The sweet life of Fabio...

Ryan Paris, real name Fabio Roscioli, is an Italian singer whose particularity is that he is one of the most famous figures of the Italo Disco wave.

In particular thanks to intergalactic tubes like "Dolce vita".

Huge tube that will set fire to every dancefloor on the planet during 1983.

There will be more well-made singles that will go almost unnoticed.

So now is the time to rediscover them !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dolce vita 1983

  • Fall in love 1984

  • Paris on my mind 1984

  • Bluette 1984

  • Harry’s bar 1985

  • Besoin d’amour 1988

  • And the beat goes on 1992

  • Don't let me down 1993

  • Mr Jones 1994

  • Only for you 1997

  • I wanna love you once again 2010

  • Parisienne girl 2012

  • Light in the dark 2015

  • Together again 2015

Clips :

1983 ... the hit of the revelation. And what a hit ! Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of that year, surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the end of the 20th century ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a quality sequel but how to compete with the previous steamroller. Literally Impossible !!

1984 ... a nice track in the pure Italo Disco tradition but which will not end up N°1 of the Charts, it is clear. But we still take !

1984 ... a BIG year 1984 with a plethora of titles. Admittedly, the singer will never repeat the feat of 'Dolce vita' but continues to produce songs not devoid of interest

1985 ... an inspiration which fluctuates according to the years and the songs. The average level drops from year to year and puts the singer back to an average level within the Italo Disco current ...

1988 ... on the other hand, this time, it's a good vintage. Or even an excellent one ! Surely one of his best titles. Like what, nothing is ever finished !

1992 ... change of decade and change of style. But that will not be enough to reverse the course of time and find the path to success ...

1993 ... it is clear that he will do more some figuration than anything else during this decade 90. But hey, the main thing is to participate as they say ...

1994 ... it may well stick to the latest musical trends, it is clear that the competition is light years ahead. Hard law of the trade ...

1997 ... the adventure continues for good. There is more than him to believe in the end but as long as the qualitative level is minimal, nothing prevents him from continuing ...

2010 ... almost 30 years after his debut, he signed one of his best titles. Like what, sometimes, you should not be in a hurry ...

2012 ... even if he has not been around the Elite for a long time, it is clear that he is far from being ridiculous. Nice resistance ...

2015 ... a decade in 2010 that saw him inspired like never before. It is incredible to see how many artists of the 80s like him have suddenly found inspiration during this decade. HU-GE !

2015 ... and it just keeps going. An adventure that never ends and is not ready to end at first sight. But how far will he go ...?

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