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They can't get no satisfaction...

The Rolling Stones is an English group formed in London in 1962 and originally composed of Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart. A group that can boast of having sold around 200 million records to date, just that !

The story begins when Richards and Jagger, two childhood friends, set up a first group called The Blue Boys in 1961. Before meeting a year later in 1962 Jones, Stewart and Watts, members of another group called Blues Incorporated.

A providential meeting which saw the formation a few months later of a new formation called The Rollin’s Stones, which would be quickly joined by 2 other protagonists, Wyman and Watts.

They are first interested in the Decca Records label, the same label that refused to sign another band called…The Beatles ! Label which allows them to release a first title in 1963 "Come on", in truth a cover of a title by Chuck Berry. A successful first title to say the least as it offers them their first ranked title. Followed by little "I wanna be your man", a title offered as a gift by a duo named...Lennon and McCartney !

But the real take off took place the following year in 1964 with the release of the track "Not fade away", another luxury cover this time of a Buddy Holly track. The title gave them their first global success and launched their career for good. The same year their first album was released, an album bearing the name of the group and which in turn enjoyed world-class success.

A year 1964 which will prove to be exceptional in all respects since they obtained 5 new very big hits with the titles "Telle me", "It's all over now", "Time is on my side", "Little red rooster "And" Heart of stone " ! The same year released a second album called "12X5", album which will not really know the same level of success as its predecessor and which will produce in 1965 only a small minor hit with the title "Under the boardwalk", a new cover this time from the Drifters title dating from the previous year.

New album "The Rolling Stones N ° 2" in 1965, album which sees the group return to the front of the stage without producing a notorious hit. This was not the case for the following album, “Out of our heads” which was also released in 1965. Event album of the group, he produced the enormous single “(I cant get no) Satisfaction”, title which will shatter everything in its path to the planetary level and propel the group to a level of notoriety that he would never have imagined before.

A year 1965 which saw the release of another album "December's children (And everybody's)", album with average success but which in turn produced another huge single with the title "Get off of my cloud", thus allowing the group to come one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment.

New album "Aftermath" a year later in 1966, album which confirms the incredible rise of the group with the release of a new title of very big caliber that is "Paint it black" and to a lesser extent "Mother's little helper”. Year which also sees the release of a first compilation named "Big hits (Hide tide and green grass)", compilation from which will be extracted 2 enormous unpublished which are "19th nervous breakdown" and "Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow ?".

At the rate of one album per year, it was the turn of “Between the Buttons” to come out in 1967, an album with less success than its predecessors, just like the single “Let's spend the night together” which is the first single. Only the next single, "Ruby Tuesday", will experience its heyday, especially with the American public.

A resounding success somewhat tarnished at the beginning of 1967 when Jagger, Richards and Jones were the subject of a TV report chronicling their "recreational" drug use, a report which alerted the British authorities concerned. Authorities who will put them "under enhanced surveillance" suddenly. The result was Jones's mid-year arrest for possession of cannabis and Jagger and Richards incarcerated for a day for drug use.

This does not prevent them from continuing to produce tracks in parallel with the highlight of the release of the track "We love you" during the summer of 67 and the release of a new album "Their satanic majesties request" at the end of 'year. Album demolished by critics but still producing the flagship single will be "She's a rainbow".

Business resumed in 1968 with the release of the album "Beggars banquet" and above all of the single "Jumpin 'Jack flash", an enormous single which added an additional star to an increasingly extensive prize list.

An album that was made almost without the participation of Jones, who fell into drugs and was found dead in 1969 floating in the swimming pool of his personal residence at Hartfield.

The group still manages to release a new album "Let it bleed" at the end of 1969, an album with notorious success but which paradoxically will not produce any hit worthy of the name, except for the title "Gimme shelter" which will be the only title to be draw correctly. Another single “Honkey tonk women” will have its heyday this year, single taken from their new compilation “Through the past, darkly (Big hits, Vol.2)”.

The following decade started off with a bang with the release in 1971 of the album "Sticky fingers", an album that saw the group reach record sales levels, notably thanks to the huge single "Brown sugar". An album whose cover is produced by Andy Warhol. A controversial pouch since it shows the waist and legs of a man wearing tight jeans, jeans with a removable fly. Which, when she got off, reveals the man's underwear ...

