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The seal complaint in Alaska...

Beau dommage is a Canadian-Quebec group formed in 1972 and composed of Pierre Bertrand, Marie Michèle Desrosiers, Réal Desrosiers, Michel Hinton, Pierre Huet, Robert Léger and Michel Rivard.

The group released their eponymous debut album two years later in 1974, an album that was to be a hit, especially in Europe, and propelled the group to the forefront of the stage. In particular thanks to titles such as “Le picbois”, “Tous les palmiers”, “A toutes les fois” but also, and above all, thanks to the enormous title “La Complainte du phoque en Alaska”, a title which will undoubtedly remain as the one of their most iconic.

They did it again a year later in 1975 with the album "Où est passée la noce ? », Album which, despite lower sales scores, will also be popular with the public. Album carried at arm's length by titles like "Le blues d'la métropole" and others "Heureusement qu'il y a la nuit".

Two other albums will be released in the wake, namely “Un autre jour arrive en ville” and “Passagers”, both in 1977. Albums which will be less successful than the previous two.

A lesser success which saw the group partially break up in 1978. A break up which was to be fatal for them because the group would no longer be able to produce titles afterwards to match the opuses released in the middle of the 1970s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Le Picbois 1974

  • 23 Décembre 1974

  • Tous les palmiers 1975

  • La complainte du phoque en Alaska 1975

  • Le blues D’la métropole 1976

  • Heureusement qu’il y a la nuit 1976

  • Montréal 1976

  • Motel « Mon repos » 1976

  • Gisèle en automne 1976

  • Seize ans en soixante-seize 1977

  • Tout va bien 1977

  • Berceuse pour moi toute seule 1977

  • Échappée belle 1994

  • La nouvelle saison 1994


Clips :

1974 ... a unique style, which will quickly become recognizable among all. The different voices mingle wonderfully and will make this group a unique example of its kind !

1974 ... inspired melodies and a country style revisited to their sauce make this group a real UFO in the musical landscape, it is clear

1975 ... each title released is a real find and shows an originality of writing that really sets this group apart from the mass of competitors

1975 ... which will surely remain as one of their most emblematic titles. A very simple ballad but with extraordinary inspiration, all enhanced by a perfectly orchestrated mix of voices. MAS-TER-FUL !

1976 ... a truly astonishing group, where the light and the air rub shoulders without any complex with the exceptional Intimist. Unique in it's genre !

1976 ... very simple titles but formidably effective. The group will have found the perfect recipe to do good for the ears, quite simply ...

1976 ... even if they will never have achieved the planetary success of the Anglo-Saxon groups, French language obliges, they will always be able to boast of having reached a notorious level of success in the French-speaking countries !

1976 ... a multi-influence group, which very subtly mixes Anglo-Saxon sounds from the Old Continent. All good !

1976 ... a multi-influence group but also multi-voice, something extremely rare. Whether solo or mixed, in any case, it always works !

1977 ... the group had rather accustomed us to ballads and Intimist pieces of great caliber. Surprisingly, he gives us here a rather punchy title which clashes with their usual register. And why not...?

1977 ... a Country inspiration that we find on several titles and which is one of their fundamental components. They are not part of the North American continent for nothing !

1977 ... a new very simple ballad which takes us once again in a world where only calm and pleasure reign. MA-GIC !

1994 ... taking into account their so particular style, one suspected that the group would not pass the cap of the decade 80. It was without counting on this return totally improbable during the decade 90. A return far from being ridiculous but unfortunately without a future. The great adventure is well and truly over ...

1994 ... even if the group cannot compete on equal terms with a competition that is on average 20 years younger in terms of age, the fact remains that what they have to offer us in this decade of 90 is far from be devoid of interest, that's for sure. Hats off to the 'grandpas' !


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