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They believed in their lucky star...

The Cover Girls is a 100% female American group formed by producer Andy "Panda" Tripoli and owner of Club Sal Abbatiello. The group was originally composed of Louise Sabater, Caroline Jackson and Sunshine Wright.

The first album “Show me” was released in 1986 and was very successful. In particular thanks to 2 flagship singles which are "Because of you" and "Show me".

Three years later in 1989 the album "We can’t go wrong" was released. Album with average success but which will produce their biggest hit in the USA with the single of the same name.

And it was only in 1992 with the album "Here it is" that they will finally classify a title across the Channel with the single "Whishing on a star". Which is actually a cover of a 1978 Rose Royce track. The single will hit both sides of the Atlantic and will be the one and only ranked title in England.

This will be their last major success. The titles that will be released later will, at best, be minor hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Show me 1987

  • Spring love 1987

  • Because of you 1987

  • Promise me 1988

  • Inside outside 1988

  • Better late than never 1988

  • My heart skips a beat 1989

  • We can’t go wrong 1989

  • All that glitters isn’t gold 1990

  • Don't stop now 1990

  • Funk boutique 1991

  • Wishing on a star 1992

  • Thank you 1992

  • If you want my love (Here it is) 1993

  • I am woman 1996

  • I need your lovin' 1996


Clips :

1987 ... a first title which positions them from the outset as one of the big revelations of the year. 1st title and 1st top hit. Already !

1987 ... a beautiful and big year which saw them field 3 hits of great caliber. This will be the least prestigious but the dynamic is in place, that's the main thing !

1987 ... we end the year as we started. In Dance mode and in big hit mode. Good job girls !

1988 ... change of vintage and change of tempo. The girls sign a beautiful Ultimate Slow and thus show that they are capable of ensuring in all registers

1988 ... put away the handkerchiefs, back to pure dance. Not necessarily their best title, but one that works pretty well, once again !

1988 ... a playful and festive title that will not even be classified. Go find out, sometimes there is nothing to understand ...

1989 ... the end of the decade as always oriented Dance. A style that will remain as their main trademark

1989 ... the exception that proves the rule. Here comes a new sweet parenthesis between 2 Dance hits. An alternation which is timely !

1990 ... welcome to the next decade. A Dance style that changes little, are they right to maintain the same course, only the future will tell ...

1990 ... like a slight tremor of sonic evolution. Faced with the competition, it was time to adapt to be able to last a little longer ...

1991 ... fully in their time. One and only title in this year 1991 but a title that allows them to at least stay in the race

1992 ... they sign here quite simply the biggest success of their career. On a luxury cover of Rose Royce's title dating from 1978. It just goes to show that you just had to be patient to see them achieve consecration !

1992 ... a new Ultimate Slow to their credit and not the least. Once again, a sweet parenthesis that shows their very particular talent in the field of the Intimist

1993 ... this time, unfortunately, it is well and truly the end of the hits. A little last for the road, story of. The titles that will come out later will unfortunately not bring much ...

1996 ... the adventure continues but the girls will do more of the extras than anything else. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... they are far from unworthy but the base fans have already gone elsewhere for a long time. When it doesn't want anymore, unfortunately it doesn't want anymore ...

Top Bonus ... 1978, the original version of Wishing on a star. Masterfully MA-GIC !


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