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Think for a minute...

The Housemartins is an English group formed in 1983 in Hull whose particularity is to be able to mix in the lyrics of their songs political texts particularly marked on the Left and lyrics related to Christianity !

Group originally composed of Paul Heaton and Stan Cullimore, who will soon be joined by Ted Key.

They released a first single "Flag day" in 1985, a single which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed...

They will have to wait until the following year to see their efforts finally rewarded with obtaining a first classified title thanks to the single "Sheep". But it is especially the following single "Happy hour", which was also released in 1986, that the group will find himself projected on the front of the stage. Single taken from the album "London 0 Hull 4" which will be released shortly after and which will also be a hit.

1986 was an exceptional year in all respects since it ended in apotheosis with the release of the enormous single “Caravan of love”. In truth a revisited version of the title of Isley-Pasper-Isley dating from the previous year, revisited version which will undoubtedly remain as their biggest success and as one of the biggest planetary successes of that year.

Difficult to do better the following year in 1987 for the album "The people who grinned themselves to death" as the bar had been set high the previous year. The album was a success, but of lesser magnitude than its predecessor and produced only minor hits. Only the single "Build" will stand out a bit.

A poor performance from which the group will not recover since he will end up separating a year later in 1988...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Flag day 1985

  • Sheep 1986

  • Happy hour 1986

  • Think for a minute 1986

  • Caravan of love 1986

  • Five get over excited 1987

  • Me and the farmer 1987

  • Build 1987

  • There is always something there to remind me 1988

  • Change the world 2003


Clips :

1985...a first title to break in and show that we exist. Afterwards, if the title is classified, so much the better. This will not be the case for this one unfortunately...

1986...but this one will be. A first planetary success which allows the group to find themselves on the front of the international musical scene much more quickly than they imagined...

1986...despite a musical style where the tempo borders on the speed of light, the group now manages to chain hits with an ease that is obvious to say the least. Anyway, the style is nice...

1986...surprisingly, it was when they slowed down the tempo that the general public no longer followed. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand...

1986...on the other hand, with this one and despite a tempo bordering on absolute zero, the group will succeed in achieving the biggest success of his entire career. A huge global success that they will owe to their revisited version for the less original of the title of Isley-Jasper-Isley dating from 1985. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987...the success was so huge on the previous title that it will be literally impossible for this title to compete. The opposite would have been damn surprising... is clear that they have reached the roof of the world with 'Caravan of love' and that it will be impossible for them to reproduce the enormous feat achieved with this title a second time...

1987...their last big hit. A flash career to say the least but which nevertheless allowed them to produce one of the flagship titles of the decade. Isn't that the main thing...?

1988... the adventure will not go further than this year 1988. They deliver here a last title all in lightness and finesse to end in the best way. What more...

2003 ... we will find them exceptionally 15 years later but more as a Guest Star than anything else. The title will still manage to be classified. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished...


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