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The tubullar bells...

Michael Gordon Oldfield - said Mike Olfield - is the youngest in a family of three who all had careers in song. The eldest as a singer and the second as a composer of documentary music. His childhood was difficult, with a mother who made frequent visits to a mental hospital. This has the consequence of shaping him a very introverted personality who will find his balance only in the exercise of music. While allowing him at the same time to develop a unique guitar playing technique of its kind. Very early, he formed a duo at the age of 15 with his sister Sally called "The Sallyangie". They even released an album in 1968 at Transatlantic. The page turned, he joined the group "The Whole world" in 1971 as a bass player. And it was at this time, at the age of 17, that he began to compose what would be one of his masterpieces, namely "Tubular Bells". The album would not be released until 1973, but upon its release, the innovative and purely instrumental side of music created the event worldwide. Several albums will follow which unfortunately will not have the same success. Success that will return in the mid-80s, thanks in particular to his collaboration with the singer Maggie Reilly, with titles like "Familly Man", "Five miles out" or the now cult "Moonlight shadow". He will remain as one of the greatest composers of instrumental music of the 20th century. Discography (among others ...) :

• Tubullar Bells 1973

• In dulci jubilo 1975

• Portsmouth 1976

• William Tell Overture 1977

• Cuckoo song 1977

• Guilty 1979

• Blue Peter 1979

• Arrival 1980

• Wonderful land 1980

• Sheba 1980

• Five Miles Out 1982

• Familly Man 1982

• Mistake 1982

• Moonlight shadow 1983

• Foreign affair 1983

• Shadow on the wall 1983

• Crime of passion 1984

• To France 1984

• Tricks of the light 1984

• Etude 1984

• Pictures in the dark 1985

• Shine 1986

• Islands 1987

• The time has come 1987

• Earth moving 1989

• Innocent 1989

• Sentinel 1992

• Tattoo 1992

• The bell 1993

• Hibernaculum 1994

• Let there be light 1995

• Women of Ireland 1995

• Man in the rain 1998


Clips :

1973 ... the sound shock ! The dumbfounded world discovers a new sound hitherto unknown. Surely one of the most incredible and innovative instrumental pieces of the 20th century !

1975 ... a delirious sequel to the antipodes of tubular bells. The beginning of a slow metamorphosis which will spread over approximately 5 years ...

1976 ... in the same vein. Several pieces of the same caliber will succeed one after the other ...

1977 ... once again the proof in pictures. This one is not bad also in terms of delirium !

1977 ... an uninterrupted series of small pieces of folk inspiration and brought up to date Olfield version. A truly and irreparably extraordinary inspiration !

1979 ... a title that perfectly sums up the musical atmosphere of the 70s alone. Everything is there, both the sound and the visual !

1979 ... come on, a last instrumental piece to end the 1970s in style. Because after that, it will change ... and radically !

1980 ... when the best of the moment in terms of music meets, the result is necessarily up to par !

1980 ... the title of the transition between 2 eras and which will surely remain as one of his best titles. And it's not over !

1980 ... the arrival of Maggie Reilly changed everything ! It's the official start of large-caliber singing hits

1982 ... the starting point for an unbroken series of mega hits that will deeply mark the 80s

1982 ... the hits are now going to follow each other at Big S speed thanks to this unique voice and guitar sound

1982 ... an exceptional year with 3 hits. And the following year will be even stronger in terms of classification in the Charts. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1983 ... the first of the top mega hits of the 80s ! A HUGE title that will go around the world again thanks to the enchanting voice of Maggie Reilly

1983 ... a track which will not have the same impact as its predecessor but which still largely holds the road

1983 ... but what is the purpose of this psychiatric delirium. A scary suite ! And yet, the piece will work from the fire of god ...

1984 ... an inspiration constantly renewed and which does not weaken by an Iota despite the weight of the years ... What talent !

1984 ... the WONDER ! A magnificent ballad that will remain as the vocal masterpiece of the artist and as one of the most inspired pieces of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a continuation of certain quality but which cannot compete with the previous gem as the bar is high

1984 ... he signs here an exceptional return to the instrumental and beautiful thanks to the soundtrack of the film 'The killing fields'

1985 ... a change of year that rhymes with change of partner .... Welcome Anita Hegerland ! Too bad, we liked Maggie Red Hair...

1986 ... the end of a decade which will prove to be much more difficult to negotiate than expected ... The meeting of 2 stars of the moment sometimes gives birth to a mouse ...

1987 ... this charming duo will prove to be a little more effective than the previous one. In general, women do it a little better ...

1987 ... further proof of the good influence of women with this title of certain quality

1989 ... temporary return of inspiration and success thanks to this title. Which will be followed by another of the same caliber ...

1989 ... a year that allows the artist to come back in force. But for how long ? Good question...

1992 ... after 3 years of wandering, come back in force in this new decade thanks to the remixed version of Tubullar Bells. Like what, it's in the old pots that we make the best soups ...

1992 ... after the successive failures of the songs sung at the end of the 80s, he sets out again on instrumental versions which until now have always been successful ...

1993 ... back in the past about twenty years ... It returns to the fundamentals that made its strength and built its legend

1994 ... in ENIGMA mode ! The copy is not worth the original but the result is rather successful ...

1995 ... since the ENIGMA mode works rather well, we continue in the same vein ...

1997 ... an Nth version of a well-known title from Irish folklore. We really do in ease ...

1998 ... after the 'Instrumental' years, come back in force with this sung song which allows him to end the decade in style. And to partially end his career ... A career of exceptional longevity and which will have seen him produce exceptional pieces !


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