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Vivien Savage is a French singer-songwriter mainly known for his legendary hit "La p’tite Lady" released in 1984. Originally, this song was inspired by the girls from Saint Lazare station. He took part in 1986 in the realization of a joint project concerning an album for children called "La fugue du petit poucet". One of his latest productions will be the single "Tahiti Tahiti" released in 1987. Whatever the case, he will remain forever as the one who will "unscrew by dint of looking at her" .... Cult phrase of the 80s! To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• La p’tite lady 1984

• Animal 1984

• C’est qu’le vent 1985

• 6 H du mat 1985

• Bébé j’le sens bien 1986

• Le monde à tout le monde 1987

• Tahiti Tahiti 1987

• Dans la ville (Juste un peu d'amour pour toi) 1987

• North's son 1992

• Love aquarius 1992

• Recall sister 1993


Clips :

1984 ... the title which will reveal him, which will explode its notoriety and make him enter One Shot at the French Musical Pantheon of the 80s. Just that !

1984...a B-Side that didn't really have the same level of success as the A-Side. But it was still worth highlighting... paradoxical as it may seem, the artist will never be able to repeat the feat achieved on 'La p'tite lady'. And yet he is far from demerit, it is clear...

1985...another title that will pass somewhat 'through', like most of the titles that will be released from now on. Hard law of the trade...

1986 ... which does not prevent him from continuing the adventure quietly but surely. For how long, that's another thing...

1987... after, as long as he enjoys doing what he does and that the basic fans continue to follow him, why would he throw in the towel prematurely...

1987 ... a rhythmic title, punchy but that will not be enough to raise the bar unfortunately. We are approaching the exit slowly but surely ...

1987 ... a dazzling career to say the least which produced one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade on the French side. We will be largely satisfied !

1992... when we thought we wouldn't see him again, here he is back 5 years later in a form that we will qualify as certain. Certain but insufficient to return to the race unfortunately...

1992...despite a desire to do well, his return will go completely unnoticed. And this time, the return operated by the artist will indeed be the last… adventure that lasted barely 10 years. Too bad he didn't know how to better manage his career because the talent was there, it's clear...


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