The time is right...

Axodry is a German group formed in Frankfurt in 1983 by Talla 2XLC and RA/Hen. Two founding members who will soon be joined by Kurt Ader and Alexander Maurus.

Very little information about them if only like many German bands of the time, they will produce songs of certain quality.

And as such, we owe it to them to dedicate this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Feel it right 1984

  • Surrender 1984

  • The time is right 1985

  • Save me 1986

  • You 1988

  • Loosing you 1991

Clips :

1984 ... a typical sound made in Germany. And like everything Made In Germany, there is quality in this group and the rest will prove it

1984 ... certainly, the group will never know the summit of the Charts but he has the merit of existing. And he is far from being ridiculous compared to the competition, it is clear

1985 ... a notorious evolution on the sound side which allows them to produce more and more successful titles. On the right track !

1986 ... the group will not have produced a lot of titles but the little produced is more than enough to satisfy us, that's clear

1988 ... a new proof of an obvious talent and which would have deserved a recognition much higher than it was. A lot of German groups will have suffered the same fate. Pity...

1991 ... the transition to the 90s will unfortunately change nothing. The sound is still good but will not allow the group to rise to the surface

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