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They don’t need someone new...

The Lotus Eaters is an English group formed in 1982 in Liverpool by Jeremy Kelly and Peter Coyle.

Originally, Kelly was part of the group "Wild Swans" and Coyle of "Jass Babies".

Little is known about the life of the group by itself during the period when it is active.

Their first single "The first picture of you" was released in 1983.

The last “It hurts” will be released in 1985.

No title will truster the summit of the Charts but the quality of their music is undeniable.

And their sound footprint slightly different from all that could be done at that time, while being very interesting, hence the interest of devoting an article to them and putting them back in the spotlight.

To the delight of their fans, they will be reborn from their ashes in a totally unexpected way at the start of the 2000s. A return that will go unnoticed by the general public, to say the least, but which will at least have had the merit of seeing them offer new things...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• The first picture of you 1983

• You don’t need someone new 1983

• Set me apart 1984

• German girl 1984

• Out on your own 1984

• It hurts 1985

• Stay free 2001

• Bodywave 2001

• Feel it 2002

• Stereovision 2002

• Differance 2010


Clips :

1983 ... the title that will reveal them. A very promising start, which already shows a talent well above the average ...

1983 ... the confirmation of an obvious talent. Talent that highlights a light and airy style that has everything to please ...

1984 ... in the same vein. A style frankly apart from the rest of the pack and which unfortunately will have marginalized them more than anything else. Go figure ...

1984 ... surely one of their most beautiful titles. An astonishing inspiration carried by an extraordinary sound. HU-GE !

1984 ... and what about that one ! A WONDER of sweetness and finesse ! A group gone somewhat unnoticed and which would have really deserved recognition much higher than it was ...

1985 ... a last for the road. Another title with certain quality. In the end, very little waste from this excellent group !

2001...we thought the case was finally over and here they are again in a totally unexpected way almost 16 years later. A return that delights the grassroots fans to the highest degree, of course...

2001...certainly the group will never find the level of success reached during the 80s but what he offers today is far from devoid of interest, that's clear...

2002...really a pity that the group disappeared for so long because he still had things to offer at first sight. The proof !

2002...even if we had to wait so long to see them return, we can only appreciate these new titles at their fair value. We definitely want more !

2010...we will lose sight of them again for almost 8 years and here they are back again at the dawn of this new decade 2010. Will this return be the last this time, it is the future will tell us...


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