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They do not support late mornings...

Matt Bianco is an English group formed in 1983. He included Kito Poncioni on bass, Danny White on keyboards and Mark Reilly on vocals. Singer Basia Trzetrzelewska does not arrive until a little later. It's the album “Whose side are you are” which reveals them to the eyes of the whole world with the flagship Singles “Get out of your lazy bed” and “More than i can bear”, album with a very particular sound with very marked influences mixing jazz and Latin rhythms. Unique album because the group separates immediately after the realization of the latter to start solo careers. Solo careers which will all abort except for Basia Trzetrzelewska and Danny White who have the happy idea of ​​joining forces and creating the group "Basia" which will experience real success in the United States. Only Mark Reilly continues the Matt Bianco adventure with Mark Fisher (former "Wham") whose second eponymous album includes the Single "Yeh Yeh" which will be their last notorious hit.

This will not prevent them from producing a significant number of albums thereafter and from continuing the adventure as long as they can... To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Get out of our lazy bed 1984

• Sneaking out the back door 1984

• Whose side are you on 1984

• Half a minute 1984

• More than I can bear 1985

• Yeh Yeh 1985

• Just can't stand it 1986

• Dancing int he street 1986

• Don't blame it on that girl 1988

• Good times 1988

• Nervous 1989

90s Decade :

• Wap bam boogie 1990

• What a fool believes 1992

• Sunshine day 1997

2000s Decade :

• Cha cha Cuba 2000

• Mood swing 2000

• Fire 2002

• Love like that 2002

• Ordinary day 2004

• Wrong side of the street 2004

• Hifi bossanova 2009

• Natural 2009

2010s Decade :

• You are my love 2012

• Falling 2012

• Kiss the bride 2012

• The things you love 2015

• Cry 2015

• Joyride 2017

• Heart in chains 2017

2020s Decade :

• High anxiety 2020

• Grains of sand 2020


Tracks :

1984 ... a career start on the wheel with this title at the frenzied tempo and which immediately gives the trend : with this group, it will pulsate. HU-GE !

1984 ... a truly atypical style, light and airy at will. A UFO group that has everything to please and that will really stand out from the rest of the crowd

1984 ... we continue in the same vein with an even more marked jazzy touch. An exceptional year 1984 for the group with no less than 4 top hits on the clock. Quite a feat for a group out of nowhere !

1984 ... a 4th heavyweight title to end the year in style. A unique and original musical orientation, and above all risky, but which pays in any case !

1985 ... which will surely remain one of their most emblematic titles. A sumptuous title which makes them enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. And yes, already. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1985 ... the year 1984 was exceptional, the year 1985 will more or less approach it. They sign here a track which spins at the speed of light and which will especially bring them one of the biggest successes of all their discography

1986 ... even if the level of success is no longer quite the same, the group continues the great adventure. And they are right to believe it !

1986 ... always as rhythmic, always as light and airy, their style never ages. But, that, when the talent is there, everything is fine !

1988 ... and they were right to believe it ! The proof with this title which brings them quite simply the biggest success of all their discography. Like nothing is ever finished !

1988 ... even if the singers succeed one after the other, the hard core of the group is still there. On the other hand, the sound evolves, it is obvious on this title. For good or for bad...?

1989 ... the last notorious hit. It had to happen one day. Especially since the group has started a sound turn which has trivialized them and inevitably, the sanction in the Charts is immediate ...

1990 ... the group will even try the Hi-NRG style, which could have imagined it. All that had made their charm in the mid-80s has unfortunately gone ...

1992 ... they will go through all styles. The proof with this luxury cover of the title of the Doobie Brothers dating from 1979 that they reinterpret in Latin version. You had to try this one !

1997 ... the opposite of what they offered when they first started, the group coasted. An adventure can be too long in the final but which will at least have had the merit of producing several pieces of very very large caliber... adventure at the highest level which is certainly coming to an end, but that will not prevent us from continuing to produce titles. Who would blame them on principle...

2000... the only thing that will frankly penalize them afterwards is this lack of questioning and especially of sound evolution linked to the latest musical trends of the moment...

2002... an immobility that will inevitably marginalize them and confine them to perpetually playing the supporting roles. Afterwards, everyone pursues his career as they wish...

2002...we find their original sounds on this title which can only delight the basic fans. But which are not likely to attract others unfortunately...

2004... the whole thing remains of quality no matter what and we didn't sulk our pleasure. But frankly too bad they didn't know how to mix new and old influences because they had everything for...

2004...their titles can now only interest fans of jazz or South American music. That still makes for the possibility of an audience anyway...

2009...we will lose sight of them for almost 5 years but here they are again, always faithful to their position ! A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2009..on the other hand what is also certain is that they still do not intend to change anything in their style and their sound. It will therefore be the same result - or at least the absence of results - in the Charts...

2012...and another decade to add to a career that already has a few. Each time we tell ourselves that this title will be the last and each time they make us lie... adventure that almost reaches 30 years, which is not nothing. Especially since this time we feel like a slight sound evolution, which does not spoil anything, quite the contrary !

2012... there we already find them a little more in their comfort zone. Too bad because this sound evolution was most promising...

2015...there's nothing to be done, they'll never be able to cut the cord with their original fundamentals. A hardline that they pay a high price...

2015...on the other hand, we can't blame them because the quality level remains at a high level. We simply regret that they do not at least try to change the register a little...

2017...and it's back on the same bases as before. Who could make them understand that a little change and risk-taking does not harm, quite the contrary...

2017...we won't remake them again as they say, that's clear. They will continue like this until the end and nothing, and no one, will change anything... decade and new hopes ! Hope for change or hope to keep doing the same thing inexorably. The future will tell us...

2020...for the moment we are certainly not taking the path of novelty and change. We will therefore have to wait for the sequel to see if a miracle is still possible...


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