This is also the first album to feature their famous red logo representing an open mouth from which an oversized tongue sticks out, a logo designed by John Pasche on Jagger's initiative. A logo inspired in truth by the Hindu goddess Kali...

New album "Exile on Main St." in 1972, album which once again confirms the supremacy of the group on a planetary level but which will produce only one single of planetary class with the title "Tumbling dice".

A planetary supremacy which became insolent the following year when the album "Goats head soup" was released in 1973, an album which produced what would unquestionably remain as their biggest title, namely the enormous "Angie". And to a lesser extent "Doo doo doo doo doo (Heartbraker)".

In 1974 the album "It’s only Rock‘ n Roll "was released, an album which owed its success only to the title" It’s only Rock ‘n Roll (But I like it)". A year 1974 which saw Richards drug use began to pose a serious problem...

Exceptionally, the group will not release a new album in 1975 but the adventure still continues to be beautiful with the release of their new compilation "Metamorphosis", a compilation from which will be extracted two new hits that are "I don't know why” and “Out of time”.

New album "Black and blue" in 1976, album which will mainly produce the single "Fool to cry". A mid-1970s which saw them stagnate somewhat and return more and more to the average level of success encountered by the competition, some critics even going so far as to say that they were outdated or even finished….

New air gap in 1977 but it is to better come back in force in 1978 with the release of the enormous album "Some girls", album which will undoubtedly remain as one of their finest achievements, in particular thanks to the flagship single "Miss you". Single that will literally ignite all Dancefloor on the planet this year and bring them back to the front of the pack in a spectacular way to say the least.

As much as the mid-1970s will have them somewhat unfavorably, the end of the decade will see them bounce back in an impressive fashion. After the success of "Some girls", it was the turn of the album "Emotional rescue" to make talk about it in 1980. Album carried at arm's length by the enormous single which bears the name of the album and to a lesser extent “She's so cold”. The only downside is that more and more tensions are emerging between Jagger and Richards, which does not necessarily bode well for what will happen next ...

These dissensions did not prevent the following album "Tatoo you" from shattering everything in its path in 1981, notably thanks to the title "Start me up", a single which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest Dance titles of the decade.

No album in 1982 but a cover particularly inspired by the title of Miracles "Going to a Go-Go" dating from 1965, revisited version which will know its hour of glory that year.

The year 1983 saw the release of the album "Undercover", album with somewhat disappointing success and which only saved the furniture thanks to the single "Undercover of the night". A poor performance that saw the Jagger-Richards rivalry grow to the point where Jagger began to invest more and more in his solo career to the detriment of the group.

As a result, no album release in either 1984 or 1985. Back in 1986 with the album "Dirty Word", album written mainly by Richards. Album from which will be extracted mainly the title "Harlem suffle", new luxury cover this time of the duo title Dob & Earl dating from 1963. And to a lesser extent "One hit (To the body)". An album that sees the group on the verge of breaking up with a Mick Jagger increasingly absent subscribers...

The hatchet was buried in 1989 to produce the album "Steel wheels", an unexpected reunification that produced an album that was inspired to say the least. With the result the release of 3 singles of very big caliber that are "Mixed emotions", "Rock and a hard place" and "Almost hear you sigh".

New big hole 5 years apart from a parenthesis in 1991 which allows the release of the track "Highwire", track from the live album "Flashpoint".

We therefore find them in 1994 for the release of a new album called "Voodoo lounge", a winning return given the success achieved by the album and the 3 flagship singles that will be extracted the same year, namely "Love is strong"," You got me rocking" and "Out of tears". But also "I go wild" which will be released a year later in 1995.

A decade of 90 which will see the release of a new album "Bridges to Babylon" in 1997, album with less success but which will nevertheless produce two new major titles with the singles "Anybody seen my baby ?" in 1997 and "Saint of me" in 1998.

Not much to eat until 2002 when the single "Don’t stop" was released, a single featured in the "Forty licks" compilation.

