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The world is crazy but she loves it !

Pauline Ester, née Sabrina Ocon, is a French singer from the so-called "A la Toulousaine" sector whose childhood will be lulled by flamenco influences, privileged music from the father, and variety, privileged music from the mother.

After years devoted to classical dance, she became aware of her “voice” and quietly started her career as a singer in café-concerts.

A providential encounter will turn his destiny upside down : in 1983, she crosses paths with Frédéric Loizeau and the duo will never leave each other.

Together, they form the group "Sabrina". Group which stood out in 1987 during its visit to the Printemps de Bourges. So much so that Polydor signs the singer in stride.

But the name "Sabrina" is already taken by a certain singer ... known worldwide at that time.

To avoid confusion, Sabrina therefore becomes Pauline Ester.

The first two singles "Il fait chaud" and "Oui je l'adore were released in 1989. It was a huge success in France. The notoriety of the singer explodes.

In 1990 released his first album "Le monde est fou" which will be 2 new successes namely "Le monde est fou" and "Une fenêtre ouverte".

His second and last album (!) "De l'autre côté" was released in 1992 and had only very relative success.

Pauline Ester will therefore be passed like a shooting star in the musical history of the 80s while leaving us 4 now cult titles, which is already very honorable !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Il fait chaud 1989

• Oui je l’adore 1989

• Le monde est fou 1991

• Une fenêtre ouverte 1991

Féline 1991

• Peace and love 1992

Chanson d'amour 1992

Jimmy 1992

• Les hommes à genoux 1993

• Sur ton répondeur 1993

• Y'a de l'amour partout 2006


Clips :

1989 ... the beginnings hot, hot, hot ! A first hit crossed out at will and which propels One Shot the singer in the limelight

1989 ... but it is THIS title that will change everything ! A HUGE hit Dance which definitively consecrates her as one of the essential singers of the decade in France

1991 ... she will have to wait two years before knowing the supreme consecration thanks to this title, once again, completely crossed out. And that's what makes her so charming, the crossed out side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... we go from one extreme to another on the tempo side with this very pretty bossa-nova version ballad. She also knows how to do in the intimist field, the proof !

1991 ... it's clear that the sequel is not going to be as glorious as her early career, but she continues to believe in it anyway. After wrongly or rightly that's something else ...

1992 ... whatever it is what she continues to propose is far from demerit, it is certain. Too bad the general public went elsewhere because she still had things to offer and especially to sing ...

1992 ... what she forgot to take into account is the fact that this early 90's is Ultra Dance. This is no longer really the case with her repertoire, hence a dropout that she will never manage to stop ...

1992 ... she would have frankly deserved to stay at the top of the bill, especially when you see this kind of title with more than certain quality. But fate will have decided otherwise ...

1993 ... come on, it's not quite over. Even if most of the titles released in the 1990s will have gone under the radar, the little she produces largely holds up. Too bad the adventure could not continue a little longer ...

1993 ... we are getting closer and closer to the exit door. She will have done everything in her power to avoid it, but when the wind is against it, it is difficult to fight in these conditions ...

2006 ... we thought the case was definitely folded and here she is reborn from its ashes 13 years later. Unfortunately the miracle will not take place and its return will go completely unnoticed ...


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