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These men had very strange visions ...

Japan is an English group formed in 1974 in London by David Sylvian, singer, Steve Jansen, drummer, Richard Barbieri, keyboardist and Mick Karn, bassist.

The first track he recorded was "State line" in 1977.

The first album "Adolescent sex" was released in 1978, followed shortly by the second which is called "Obscure Alternatives".

Helped by the name it bears, the group has had some success in Japan. But not in England.

It was the meeting with the famous producer Giorgio Moroder in 1979 that suddenly accelerated things.

The group operates a major turning point in terms of music and releases the single "Life in Tokyo".

New musical style which is found in the album "Quiet life" which is released the same year.

The group is gaining notoriety but success remains modest.

In 1980, released the album "Gentlemen take polaroids" with undeniable quality, which allowed the group to gain notoriety. But success remains relative.

It was in 1981 that the group experienced their first big success with the album "Tin drum" from which the incredible "Ghosts", with a surreal soundscape as well as "Visions of China" will be extracted.

Single which alone show the very original talent of this extraordinary group.

Despite this first success, more and more tensions are shaking the group and solo projects are multiplying.

Released a last album in 1982 before the group broke up, a live album called "Oil of Canvas" which, paradoxically, will be their biggest commercial success.

Thus will end the adventure of a group that will stay in history as one of the most incredible and avant-garde of the 80s.

As much by the look of its members as by the very particular tones and atmospheres that they have managed to infuse in a good number of songs.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Don't rain on my parade 1978

• The unconventional 1978

• Adolescent sex 1978

• Life in Tokyo 1979

• I second that emotion 1980

• Gentlemen take polaroids 1980

• The art of parties 1981

• Quiet life 1981

• Visions of china 1981

• Methods of dance 1981

• Taking islands in Africa 1981

• European son 1981

• Ghosts 1982

• Cantonese boy 1982

• Nighporter 1982

• All tomorrow's parties 1983

• Canton 1983

• Every colour you are (Rain Tree Crow) 1991

• Pocket full of change (Rain Tree Crow) 1991

• Blackwater (Rain Tree Crow) 1991


Clips :

1979 ... the aliens arrive ! Surely one of the most incredible groups of the decade. And still the word is weak ...

1978 ... a totally 'aware' group with obvious talent. This year 1978 is a year of running in, let's give them a little time to find their final style ...

1978 ... especially when you see what they offer in their early days compared to what they will offer later, the contrast is particularly striking ...

1979 ... after a year 1978 particularly provided in title, the year 1979, it, will prove to be much less prolific. However, the style is evolving, it's obvious

1980 ... year after year, the level goes up, it's clear. The group is not missing much to enter the big leagues ...

1980 ... the group finally found the style, and especially the sound, which went well. A unique sound that will make all their difference and allow them to explode in the years that follow

1981 ... the first notorious success. The efforts paid off and the group is finally reaping the fruits of its labor. A success that will appeal to many others !

1981 ... a year 1981 which literally saw them explode on the international scene. And this thanks to a truly unique style and comparable to no other !

1981 ... good, very good, very very good. Surely one of their titles among the most successful and which shows above all a talent really very above the average. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... each title released in this year 1981 is a phenomenon in itself. The group's inspiration is at its best and produces hit on hit !

1981 ... an inspiration which once again does wonders for this track. And they are only 3 years old, that is to say !

1981 ... surely the least successful title of all this year 1981. And again, when we talk about 'less successful', everything is relative to them !

1982 ... the WONDER ! A surreal and absolutely unique musical delirium which allows them to obtain the biggest success of all their discography. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1982 ... a sequel that cannot compete with the previous gem as the bar has been raised. Anyway, the dynamics of success do not weaken and that is the essential

1982 ... the 2nd WONDER. As surreal and mind-blowing as the first. All in a totally unusual and completely atypical sound register for the time

1983 ... a great adventure which unfortunately is already coming to an end. An amazing adventure to say the least, completely out of step with what the competition is doing. But that's also the charm of the 80s !

1983 ... a beautiful instrumental finale enhanced by a unique bass sound. Until the end they will have amazed us with their inventiveness and their unique style !

1991... they will rise from their ashes unexpectedly 8 years later under the name of Rain Tree Crow. An unexpected return that will inevitably delight grassroots fans to the highest degree...

1991...the style and sound no longer have much to do with what they offered before but we take it anyway, that's clear...

1991...we would have liked the adventure to continue a little longer but this time it will not be the case. Each member of the group will go on their own to go about their own business...


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