As for the albums, this time it's an 8 years air hole that will separate the last album from the new one called "A bigger band". Album released in 2005 and which allows the group to once again return to success despite a gradual disappearance of radars that began several years ago. Album which will mainly produce the singles "Streets of love" and "Rain fall down".

The group will continue to exist thereafter but will never again meet the level of success achieved in previous decades. This will not prevent them from releasing a new album "Blue & Lonesome" in 2016, showing by the same as with them, nothing is ever finished !

Case to follow as they say ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Come on 1963

  • Not fade away 1964

  • Tell me 1964

  • It’s all over now 1964

  • Time is on my side 1964

  • Little red rooster 1964

  • Heart of stone 1964

  • The last time 1965

  • (I can't get no) Satisfaction 1965

  • Get off my cloud 1965

  • As tears goes by 1965

  • 19th nervous breakdown 1966

  • Paint it, black 1966

  • Mother’s little helper 1966

  • Lady Jane 1966

  • Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow ? 1966

  • Let’s spend the night together 1967

  • Ruby Tuesday 1967

  • We love you 1967

  • Dandelion 1967

  • She’s a rainbow 1967

  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash 1968

  • Street fighting man 1968

  • Sympathy for the devil 1969

  • Honky tonk women 1969

  • Brown sugar 1971

  • Wild horses 1971

  • Tumbling dice 1972

  • Happy 1972

  • Angie 1973

  • Doo doo doo doo doo (Heartbraker) 1973

  • Star star 1974

  • It’s only Rock ‘n Roll (But I like it) 1974

  • Ain’t too proud to beg 1974

  • I don’t know why 1975

  • Out of time 1975

  • Fool to cry 1976

  • Miss you 1978

  • Beast of Burden 1978

  • Shattered 1978

  • Emotional rescue 1980

  • She’s so cold 1980

  • Start me up 1981

  • Waiting for a friend 1981

  • Hang fire 1982

  • Going to a go-go 1982

  • Undercover of the night 1983

  • She was hot 1984

  • Harlem shuffle 1986

  • Ont hit (To the body) 1986

  • Mixed emotions 1989

  • Rock and a hard place 1989

  • Almost hear you sigh 1990

  • Terrifying 1990

  • Highwire 1991

  • Love is strong 1994

  • You got me rocking 1994

  • Out of tears 1994

  • I go wild 1995

  • Like a rolling stone 1995

  • Anybody seen my baby ? 1997

  • Saint of me 1998

  • Out of control 1998

  • Don’t stop 2002

  • Streets of love 2005

  • Rain fall down 2005

  • Biggest mistake 2006

  • Plundered my soul 2010

  • Doom and gloom 2012

  • Just your fool 2016

  • Hate to see you go 2016

  • Living in a ghost town 2020

  • Angry 2023

  • Sweet sounds of heaven 2023


Clips :

1963 ... first title and already first success for this small group out of nowhere. A happy bunch of unknown young men who won't stay that way very long...unknown !

1964 ... and from the 2nd title, it is the jackpot in the entire Anglo-Saxon sphere. All thanks to this revisited version of the Crickets title dating from 1957 with more than certain quality

1964 ... a year 1964 which will prove to be absolutely stunning with the obtaining of this first global top hit. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1964 ... it is again with the title of another group, namely The Valentinos, that the group will definitely win the cup. This time around, the title overwhelms the whole planet and literally blows up the Stones' ratings. MAS-TER-FUL !

1964 ... an incredible year 1964 and above all one that never ends. And which also does not end in the covers since this time they resume the title of Kai Winding dating from the previous year. And it works once again with the fire of God !

1964 ... since the recipe always works, why deny it ? New luxury cover, this time of the title of Hoxlin 'Wolf dating from 1961. And once again, it's a hit !

1964 ... the year 1964 is still not over and the group gets a new top hit ! Little guys literally walk on water, there are no other words !

1965 ... the rise in power is spectacular from year to year and we suspect that something big will happen in the years to come ...

1965 ... then THIS title comes ! In just 3 years they will have shattered everything in their path and delivered a first anthology title. And this is only the beginning !

1965 ... and 2 ! Two mega hits just for this year 1965. A success to say the least insolent and which makes them one of the biggest planetary revelations of the moment !

