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They can't do anything alone...

Delegation is an English group formed in 1975 by Rick Bailey, Len Coley and Roddy Harris.

They knew their first success in 1977 with the title "Where is the love (We used to know)" but it was especially in 1978 that they would know their heyday when the huge hit tube" Oh Honey "came out.

Tube from the album "The promise of love", which will also produce the excellent title "Someone oughta write a song (about you baby)".

In 1979 the album "Eau de vie" was released, from which the hits "You and I", "Put a little love on me" and "Darlin’ (I think about you)" would be extracted.

Two years later the album of the group’s name was released, and in 1982 the album “Deuces high” was released. Albums with less success.

Their last major success was in 1983 with the title "It’s your turn".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Where is the love 1977

  • You’ve been doing me wrong 1977

  • Oh honey 1978

  • Someone oughta write a song (about you baby) 1979

  • Put a little love on me 1979

  • Darlin’ (I think about you) 1979

  • You and I 1979

  • Welcome to my world 1980

  • Singing 1981

  • In love’s time 1981

  • It’s your turn 1983

  • Thanks to you 1985


Clips :

1977 ... the beginnings of 100 % Disco. The group quickly established himself as one of the best in this field. A style that allows them to obtain their 1st classified title. Deserve !

1977 ... a continuation in the same vein. Some large caliber Disco which allows them to quickly establish themselves as a benchmark in the field

1978 ... come on, here comes the Ultimate Slow essential for any good self-respecting discography. They demonstrate brilliantly here that they are good in all areas !

1979 ... the best of those years in terms of sound. And it necessarily pays, success now becomes global

1979 ... an inspiration that never falters. Undoubtedly one of the best Disco bands of the 70s and which once again proves with this title his talent really above the average

1979 ... then here comes what will surely remain their biggest hit. A HUGE Dance title that will set fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and make them definitely enter the musical legend of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... and what about this one ! Almost as huge as the previous one. A sound truly among the best of the moment !

1980 ... what could be better than a high class Ultimate Slow to start the 1980s in style. MA-GIC !

1981 ... a clear evolution in terms of sound, welcome to the Funky Planet ! The group had to adapt to a given moment, competition requires !

1981 ... the group delivers us a third Ultimate Slow once again highly inspired and who literally floats in the air like its predecessors !

1983 ... one of the biggest funky hits of the decade. Kings of Disco and Kings of Funk. A real feat !

1985 ... a final in apotheosis with this title a new 100% Dance. The end of an incredible adventure which will have consecrated them as one of the best Dance bands of his generation and of this end of the XXth century


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