure continues but further and further from the head of the race...

1996 ... the best almost for the end. What will surely remain as one of his best titles even if in truth it is a luxury cover of the title of Jenny Morris dating from the previous year

1996 ... his last notorious hit. But what a career ! When you combine your solo hits with those of Go-Go's, the result is AWESOME !

1996 ... the beginning of the end. Despite the production of titles with more than certain quality, the wheel is unfortunately turning. And not necessarily in a good way ...

1997 ... the end of the decade is more anecdotal in terms of results in the Charts. We will soon have to bow out ...

1999... she puts all her good will into it, but unfortunately that is no longer enough. This time, it's indeed the least in terms of major success in the Charts

2007...because the adventure is not over yet, far from it. She returns 7 years later with this new cover album of some of the most beautiful French songs. Starting with this one...

2007...we suspected that she was surely going to revisit Edith Piaf and necessarily not just any title. Here she takes on her own the flagship title of the French singer dating from 1947. A Dance version that is surprising to say the least...

2013...we will lose sight of her again this time for 6 years and here she is back in this decade of 2010 in a certain form. Certain but not enough to bring her back to the front of the stage unfortunately... any case, she at least continues to believe in it and regardless of the results in the Charts. As they say, the most important thing is to take pleasure in what you do... she revisits the title of Creedence Clearwater Revival dating from 1971, a title of which one of the most famous revisited versions is that of Bonnie Tyler dating from 1983. Her version is nice but will not bring much more... she is now revisiting Sikh songs, who would have thought ? A title which therefore mixes modernity and tradition and which has the merit of originality, that's clear...

2017... a little over 30 years after her debut, she is still there and surely does not intend to stop there. Afterwards, rightly or wrongly, there is only her to answer this question...

2017... whatever it is, given what she continues to deliver, she would be wrong not to continue to believe in it. Because in music, we know, everything is always possible !

2021...and here she is proudly starting this new decade of 2020. We also imagine that she will come back later, so that's what we call a case to follow...




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