1965 ... the mega hits are now followed at astonishing speed. Not to mention that the group already demonstrates a style versatility worthy of the greatest. It promises !

1966 ... the year 1966 starts again almost on the same bases as the 2 preceding years. With a level of success still so stratospheric !

1966 ... this title will be even stronger than its predecessor. Yes Yes, it's possible. With the result one of the most emblematic musical pages of the group. A-MA-ZING !

1966 ... the years 1964 and 1965 were bloated in terms of titles produced. The year 1966 is no exception. With an even greater level of success. Real Aliens !

1966 ... unbelievably, this title of obvious quality only met with a limited level of success. Go figure ...

1966 ... business resumes directly behind with this new mega hit. We suspected that the previous slight air hole was not going to last ...

1967 ... they enter their fourth year at the top of the planetary hierarchy. Who could have imagined such a success when they started in 1963 ? Not many people, that's for sure ...

1967 ... every title that comes out now becomes almost a planetary event in itself. The ransom of glory as they say ...

1967 ... the group literally crushes the competition except maybe another English group with a name that begins with B. England literally dominates the world in this decade 60, it is clear !

1967 ... the production of titles is maintained at a truly incredible level. But where does this limitless inspiration come from ?!

1967 ... and a little last for 1967. One really wonders if they will be able to continue producing so many titles in the years to come. Good question...

1968 ... inspiration side, the change of year will not upset anything, that's clear. With the key to a new mega hit !

1968 ... on the other hand, what was predictable is happening. The production of titles will slow down considerably. The opposite would have been surprising...

1969 ... new legendary title. This group has become a veritable war machine and nothing and no one at this stage is able to stop their rise to the stars !

1969 ... a 60s decade which ends in apotheosis with this title. The 1960s saw them hatch and then explode. It remains to be seen what the 1970s have in store for them ...

1971 ... surprisingly, not much of interest will happen concerning them in 1970. They are therefore found in 1971 in Olympic form, with a new star to add to their already well-stocked prize list ...

1971 ... this title will not really have the same level of success as its predecessor but we will largely be satisfied with it...

1972 ... the change of year is profitable for them since they return to mass success. Regarding them, the opposite would have been very surprising ...

1972 ... a year 1972 slightly inward with two enormous titles including this one and 2 others which will go relatively unnoticed. Incident of course without consequence ?

1973 ... they will answer in a masterly way to the previous question with THIS title. They deliver here quite simply one of the most outstanding titles of the decade and definitively inscribe their name in the musical Pantheon of the end of the XXth century. CULT !

1973 ... since their beginnings, it's almost 1 mega hit each year to which is added 1 or more top hits. We therefore suspect the level reached by this one ...

1974 ... the group constantly outperforms the competition with insolent ease. A competition that can only chomp on the brakes while waiting for better days ...

1974 ... the mega hit of the year. Admittedly lower level than its predecessors but largely sufficient to keep the group at the head of the leading pack ...

1974 ... it was a long time since they played it in a deluxe cover version. They revisit here the title of Temptations dating from 1966 and once again the copy largely holds up !

1975 ... decidedly, they play in ease with this new cover this time of the title of Stevie Wonder dating from 1969. Covers that bring them back but nothing more ...

1975 ... as if by chance, as soon as they start composing again, massive success returns in stride. To meditate necessarily ...

1976 ... further proof of their incredible know-how in the Intimist. Still one of their most iconic titles. The list grows, grows, grows ...

1978 ... another empty year in 1977 followed by a new smashing comeback in this year 1978. The group delivers here one of its biggest Dance hits and once again crushes the competition at the end of the 1970s. Who can stop them...?

1978 ... the mega hit of the year having been delivered previously for the year 1978, one suspects that the following titles will necessarily be a notch below. Regardless, we take anyway !

1978 ... their last notorious hit of the decade. They will have reigned over the 1960s and then the 1970s in a masterly way and are preparing to enter the 1980s under the best auspices. Let's see what the future has in store for them ...

1980 ... one could have imagined that the 1980s would see them lowered somewhat to the regime level and reintegrate into ordinary people. It was very bad to know them. The proof with this enormous title !

