Their world was not made in one day ...

Boytronic is a German group originally founded in Hamburg in 1983 under the name "Kapitän Sehnsucht" (Captain Desire) by Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki. The original Boytronic produced 2 particularly interesting albums, "The working model" in 1983 and "The Continental" in 1985. The record company, claiming rights to the name of the group, will completely reorient the guideline of the group in 1986. And it was Hayo Lewerentz (Hayo Panarinfo) who took over the leadership of the group until the mid-90s. This group will have released only a few singles but with good quality for sure. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Luna square 1983

• My baby lost it’s way 1983

• At last 1983

• You’re the one who stay 1983

• You 1983

• A Man in a uniform 1985

• Photographs 1985

• All the memories 1988

• The world wasn’t made in one day 1988

• Tears 1988

• The heart and the machine 1992

Clips :

1983 ... a startling smash thanks to this title with obvious sound quality. A sound that perfectly matches its era !

1983 ... the confirmation of an undeniable talent. One would have thought that the group would be the group of a 'One shot'. No, they confirm here that they are not there to do only some figuration

1983 ... an exceptional year with a third heavyweight title. The inspiration is really high quality and allows the group to express the best of themselves

1983 ... each title is inspired and carried by a most innovative sound. A group that really deserved recognition far superior to what it was ...

1983 ... the only title of the year a notch below. But overall, they showed really incredible things in this year 1983. Great work !

1985 ... we find them two years later and still this 100% electronic sound, 100% extraordinary sound. Unquestionably what Germany has done best during the decade !

1985 ... an inspiration that never falters an iota. A group which competes without any concern with Anglo-Saxon competition but which unfortunately will not have the deserved fate

1988 ... small air hole of 3 years followed by a return to a certain form. With this group there, never bad surprises !

1988 ... the years pass and each new opus of the group offers us its share of surprises. And that good. The proof once again with this title !

1988 ... the end of an adventure which could have been, and above all which should have been more beautiful. A group with real talent and perfectly suited to its time. A model of its kind !

1992 ... come on, it's not quite over. Here they are again the next decade and the least we can say is that they have lost none of their talent. But this time, it is indeed the final clap ...

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