1980 ... although the competition is almost 15 years younger on average, the 'grandpas' continue to unroll with obvious insolence. Totally bluffing !

1981 ... their Mona Lisa of the 80s. Who could have imagined in 1963 that they would still be there in 1981 and in what way. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... and the adventure continues unabated. It is clear that the 1980s will be another decade for them. The competition therefore has better behave !

1982 ... the group takes an obvious pleasure in teaching the little young people of the moment. It is clear that this unique group will remain a model for decades and decades ...

1982 ... for the year 1982, their headline, it will be this one. Another easy move with this revisited version of the Miracles title dating from 1965. But with them, everything is too easy !

1983 ... we find them the following year in a once again dazzling form. With the key to a new star of prestige to add to a prize list which already counts so many !

1984 ... we still feel for one of the first times a semblance of deceleration. Basic tendency or slight air gap. To be continued ...!

1986 ... new year empty. Years empty that allow them each time to make shattering returns. It will be the case again this time with this luxury cover of Bob & Earl's title from 1963 !

1986 ... year after year, the group loses its grip on events and especially on the competition. Nothing to worry about but we feel that the tide is starting to turn ...

1989 ... nothing in 1987 and not much of interest in 1988. Ooh, beware of danger. Oh no, here they are again in 1989 in Olympic form with the key to a new title of phew that allows them to end the decade in a brilliant way !

1989 ... they even give it a go with this very last title of the decade. Who would have thought that they would still be here a little over 25 years after their debut ...

1990 ... they start their 4th decade with a bang with this new top hit. Always up to date, always so much energy to spare, in short, it's gone for 10 more years !

1990 ... the 'little' hit of the year. It is clear that the 1990 vintage will not be remembered as their best. But whatever, they are still there and that's the main thing !

1991 ... business resumes impressively with this title. The group manages to maintain a level of excellence, to say the least, bluffing. But from them, we expected no less !

1994 ... this time we are witnessing a 3 years air gap. And as always, the returns after the break are to say the least shattering. The proof with this first title of the year !

1994 ... an exceptional year 1994 which will remain as the best vintage of the decade for the group. Everything smiles at them in an impressive way once again !

1994 ... the pass of 3 ! The inspiration of the group is still at the top almost 30 years after their first steps. The brand of the Very Very Great !

1995 ... the year 1995 will be a notch below compared to the previous year but given the level reached previously, to equal it would have been a feat pure and simple !

1995 ... a step below but not very far. They will be adapted to all styles, all modes and especially all the specific sounds of each era. A real feat !

1997 ... year 1996 surprisingly little relief. So back in 1997 and this time in a relative form, something unusual about them. This title will know the favors of the public but it will be the only one of the year ...

1998 ... even if the overall level of success has dropped a notch during this decade of 90, the group still manages to stay in the Elite with obvious ease. Nothing to worry about at this stage as they say ...

1998 ... the last major hit of the decade. The year 1999 will unfortunately not bring much more. See you at the start of the following decade ...

2002..they are back 4 years later to begin their 5th decade ! Each time we tell ourselves that it will be the last. But it is bad to know them ...

2005 ... 2003 will see the particularly successful re-launch of the mythical 'Sympathy for the devil' and 2004 will be an empty year. We find them in 2005 with this new success. One more !

2005 ... the level of success continues to fall from year to year but remains high enough to keep the group in the leading pack. Phew ...

2006 ... a decade 2000 which saw them continue the adventure with enthusiasm but it is clear that the decline is underway. And nothing, and no one, will be able to stop it from now on ...

2010 ... then nothing for 4 years except old titles already released and which they bring up to date. This title dates from 1972 but had never been released. It is now done !

2012 ... the air holes are more and more numerous but the few titles which leave still largely hold the road. We will therefore be largely satisfied with it !

2016 ... then nothing more interesting until 2016 when they once again play a luxury cover. This time, it's the title of Buddy Johnson dating from 1954 that they bring up to date. And as always, it works !

2016 ... a year 2016 which sees them temporarily returning to the race. Yet another comeback, but for how much longer, that's another question ...

2020 ... they close their 5th decade of existence with this masterful title. A totally surreal title for a year that will remain so ! An extraordinary career that is far from over, let's trust them ...


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